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Is Olivia from MAFS a mean girl?

Olivia Frazer was one of the most controversial participants on the latest season of Married at First Sight Australia. With her blunt personality and confrontational behavior, many viewers labeled Olivia as a “mean girl” and the villain of the season. But is this perception of Olivia fair? Or is she just a misunderstood woman trying to find love on a reality TV show?

In this article, we’ll explore Olivia’s behavior on MAFS and examine whether she truly fits the “mean girl” stereotype. We’ll look at examples of her confrontations with co-stars, analyze her motivations, and consider different perspectives on her edited television persona versus her real personality. By the end, you can decide whether Olivia from MAFS is indeed a mean girl or not.

Who is Olivia Frazer on MAFS?

Olivia Frazer was a 27-year-old teaching student from the Central Coast of New South Wales when she appeared on the 2022 season of Married at First Sight Australia. She was matched with Jackson Lonie, a 30-year-old plumber from Melbourne.

Olivia admitted that she had a tendency to be outspoken and had struggled to maintain long-term relationships in the past. She hoped the MAFS experiment would help her work through her communication issues and finally find her husband.

However, Olivia’s journey on the show was tumultuous from the start. She frequently clashed with the other brides and ruffled feathers with her blunt honesty. This abrasive behavior earned her the “mean girl” label among viewers.

Key Moments Where Olivia Showed “Mean Girl” Behaviors

Here are some of the key incidents that fueled perceptions of Olivia as a mean girl on MAFS:

Clash with Holly at the retreat

During the couples retreat, Olivia had a tense exchange with fellow bride Holly Greenstein. She confronted Holly about gossiping to the other couples about her and Jackson. Olivia called Holly a “f—ing mole” and reduced her to tears.

Comments about Tamara’s look

Olivia made critical comments about bride Tamara Djordjevic’s appearance multiple times. She said Tamara looked “rough” without makeup and insulted her lips, saying “My top lip is bigger than your whole lips.”

Crass toast at the dinner party

Olivia shocked the couples with a vulgar toast at the dinner party, saying she hoped they would all have orgasms by the end of the night. She was confrontational when some objected to the inappropriate remark.

Calling out Carolina at the reunion
Olivia put Carolina Santos on blast at the reunion, accusing her of misleading the experiment by hooking up with Daniel Holmes while still with her TV husband. Her delivery was blunt and critical.

Analyzing Olivia’s “Mean Girl” Behaviors

When examining Olivia’s controversial MAFS moments, some key factors provide context:

Blunt honesty

Olivia admitted she is an honest person to a fault. Her confrontational approach may come from a place of directness rather than cruelty.


Behind her tough exterior, Olivia is human. Her meanness could stem from underlying insecurities, defensiveness or jealousy.


Some of Olivia’s outbursts occurred when alcohol was involved at the dinner parties. This likely lowered her inhibitions.


Ganging up on “outsiders” is a group mentality. Olivia joining ranks against Holly and Carolina played into mean girl dynamics.


Reality shows highlight drama. Olivia’s worst moments were likely exaggerated through selective editing.

So while Olivia exhibited mean girl behaviors at times, there were also nuances behind her actions. She is not a one-dimensional villain but rather a multifaceted human navigating reality TV.

Perspectives on Olivia’s Persona

Looking beyond the editing, different perspectives on Olivia’s real personality emerged:

Jackson’s view

Her TV husband Jackson insisted that the real-life Olivia is thoughtful, motivating and makes him happy. He defended her against the mean girl persona.

Olivia’s self-view

Olivia owns up to her bluntness but said producers amplified it through editing. She admits fault in certain blowups but feels the mean girl narrative was overblown.

Neutral parties

MAFS experts Mel Schilling and John Aiken said Olivia is not a bad person but needs to work on her communication style and reactivity in conflict.

Viewer opinions

Many viewers passionately insist Olivia was a mean girl based on her on-screen behavior. Others argue she was misunderstood and unfairly vilified.

So Olivia polarized audiences – while some saw a mean girl, others perceived a woman unfairly cast as the villain.

Is There Evidence Olivia Bullied Other Brides?

