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Is Starbucks pineapple matcha discontinued?

Starbucks’ pineapple matcha green tea drink seemed to disappear from menus in mid 2022, leading many customers to wonder if it had been discontinued. While Starbucks has not officially confirmed the status of the pineapple matcha, all signs point to it no longer being available.

What was the Starbucks pineapple matcha drink?

The Starbucks pineapple matcha green tea latte was introduced on menus in 2021 as a limited-time summer drink. It featured a sweet pineapple and ginger flavored green tea blended with ice and coconut milk, topped with pineapple pieces. The combination of tropical fruit flavors with matcha green tea made it a uniquely refreshing and energizing summer beverage.

When did Starbucks pineapple matcha disappear from menus?

Customers began reporting in June 2022 that they could no longer find the pineapple matcha drink on Starbucks’ menu boards or in the Starbucks app. This timing aligns with the end of the summer drink’s intended limited-time availability. Most locations seemed to stop carrying the pineapple matcha around mid-2022.

Has Starbucks confirmed discontinued status?

Starbucks has not officially stated that the pineapple matcha has been discontinued. However, limited edition drinks are usually only available for a short window of time. The fact that it disappeared from menus in the summer of 2022 and has not returned indicates it was likely a one-time seasonal offering.

Is pineapple matcha coming back in 2023?

There have been no announcements from Starbucks about the return of the pineapple matcha for summer 2023. The chain typically promotes upcoming limited-time drinks months in advance. With no hints about the pineapple matcha making a comeback, the odds of it returning seem low at this point.

What are people saying about the missing pineapple matcha?

Many Starbucks customers have expressed disappointment online that the pineapple matcha appears to be gone. Fans of the drink are tweeting that they miss the tropical green tea and wish it would return. Some have directly asked Starbucks if it is discontinued but have not received an official confirmation yet. The sadness amongst fans demonstrates the drink’s popularity.

What new Starbucks summer drinks are coming in 2023?

While the pineapple matcha seems unlikely to return, Starbucks has hinted at some other new summery drinks for 2023. In their 2023 summer menu preview, they teased an Apple Blossom Frappuccino and Paradise Drink with fruit flavors like guava and passionfruit. These new fruity, tropical drinks could potentially replace the pineapple matcha this coming summer.

Are any similar pineapple drinks still available?

Since the pineapple matcha appears discontinued, fans looking for a pineapple fix can try modifying other Starbucks drinks. Some options include:

  • Strawberry Acai Refresher with pineapple pieces instead of strawberries
  • Matcha Green Tea Latte with pumps of pineapple ginger syrup added
  • Iced Pineapple Black Tea with coconut milk instead of water

While not the same as the original, customizing existing drinks can satisfy a pineapple matcha craving. Baristas are often happy to make modifications and substitutions.

What’s the best way to order a “secret menu” modified drink?

When ordering a customized Starbucks drink that is not on the actual menu, it helps to follow these tips:

  • Know the exact modifications needed to recreate the “secret” drink
  • Be prepared to explain step-by-step what goes in the drink if the barista is unfamiliar
  • Order by the original drink name and size, then add the customizations
  • Understand the drink may be more expensive than a standard menu item due to added ingredients
  • Don’t get frustrated if the barista has trouble following complicated off-menu instructions

Knowing the recipe and clearly communicating the customizations can help the drink turn out as expected. Patience and empathy for the baristas are also appreciated.

Could the pineapple matcha return someday in the future?

There is always a possibility that customer demand could eventually convince Starbucks to bring back the pineapple matcha. Starbucks has been known to revive previous popular limited-edition drinks based on nostalgia and customer requests. A future return can’t be completely ruled out. Fans may just need to wait until next summer to see if Starbucks decides to give the pineapple matcha another run.


While Starbucks has not confirmed the pineapple matcha is gone for good, the limited-time drink appears to have been discontinued as of summer 2022. The tropical green tea was enthusiastically embraced by customers but was likely only intended to be temporary. Drink modifications can replicate some of the pineapple matcha flavor but won’t fully replace the original beloved beverage. Devotees of the drink can hold out hope that Starbucks may again answer calls to bring back the pineapple matcha in the coming years. But for now, the Starbucks pineapple matcha seems to have disappeared as quickly as it arrived.