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Is Sony Done with PS4?

The PlayStation 4 launched in November 2013 and has gone on to become Sony’s best-selling home console with over 117 million units sold worldwide. However, with the release of the PlayStation 5 in November 2020, many wonder if Sony is ready to move on completely from the PS4.

Is the PS4 still being manufactured?

Yes, Sony is still producing new PS4 consoles as of 2022. While production numbers have slowed considerably compared to the PS4’s peak years, Sony has confirmed they will continue making PS4 units “as long as there is demand.” This allows them to continue tapping into the large PS4 installed base of gamers not ready to upgrade to PS5 yet due to stock shortages or the PS5’s high price point.

Are new games still being released for PS4?

The vast majority of major new game releases are still launching on both PS4 and PS5. Sony has mandated that any first-party PS5 game must also have a PS4 version available for at least the first couple years of the PS5 lifecycle. This includes major titles like God of War Ragnarök, Gran Turismo 7, and Horizon Forbidden West. Most third-party developers are also releasing their games on both consoles to maximize their potential market.

While the PS5 versions of these cross-gen games are enhanced with improved graphics, performance, etc., the PS4 is still being fully supported with new games for now. The PS4 install base is simply too big for most developers to ignore at this stage.

Is Sony slowing PS4 support?

There are some indications that Sony is beginning the process of gradually shifting focus away from the PS4:

  • Some upcoming PS5 games like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 no longer have PS4 versions planned.
  • Sony has closed the PS4’s digital storefront on web browsers, requiring purchases to now be made on the console itself.
  • The number of new PS4 games releasing each month is beginning to decline slowly year-over-year.

While concrete PS4 support is still there, Sony has begun subtly signaling a change in focus towards making the PS5 the main priority moving forward.

What about PS4 accessories and services?

Sony has confirmed they will continue manufacturing and supporting all PS4 accessories like controllers, VR headsets, etc. during the PS5 generation. Network services like PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now will also remain available on PS4. Even the recent rebranding of PlayStation Plus to the new tiered membership model is supported on both generations of consoles.

Will PS4 games work on future Sony consoles?

Backwards compatibility will ensure PS4 games remain playable on future PlayStation consoles. The PS5 already supports almost all of the PS4’s game library, so this backwards compatibility will likely carry over to any future next-gen PlayStation console as well.

When will PS4 be discontinued?

Sony has not announced any plans to formally discontinue PS4 production. However, most industry analysts predict the PS4 will continue to be manufactured and supported through at least 2023. Some forecasts suggest PS4 support may last through 2024 or 2025 at most. For comparison, the PlayStation 3 was still being produced and sold for 7 years after the PS4 launched.

Will PS4 lose all Sony support eventually?

Yes, Sony will inevitably end production, software, accessories, and services for PS4 in the coming years as they aim to move the PlayStation community over to PS5. This process has already started but full PS4 discontinuation likely won’t happen until at least 2024 based on Sony’s history and the large PS4 user base. We can expect PS4 support to be slowly phased out through the midpoint of this decade.


While PlayStation 5 is clearly Sony’s focus going forward, they are taking a gradual and steady approach to transitioning away from PS4 support. The console is simply too popular among gamers for Sony to abandon it suddenly. We can expect new games, accessories, and services to continue catering to PS4 users for the next couple years. But by 2025, Sony will likely shift full attention to developing the PS5 ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did the PS4 launch?

The PlayStation 4 launched on November 15, 2013 in North America and November 29, 2013 in Europe.

How well did the PS4 sell?

The PS4 is Sony’s best-selling home game console ever, selling over 117 million units globally as of March 2022.

Does the PS4 still have new game releases?

Yes, most major new games are still being released for PS4, however the number of new releases is gradually declining each year as developers transition focus to PS5.

Can you still buy new PS4 consoles?

Yes, Sony is still manufacturing and selling new PS4 consoles as of 2022, though production numbers have dropped compared to peak years.

Are PS4 accessories still being made?

Yes, all PS4 accessories like controllers, headsets, and VR gear are still in active production and support from Sony.

Will PS4 discs work on PS5?

Yes, PS5 consoles with a disc drive can play almost all PS4 game discs due to backwards compatibility.

Does PS4 have the PlayStation Plus changes?

Yes, the new revamped PlayStation Plus launched in 2022 is available on both PS4 and PS5 consoles.

When will Sony end support for PS4?

There is no exact discontinuation date yet, but most forecasts expect Sony to phase out PS4 support between 2023 and 2025.

PS4 vs. PS5 Sales Comparison

This table compares lifetime sales figures of the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles as of October 2022:

Console Global Sales
PlayStation 4 117.2 million
PlayStation 5 25 million

The PS4 has sold over 4.5 times more units than the PS5 after being available for 9 years compared to the PS5’s 2 years. This massive install base is why Sony is taking a gradual approach to phasing out PS4 support rather than immediately abandoning it for PS5.

PS4 Game Sales in Recent Years

PS4 game software sales have begun declining but remain strong as of 2021:

Year PS4 Game Sales
2019 278.1 million units
2020 247.9 million units
2021 202.3 million units

Game sales dropped in 2021 as users transitioned to the PS5, however the PS4 user base remains engaged as these are very healthy software sales numbers even 8 years post-launch.

PS4 Lifetime Software Sales

As of January 2022, total PS4 game sales stand at over 1.6 billion copies sold:

Total PS4 games sold 1.6 billion units

This demonstrates the massive PS4 installed base that still exists, which explains Sony’s continued support and production of the console even 2 years after the PS5 launch.

Recent Major PS4 Game Releases

Here are some of the biggest PS4 games that have launched within the last year, showing support is still going strong:

  • FIFA 23
  • NBA 2K23
  • Sonic Frontiers
  • Gotham Knights
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II
  • God of War Ragnarök
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 (coming in 2023)

These major game releases show leading developers are committed to maximizing the PS4 audience, not abandoning it yet.

PS4 Sales vs. Other Sony Consoles

Console Global Sales
PlayStation 2 155 million
PlayStation 4 117.2 million
PlayStation 1 102.5 million
PlayStation 3 87.4 million

The PS4 ranks as Sony’s 2nd best-selling home console ever, highlighting its immense success and active user base.


In summary, while Sony is slowly beginning the transition towards making the PS5 its primary focus, support and production for PS4 remains ongoing as the console still maintains a very large and active user base. We can expect the PS4 to remain viable for new game releases and accessory support through at least 2023, with potential to last another year or two beyond that. While its time as Sony’s main console is coming to an end, the PS4’s dominance of the past decade ensures PS4 support will continue in gradual decline for the next few years rather than abruptly vanishing.