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Is onion cookie good cookie run?

Onion Cookie is one of the newest additions to the ever-expanding Cookie Run kingdom roster. As a recently released Rare cookie, many players are wondering if Onion Cookie is worth investing resources into or if they should hold off until more information is available on how good this quirky cookie really is.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Onion Cookie’s skills, magic candy, toppings, and overall usefulness to help you decide if they deserve a spot on your cookie teams.

Onion Cookie’s Skills

Every cookie in Cookie Run has a set of skills that determine their playstyle and role. Let’s break down Onion Cookie’s skillset:

Energy Drain: Onion Cookie’s Energy Drain skill reduces the Energy of opponent cookies within a certain range whenever Onion Cookie releases Energy Waves. This can slow down and disrupt the skill cycles of enemy cookies.

Energy Wave: Onion Cookie summons Energy Waves at regular intervals, dealing Area of Effect damage. The damage output scales based on Onion Cookie’s Attack and Skill Powders.

Amplified Waves: When Onion Cookie has their Magic Candy activated, the Energy Waves deal more damage and have increased range.

Overall, Onion Cookie focuses on consistent Area of Effect damage through their Energy Waves to whittle down groups of enemies. The added Energy Drain effect gives Onion Cookie some disruption utility as well. They serve as a well-rounded offensive backline or midline cookie.

Onion Cookie’s Magic Candy

Like all Epic and Legendary cookies, Onion Cookie has a Magic Candy that enhances their skills. Here’s what Onion Cookie’s Magic Candy does:

– Increases the damage of Energy Waves

– Increases the range of Energy Waves

The Magic Candy boosts Onion Cookie’s offensive capability even further. The range increase is especially impactful, as it allows Onion Cookie to hit more enemies with each wave.

Best Toppings for Onion Cookie

These are generally considered the best toppings to use with Onion Cookie:

  • Searing Raspberry: Increases Onion Cookie’s Attack to boost Energy Wave damage.
  • Juicy Apple Jelly: Improves Skill cooldown to summon waves faster.
  • Swift Chocolate: Reduces Skill cooldown for quicker wave summons.

Focus on cooldown reduction to maximize Onion Cookie’s DPS through their waves. Attack boosts also directly increase the damage output.

Onion Cookie’s Role and Usage

Here are some of the best ways to utilize Onion Cookie on your cookie teams:

  • Backline damage dealer: Onion Cookie can safely deal damage from the rear with their ranged waves.
  • Midliner: Works well on the midline for consistent mid-ranged damage.
  • Bosses and PvE: Good consistent AoE damage for clearing minions and whittling down bosses.
  • Arena disruption: The Energy Drain effect messes with opponent cookie skill rotations.
  • Guild Battle support: Provides additional rearline damage to supplement your main DPS cookies.

Onion Cookie is very beginner friendly as well. Their simple damage-focused playstyle allows new players to contribute steady offensive power.

Onion Cookie Synergies

Here are some cookies that synergize well with Onion Cookie:

  • Pure Vanilla Cookie: Heals keep Onion Cookie healthy while they steadily deal damage from the rear.
  • Pomegranate Cookie: Regenerating healing also sustains Onion Cookie’s consistent damage output.
  • Cotton Cookie: Provides an Attack Speed buff to allow more frequent Energy Wave summons.
  • Parfait Cookie: The Defense buffs keep Onion Cookie tanky as they chip away at enemies.

Healers help offset the gradual HP drain Onion Cookie suffers from channeling Energy Waves. Speed boosting cookies like Cotton also significantly increase Onion Cookie’s DPS.

Onion Cookie’s Weaknesses

While very solid overall, Onion Cookie does have a few weaknesses to be aware of:

  • No burst damage: Onion Cookie lacks powerful single hit abilities or disables. They excel at sustained damage instead.
  • Susceptible to interrupts: Onion Cookie’s channeling can be disrupted, stopping Energy Wave summons.
  • Self-damage: The Energy Waves drain Onion Cookie’s own HP over time in exchange for offensive power.
  • Long cooldowns: Their main skill has a base cooldown of 20 seconds at level 1.

Cookies with strong crowd control can hamper Onion Cookie’s sustained damge output. Healers help keep their HP up while channeling waves.

Onion Cookie Stats

At level 70 with no promotions, here are Onion Cookie’s base stats:

HP: 453,171
Attack: 48,814
Defense: 24,972
Critical: 20%
Cooldown: 20%
Damage Resist: 20%
Attack Speed: 100
Energy Drain: 4.0%

Onion Cookie has decently well-rounded stats. Their Attack and HP are solid for dishing damage and surviving hits. The 20% cooldown is also very good for summoning Energy Waves frequently.

Onion Cookie’s Pet and Treasure

These are Onion Cookie’s preferred Pet and Treasure:

Pet: Foxy Agent

Treasure: Old Pilgrim’s Scroll

Foxy Agent provides an additional Attack Speed buff to complement Cotton Cookie. Old Pilgrim’s Scroll reduces Skill cooldown even further for faster wave summons.

Is Onion Cookie Worth Investing In?

So in summary, here are the key strengths and weaknesses of investing in Onion Cookie:


  • Consistent mid-ranged AoE damage
  • Energy Drain provides disruption
  • Magic Candy boosts damage and range
  • Good base cooldown for frequent Energy Waves
  • Well-rounded stats
  • Beginner friendly playstyle


  • No burst damage capabilities
  • Susceptible to interrupts and stuns
  • Gradual self-HP drain during channeling
  • Long base cooldown at lower Skill levels

Overall, Onion Cookie excels at consistent midline damage output thanks to their spammable AoE Energy Waves and disruptive Energy Drain debuff. They make a great addition to any team lacking in sustained magical damage.

For new players, Onion Cookie is very easy to play effectively compared to some other trickier Epic cookies. Their straightforward playstyle also teaches you to pay attention to skill rotations and positioning.

In most PvE content, Onion Cookie will do reliably well. They can carry weaker teams through the campaign and lower level Bosses. In competitive PvP modes like Arena, Onion Cookie is solid but not top tier. Their lack of burst damage holds them back somewhat.


Onion Cookie provides excellent reliable AoE damage and disruption. Though not the flashiest cookie, they excel at steadily wearing down groups of enemies. Onion Cookie is beginner friendly and can fit into a wide variety of team comps.

Investing in Onion Cookie is recommended, especially for early game accounts lacking a strong magical damage dealer. Their versatility also keeps them relevant well into the mid and late game. While not SS tier, Onion Cookie is absolutely a good cookie run cookie worth building up.