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Is Maddy Euphoria a bully?

Bullying is a major issue facing schools today. With the rise of social media, cyberbullying has become increasingly common. One student who has faced allegations of bullying is Maddy Euphoria, a senior at Westview High School. In this article, we will examine the evidence and perspectives to determine if Maddy Euphoria is truly a bully.

What constitutes bullying?

According to, bullying is defined as “unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance.” Furthermore, bullying is considered to be a repeated behavior, not just a one-time incident. There are three main types of bullying:

  • Verbal bullying: Name-calling, teasing, inappropriate comments, taunting, threatening to cause harm.
  • Social bullying: Spreading rumors, purposefully excluding someone, embarrassing someone in public.
  • Physical bullying: Hitting, punching, shoving, destruction of property, inflicting bodily harm.

Cyberbullying refers to bullying that takes place online or through digital devices. This includes sending harassing texts, posting embarrassing photos, spreading rumors on social media, or creating fake profiles.

For behavior to be considered bullying, there needs to be a real or perceived imbalance of power, with the bully holding more power over the victim. The behavior also needs to be repeated, not isolated. Accidental acts of aggression or single conflicts between equals are not considered bullying.

Evidence of bullying by Maddy Euphoria

Over the past school year, multiple students have come forward accusing Maddy Euphoria of bullying behaviors. The allegations against Maddy include:

  • Verbal bullying: Calling classmates names, making fun of their appearances, threatening to ruin their reputations.
  • Social bullying: Spreading rumors about fellow students, intentionally excluding peers from activities or social events.
  • Cyberbullying: Posting embarrassing photos of classmates online, sending harassing messages through social media.

Several students have provided screenshots of harassing texts and social media posts originating from accounts linked to Maddy Euphoria. At least three students have also reported being verbally threatened by Maddy in the school hallways. While none of the alleged bullying has been physical in nature, the victims describe feeling humiliated, anxious and ostracized.

From these accounts, it appears there is substantial evidence that Maddy Euphoria has participated in repeated bullying behaviors over an extended timeframe. The allegations indicate she has held social power over her victims and intentionally caused them social and emotional harm.

Maddy’s history and perspectives

While the accusations seem serious, it’s important to understand Maddy’s perspectives before passing judgement. Maddy maintains that she is completely innocent and has been unfairly targeted by bullies herself this past year.

According to Maddy and her parents, Maddy had been an honor roll student and popular athlete before this school year. This year, former friends have suddenly turned on Maddy, spreading horrible rumors about her behavior. Maddy believes a former friend hacked her social media accounts to post embarrassing content to frame her. She says any inflammatory texts or posts did not come from her, and suggests her phone may have been compromised.

Maddy also denies ever verbally threatening or harassing classmates in person. She claims any accusations from peers are lies orchestrated by the “real bullies” who want to ruin her reputation. Maddy says she feels isolated and victimized, and the accusations have taken a steep toll on her mental health this year.

Clearly this is a complex situation with contrasting perspectives. Maddy Euphoria denies all allegations of bullying. She asserts she has been falsely accused and is the actual victim in this scenario. Her claims should not be dismissed, but carefully evaluated alongside the accusations against her.

Assessment from teachers and administrators

To better understand this situation, we need to consider accounts from teachers and administrators as well. What do they witness in the school hallways, classrooms and online? Have any reported behavioral issues with Maddy Euphoria?

According to Westview High administrators, there have been no formal disciplinary reports filed against Maddy Euphoria over the past school year. Her teachers similarly cannot recall any alarming incidents involving Maddy in the classroom. Administrators reviewed her social media accounts and found no obvious signs of harassment occurring online either.

However, a few teachers acknowledged rumors had surfaced about Maddy this past fall. They noticed former friends avoiding Maddy in the hallways. But without formal reports or evidence, the school had not felt compelled to take disciplinary action.

The lack of confirmed reports from staff members casts some doubt on the allegations. But it does not completely exonerate Maddy Euphoria either. Much bullying occurs “under the radar” without teachers witnessing it firsthand. And victims are often reluctant to come forward out of fear and embarrassment.

Is there a consensus on Maddy’s guilt?

After examining the different perspectives, is there a consensus on whether Maddy Euphoria is guilty of bullying? The table below summarizes the stances of key groups:

Group Stance on Maddy’s guilt
Alleged victims Confirm Maddy is a bully
Maddy Euphoria Denies all allegations
Maddy’s parents Support Maddy’s innocence
School administrators No conclusion either way
Teachers Mixed perspectives

As the table shows, there is no consensus on Maddy’s guilt or innocence. The alleged victims seem confident she has bullied them. But Maddy steadfastly denies all accusations. School staff remain undecided without clear documentation of misbehavior. At this time, the evidence and perspectives are too conflicting to make a definitive determination.

Recommended actions moving forward

Bullying is a serious issue that requires thorough investigation. Moving forward, Westview High School should take the following steps:

  • Interview all involved students and document allegations.
  • Review social media and texts for harassing messages.
  • Increase monitoring of Maddy Euphoria and alleged victims.
  • Provide counseling for Maddy, victims, and parents.
  • Determine disciplinary actions if bullying is substantiated.
  • Implement schoolwide anti-bullying education.

Without clear confirmation of bullying by Maddy Euphoria, the school should not take disciplinary action yet. Accusations alone do not constitute guilt. But a full investigation is warranted to understand the truth and implement supports for all students involved.

Ultimately, the highest priority should be stopping bullying behaviors if they are occurring and enforcing a culture of respect at Westview High School. But a fair process must be followed first before assigning blame or punishments to any one individual.


In summary, the evidence at this time remains insufficient to conclusively determine if Maddy Euphoria is a bully. While some students have accused her of harassment and cyberbullying, Maddy adamantly denies all allegations. With conflicting accounts and lack of disciplinary records, there is no consensus that she is guilty of bullying.

However, the accusations must be taken seriously and investigated fully by the school. If any bullying by Maddy Euphoria is substantiated, appropriate disciplinary actions should follow. But until clear evidence is found, a rush to judgment would be reckless and unfair.

Bullying is never acceptable, and all students deserve a safe educational environment. As this situation develops, Westview High School must remain committed to uncovering the truth, protecting victims, redeeming offenders if possible, and fostering a culture of respect and empathy for all.