Given the mean girl allegations, did Olivia actually bully or mistreat the other brides on MAFS? Or was she just being blunt and confrontational at times? An examination of her key conflicts provides perspective:

The Retreat Fight with Holly

Olivia was confronting Holly about gossiping and betraying her trust. While her delivery was abrasive, she had valid reasons to feel hurt by Holly’s actions. This seemed like an explosive conflict between friends rather than targeted bullying.

Critiquing Tamara’s Appearance

While insulting Tamara’s looks was out of line, these were isolated incidents. Olivia did not continually target Tamara’s appearance in a sustained bullying campaign.

Carolina at the Reunion

Olivia called out Carolina’s dishonesty to the group. While the approach lacked tact, Olivia felt Carolina was manipulating the experiment and wanted to defend its integrity.

Overall, there are few clear incidents of Olivia repeatedly targeting brides without provocation. Her confrontations were reactive rather than proactive bullying. She lacked politeness filters when lashing out but was likely not systematically victimizing her co-stars.

Does Olivia Redeem Herself? Signs of Growth

If Olivia exhibited mean girl tendencies early on, did she show any growth or redemption as the season progressed? There are a few promising signs:

Apology to Holly

After their blowup at the retreat, Olivia later apologized to Holly for her harsh words and made amends. This showed maturity.

Explaining Herself at Commitment Ceremony

Olivia opened up about her tendency to react explosively when feeling attacked. Her vulnerability and accountability were likable traits.

Complete 180 at Final Vows

At the final vow renewal, Olivia was glowing and warm in her declaration of love for Jackson. This contrasted the earlier combativeness and signaled personal growth.

While Olivia may need to work on her communication, she also showed likeability, accountability and growth. She is a complex person who cannot be neatly pigeonholed.

Verdict: Olivia Was Not a Textbook Mean Girl

Based on an analysis of her behavior and conflicts on MAFS Season 9, here is the final verdict on whether Olivia Frazer was a true mean girl:

The Evidence

Reasons Why Olivia Seemed Like a Mean Girl Mitigating Factors and Explanations
– Confrontational, blunt communication style – Honest by nature, lacks politeness filters
– Insulted other brides’ appearances – Isolated incidents, not sustained bullying
– Lashed out in anger during conflicts – Reactive in the heat of the moment
– Showed signs of jealousy and competitiveness – Insecurity and defensiveness
– Joined ranks against outsiders – Swept up in groupthink mentality


Olivia displayed mean girl behaviors at times, likely fueled by insecurity, alcohol and groupthink mentalities. However, she was also confrontational by nature and reacting to real or perceived slights. She lacked tack but was not maliciously bullying others without provocation. With maturity and work on her communication style, Olivia can likely overcome the mean girl tendencies.

Olivia’s Lessons for Handling Conflict

While Olivia was not a textbook mean girl, she certainly contributed to the drama and conflicts. What lessons can Olivia and the rest of us learn about handling disagreements and provocative people?

Don’t React, Respond

When we feel angry or attacked, it’s easy to react impulsively and make the situation worse. Like Olivia, we should breathe and choose a thoughtful response instead.

Watch the Alcohol Intake

Drinking lowers inhibitions – making blowups more likely. Moderate alcohol intake to keep a clear head during charged interactions.

Don’t Sink to Others’ Level

If others provoke you with gossip or low blows, take the high road. Sinking to others’ level just fuels the drama.

Communicate Respectfully

You can stand up for yourself and express dissent diplomatically. Avoid blunt insults and get the same results through tact.

Don’t Make Assumptions

Jumping to conclusions about others’ motives leads to unnecessary conflicts. Seek to understand people rather than making assumptions.

With self-awareness and these tips, we can handle disputes rationally – without falling into mean girl habits. Olivia’s journey provides lessons for us all.


Olivia Frazer was certainly one of the most controversial MAFS Australia participants. While she had abrasive moments, my verdict is she was not a true mean girl. She reacted immaturely at times and lacked filters, but was not maliciously bullying others. With some personal growth and communication work, Olivia can overcome the mean girl tendencies. Her story provides valuable lessons for dealing with confrontation productively rather than destructively.