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Is Shakira a vegan?

Shakira is one of the most famous pop stars in the world. With hits like “Hips Don’t Lie” and “Waka Waka,” she has sold over 80 million records worldwide. Her unique blend of Latin, Arabic, and rock influences has created a distinctive sound that resonates with millions of fans.

Beyond her music, Shakira is also known for her philanthropy, activism, and healthy lifestyle. She has used her platform to advocate for education rights around the world. Shakira also maintains a very healthy diet and fitness routine to stay in shape for her energetic performances. This has led many fans to wonder: is Shakira a vegan?

What is a vegan diet?

A vegan diet excludes all animal products, including meat, dairy, eggs, and honey. Vegans do not consume any foods derived from animals. The reasons for following a vegan diet include:

  • Environmental concerns: Animal agriculture contributes greatly to climate change and environmental degradation. Going vegan reduces one’s carbon footprint.
  • Ethical concerns: Vegans believe that consuming animal products is morally wrong and exploitative. A vegan lifestyle minimizes animal suffering.
  • Health benefits: Several studies show correlations between plant-based diets and lower risks for heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers.

While a vegan diet eliminates animal products, it includes fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, and plant-based meat and dairy alternatives. With some planning, vegans can get all their nutritional needs from non-animal sources.

What has Shakira said about her diet?

In interviews over the years, Shakira has shared details about her dietary habits and preferences:

  • She tries to eat organic, fresh, and wholesome foods as much as possible.
  • She avoids processed and sugary foods and sodas.
  • She enjoys snacking on nuts, fruits, and raw veggies throughout the day.
  • She starts her mornings with a green smoothie loaded with leafy greens and superfoods.
  • She eats a mostly plant-based diet, though she does include some fish and chicken.
  • She avoids most dairy, except for occasional Greek yogurt.

Based on these comments, it appears Shakira eats a predominantly plant-based diet, but she does incorporate small amounts of chicken, fish, and yogurt. She focuses on whole, organic plant foods for their nutritional density.

What foods has Shakira been photographed eating?

Paparazzi photos over the years have given us glimpses into Shakira’s diet by capturing the foods she actually eats:

Food Details
Salads Shakira is frequently seen enjoying salads, often topped with nuts, seeds, avocado, and vinaigrette dressing. Salads are a vegan-friendly choice.
Vegetable dishes She has been spotted eating roasted vegetables, grilled veggies, and vegetable curries. These plant-based dishes fit into a vegan diet.
Fruit smoothies On multiple occasions, Shakira has been photographed sipping green smoothies, which typically contain fruit, leafy greens, and vegan protein powders.
Sushi Shakira seems to enjoy sushi, which would contain raw fish and is therefore non-vegan. This indicates she incorporates some non-vegan foods.
Chocolate Shakira has admitted she satisfies her sweet tooth with dark chocolate, which is usually vegan.

Based on the foods caught on camera, Shakira clearly favors plant-based options but will occasionally eat fish and other non-vegan items. Her diet appears to be mostly, but not strictly, vegan.

Has Shakira explicitly stated she is vegan?

In no interview has Shakira ever claimed she follows a 100% vegan diet. She has never attached the vegan label to herself or her eating style. Based on all her comments, Shakira seems to follow a near-vegan or “flexitarian” diet rather than a rigid vegan diet. She focuses on whole plant foods but allows herself some non-vegan treats on occasion.

What vegan and animal advocacy causes has Shakira supported?

While she may not be fully vegan, Shakira has supported various initiatives related to veganism and animal welfare over the years:

  • Farm animal sanctuary: In 2014, Shakira made a donation to SASHA Farm, a non-profit farm animal sanctuary in Michigan that rescues farm animals and advocates for a vegan lifestyle.
  • Dairy industry criticism: On social media in 2020, Shakira shared a news article criticizing the dairy industry’s treatment of cows and promoted plant-based milks as an ethical alternative.
  • Plant-based cooking demo: In 2021, Shakira took an online vegan cooking class and shared videos demonstrating how to prepare plant-based meals.
  • Leather-free fashion: Shakira has been praised by PETA for avoiding leather and exotic skins in her performance costumes and instead opting for animal-friendly materials.

While not fully vegan herself, Shakira has clearly used her platform to promote vegan causes and spread awareness about animal rights issues.


Based on all available evidence, Shakira does not identify as a vegan or follow a 100% vegan diet. However, she eats mostly plant-based whole foods, while incorporating small amounts of non-vegan items like fish, yogurt, and sushi. She focuses on organic, nutrient-dense vegan foods for their health benefits and environmental advantages. Shakira has also used her celebrity status to advocate for farm animal rights and promote vegan alternatives to leather. So while she may not be a strict vegan, Shakira certainly embraces vegan foods and aligns herself with vegan values in many aspects of her life.