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Is peach lemonade rose fragrant?

Peach lemonade rose is a lovely and fragrant hybrid rose variety. Its fruity floral scent and beautiful blooms make it a favorite for many gardeners. In this article, we will explore the key questions around the peach lemonade rose variety – is it fragrant, what does it smell like, how strong is the fragrance, and when is it most fragrant? Understanding the scent profile will help you determine if this is the right rose for your garden.

What is peach lemonade rose?

Peach lemonade rose, also known by its cultivar name MEIdomonac, is a modern shrub rose hybridized by Tom Carruth in 2011. It was bred from two fragrant parent roses – the peach-scented ‘Just Joey’ and citrus-scented ‘Sun Flare’. This combination results in a rose with a delicious fruity-floral perfume.

The flowers are large, double blooms up to 5 inches across. They start out a blend of coral, orange, pink and cream, maturing to lighter peachy-pink tones. The bush has an upright, bushy habit and glossy dark green foliage. It blooms in flushes throughout the season.

This easy-care rose grows 3-4 feet tall and 2-3 feet wide. It’s hardy in USDA zones 5-9 and does well in full sun to part shade. The disease resistance is very good for a hybrid tea rose.

Is peach lemonade rose fragrant?

Yes, peach lemonade rose is very fragrant! It has a strong, sweet perfume that really fills the garden.

The scent is a delicious blend of fruity and floral notes. When you lean down to smell the blooms you’ll detect:


The predominant scent note is juicy, ripe peach. It smells just like you’re picking up the scent of fresh sliced peaches.


There are also clear lemon undertones, like lemon blossom or lemon verbena. This adds a citrusy twist to the sweet peach.


Behind the fruit scents you’ll notice the light, classic rose floral scent. It rounds out the perfume with a rosy, feminine touch.


There are also hints of sweet honey in the background. This gives it a lovely nectar-like quality.

Overall, the scent profile is well-named after the fruity drink – peach lemonade! The bouquet is juicy, sweet and absolutely mouthwatering.

When is the scent strongest?

Peach lemonade rose has its strongest fragrance in the following conditions:

Early morning

The scent will be richest in the cool, still air of early morning. As the day warms, the fragrance becomes more diffuse.

After rain

The perfume really intensifies after a rainfall. The petals will hold tiny beads of moisture and the wet soil also helps the scent molecules vaporize.

Cool weather

You’ll notice the fragrance is stronger when temperatures are mild, around 60-75°F. Too much heat causes the essential oils to evaporate more quickly.

Peak bloom

The scent will reach its pinnacle when the flowers are in full, peak bloom. Fully open, fresh flowers will be most fragrant.

How strong is the fragrance?

The peach lemonade rose has strong fragrance. It’s rated 8/10 for perfume by rose specialists. On the American Rose Society’s fragrance scale, it ranks in the “very strong” category.

You can smell the delightful fruity aroma from several feet away from the bush. It fills the garden air with sweet peach perfume.

The scent is noticeably stronger than many other rose varieties. The fragrance lingers longer as well. You’ll keep detecting whiffs of peach long after you’ve left the bush.

For optimal fragrance, plant multiple bushes together. That way they can combine their scents into an even more powerful fruity punch. Planting near walkways or patios allows you to enjoy their perfume as you pass by.

How does it compare to other roses?

Compared to other fragrant roses, the peach lemonade has one of the strongest fruity fragrances. Here’s how it stacks up:

Double Delight Rose

Double Delight is another highly-scented rose with big, Hybrid Tea blooms. It has very strong traditional rose scent with hints of honey and spice. Peach lemonade has sweeter, fruitier fragrance.

Mr. Lincoln Rose

Mr. Lincoln has a strong damask rose fragrance with tea rose overtones. It’s potent but in a more old-fashioned, velvety rose way compared to the juicy fruit notes of peach lemonade.

Fragrant Cloud Rose

Fragrant Cloud has extremely vigorous Tea rose scent. But it lacks the fruity sweetness of peach lemonade, instead being more purely and sharply floral.

Julia Child Rose

Julia Child has a strong, classic yellow rose scent. Peach lemonade has a much stronger, fruit-forward fragrance in comparison.

So while there are other highly fragrant roses, the peach lemonade rose stands out for its mouthwatering fruity-floral perfume.

Does fragrance vary between plants?

There can be some variation in fragrance strength between different peach lemonade rose plants. A few factors influence this:

Growing conditions

Roses grown in less ideal conditions, like shade or poor soil, will have weaker scent. Healthy, vigorous plants in sun and richer soil smell stronger.

Bloom stage

Open, mature blooms will be most fragrant. Buds and fading flowers have milder scent.


Colder temps enhance fragrance. Hot weather causes oils to dissipate faster, reducing potency.

Age of plant

Mature, established plants often have better scent than younger roses. The fragrance strengthens over the first 2-3 years.

With ideal growing conditions, mature blooms, and cooperative weather, all peach lemonade roses should have powerfully sweet scent. But minor variations in individual plants are to be expected.


Peach lemonade rose beautifully lives up to its fruity name with strong, mouthwatering fragrance. The perfume is a delicious blend of juicy peach, lemon, and light florals. For gardeners who love sweet fruity scents, it’s a wonderful choice that will heavily perfume the garden. The fragrance is strongest in early mornings, cool weather, and peak bloom stage. While there is some natural variation, most plants will have intensely powerful peach perfume when happy and healthy. If you’re looking for a rose that smells as good as it looks, peach lemonade is sure to satisfy your senses!

Rose Variety Fragrance Notes Intensity
Peach Lemonade Peach, lemon, rose, honey Very strong
Double Delight Rose, honey, spice Very strong
Mr. Lincoln Damask rose, tea rose Very strong
Fragrant Cloud Tea rose Very strong
Julia Child Yellow rose Strong