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Is Kong the strongest Marine?

Kong’s strength has been a hot topic of debate ever since the giant ape made his thrilling debut in the MonsterVerse. As a Titan who manages to go toe-to-toe with Godzilla himself, Kong has proven to possess incredible power. But how does he measure up against the formidable members of the Marines in the One Piece world? Let’s take a closer look.

Kong’s Feats of Strength

First, it’s worth recapping some of Kong’s most impressive feats of strength in the MonsterVerse films:

  • In Kong: Skull Island, Kong defeats numerous deadly Skullcrawlers, including a massive one dubbed “The Big One.” He shows he can use objects like trees as weapons with lethal force.
  • In Godzilla vs. Kong, Kong manages to stand his ground against Godzilla in both their sea and city battles. He uses an aircraft carrier as a baseball bat and throws Godzilla across Hong Kong.
  • Kong exhibits extreme durability, able to withstand Godzilla’s atomic breath, fall from the atmosphere, and strikes from Mechagodzilla.
  • At over 100 meters tall, Kong possesses immense physical strength just from his sheer size and mass.

All in all, Kong has proven to be a powerful Titan capable of incredible feats. But how does his strength compare to the superhuman abilities of the Marines in One Piece?

The Strongest Marines

The Marine organization in One Piece has its fair share of powerhouses. Here are some of the strongest Marine officers that Kong would potentially have to face:

Fleet Admiral Akainu

As the leader of the Marines, Akainu has immense strength. His Devil Fruit ability lets him become magma, producing enough heat to burn through almost anything. He was strong enough to defeat Ace in the Paramount War and go toe-to-toe with Whitebeard.

Admiral Kizaru

Kizaru eats the Pika Pika no Mi Devil Fruit, allowing him to turn into light itself. He can move and attack at the speed of light, making him extremely hard to hit. He can also use powerful light beams with explosive force.

Admiral Fujitora

Fujitora wields the power of the Zushi Zushi no Mi, giving him gravity powers. He can increase or decrease gravity around himself and others. At max power, he can bring down meteors from space to attack opponents.

Admiral Ryokugyu

Ryokugyu has plant-based powers, letting him turn into a forest giant. He can grow vines at extreme speeds to entangle foes. He also showed the ability to sap moisture, dehydrating enemies and surroundings.

Vice Admiral Garp

Garp doesn’t have any Devil Fruit powers, but his sheer physical strength is immense, earning him the nickname “Garp the Fist.” He could clash evenly with major figures like Roger and Whitebeard in their prime.

These Marines represent some of the most fearsome superhuman abilities in One Piece. But how would they stack up against Kong’s brute strength when they clash?

Kong vs. the Admirals

Against the raw power and combat skills of the Marine Admirals, Kong would face his toughest challenge yet. Let’s see how he might fare:

Vs. Akainu

Akainu’s magma burns hot enough to overcome most defenses, but Kong’s thick hide provided resistance even against Godzilla’s nuclear pulse. In a battle of brute force, Kong’s physical strength could potentially overpower Akainu. The magma would still deal damage though, making it a close fight.

Vs. Kizaru

With his light abilities, Kizaru has speed on his side. He could potentially evade many of Kong’s blows while peppering him with powerful light beams. But if Kong lands a solid hit, he could certainly inflict major damage. Kizaru’s attacks would also accumulate over time, giving him an edge in a drawn-out battle.

Vs. Fujitora

Fujitora’s gravity powers let him restrict and crush opponents, bypassing conventional durability. If he uses his full meteor attack, Kong could take serious damage. However, in close quarters, Kong’s brute strength might overpower Fujitora’s gravity manipulation, allowing him to land crushing blows.

Vs. Ryokugyu

Ryokugyu’s vine attacks could restrain Kong, but likely not contain his full strength for long. Kong’s thunderclap shockwaves could also disrupt his plant form. In close combat, Kong’s striking power gives him the advantage, capable of plowing through Ryokugyu’s wooden defenses.

Against the Admirals, Kong can hold his own but would be hard-pressed to defeat their various hax abilities. He might win a few matchups if he presses his strength advantage, but his chances seem slim.

Kong vs. Garp

Against Garp the Fist, we have a true clash of titans. Both are able to dish out devastating hits and tank incredible punishment. They seem evenly matched in terms of brute strength and fighting spirit.

Garp’s Haki abilities could offer him an edge, allowing him to better withstand Kong’s blows. However, Kong has shown good instincts for battle, allowing him to exploit openings. His Thunderclap shockwaves could also catch Garp off guard.

This would likely come down to who can land the first decisive blow. Garp might be able to weaken Kong with repeated Haki punches, but a good smash from Kong could also badly injure Garp. A real toss-up matchup between two powerhouses.

How Would Kong Fare Against the Marines?

Based on these hypothetical matchups, Kong could put up a good fight against individual Marine officers, but taking on multiple top tiers or the full force of the organization seems beyond his capabilities. A few key disadvantages hold Kong back:

  • The variety of hax abilities from Devil Fruits give many Marines ways to counter Kong’s raw strength.
  • Kong lacks Haki, which helps the Marines withstand his attacks.
  • The Marines have seastone weapons that Kong has no defense against.
  • Kong is vulnerable to slashing/piercing attacks against his flesh.

While Kong’s pure striking power lets him go blow-for-blow with some top tiers, others like the Admirals have abilities that hard-counter his straightforward fighting style. And against the full Marine organization, he would be hopelessly outnumbered.

Perhaps if Kong had time to learn Haki or train against Devil Fruit abilities, he could push his limits higher against the Marines. But based on his current MonsterVerse showings, prevailing against the military force of One Piece seems an impossible task. His feats just about match the very peak of individual Marine fighter capabilities.

How Kong Compares to Godzilla

As one of the few kaiju able to match Godzilla in combat, many may wonder how Kong compares to the King of the Monsters against the Marines. While smaller than Godzilla, Kong does have some key advantages:

  • He’s more agile in close combat.
  • His Thunderclap can catch opponents off guard.
  • Thicker body proportions may resist piercing weapons better.

However, Godzilla has the edge in several areas:

  • Atomic breath is longer range than Kong’s attacks.
  • Larger size equals greater strength and durability.
  • Healing factor allows him to recover from wounds.
  • Amphibious nature makes it hard for the Marines to counter him.

Godzilla’s well-rounded abilities seem to give him an advantage against the diverse fighting styles and abilities of the Marines. His atomic breath can counter projectiles, his healing compensates for damage taken, and his sheer mass helps overwhelm foes once in melee range. Overall, the King of the Monsters stands a better chance against the full Marine forces than Kong does.


Kong is undoubtedly one of the strongest Titans in his own universe. However, when compared to the superhuman fighters of the One Piece world, he faces some difficult matchups. His strength and durability can allow him to hold his own against top Marines like the Admirals and Garp, but their hax abilities give them an advantage in most matchups.

Against the full military might of the Navy and Marines, Kong is simply outmatched. Their numbers, tactics, varied abilities and powers, and use of seastone would gradually overwhelm him. While Kong can contend with the very strongest individual Marines, prevailing against the entire organization is beyond his current capabilities.

When all is said and done, while Kong stands among the elite powerhouses of his world, he is not the strongest being in the oceans. In the world of One Piece, that title still belongs to the Marines and S.G. Kong would need to push his powers to even greater heights to conquer the seas.