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Is TruMoo discontinued?

TruMoo, a flavored milk brand by Dean Foods, has been a refrigerator staple for kids and families for over 15 years. However, in recent years, some shoppers have found it increasingly difficult to locate TruMoo products in stores, leading many to wonder – is TruMoo discontinued?

The Short Answer

No, TruMoo has not been discontinued. The brand is still actively producing and distributing their flavored milk products across the United States. However, there have been some distribution challenges over the past few years that have made TruMoo harder to find in some regions.

TruMoo’s Declining Distribution

TruMoo’s struggle with distribution issues trace back to 2019 when Dean Foods, the major dairy producer behind the brand, filed for bankruptcy. This led to a decline in distribution and product availability for many Dean Foods brands, including TruMoo.

In 2020, Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) acquired a substantial portion of Dean Foods’ assets and brands out of bankruptcy. This included the rights to TruMoo. However, the distribution challenges continued as DFA worked to consolidate and reorganize the supply chain.

Additionally, labor shortages, supply chain issues, and rising costs in the dairy industry have presented further hurdles to getting TruMoo products back to full national distribution. Although DFA is actively investing in revitalizing the TruMoo brand, it continues to be a work in progress.

Where is TruMoo Still Available?

While TruMoo’s distribution reach has decreased over the past few years, the products remain available in many major retailers, primarily in the Midwest and East Coast regions where DFA’s manufacturing facilities are concentrated.

Some of the major store chains that still carry TruMoo include:

  • Walmart
  • Kroger
  • Publix
  • Safeway
  • Harris Teeter
  • Costco
  • Sam’s Club

However, availability can vary by location. TruMoo’s online product locator tool can be helpful for finding nearby stores that sell TruMoo.

Reasons for TruMoo’s Reduced Distribution

There are several key factors that help explain why TruMoo’s distribution reach has declined so much in recent years:

Dean Foods Bankruptcy

Dean Foods was previously the country’s largest dairy producer, handling the manufacturing and distribution for TruMoo and other major brands like Land O’Lakes and Lehigh Valley. When the company filed bankruptcy in 2019, it caused major disruptions throughout its supply chain and distribution channels.

Dairy Industry Challenges

The dairy farming industry has faced numerous challenges in recent years from declining milk consumption to increased costs and tight supplies. This has trickled down to impact major producers like Dean Foods and DFA, reducing their capabilities for production and distribution.

Labor Shortages

Like many industries, dairy farming and manufacturing have been impacted by labor and truck driver shortages. With fewer workers available, TruMoo’s production and transportation abilities have been constrained.

Supply Chain Issues

Global supply chain disruptions, transportation delays, and rising costs have made it difficult for DFA to reestablish smooth distribution channels for TruMoo post-bankruptcy.

Shift in Focus

As a farmer-owned cooperative, DFA’s priority has been on supporting its dairy farming members by focusing more resources on its core fluid milk business. TruMoo may have become less of a focus during this period.

The Future of TruMoo

While TruMoo has struggled with distribution over the past few years, there are some promising signs for the brand’s future:

  • DFA has continued to include TruMoo as part of its long-term strategic plans, suggesting they remain committed to the brand.
  • New TruMoo flavors and products continue to be released, showing ongoing investment and innovation.
  • DFA is working to reconfigure supply chains and reinforce manufacturing capabilities specifically for TruMoo.
  • As pandemic conditions improve, some distribution challenges may be alleviated.

Additionally, TruMoo still maintains positive brand awareness and loyalty among consumers based on its reputation for quality and taste. This bodes well for the brand if DFA can get its products back on shelves in more locations.

How to Still Get TruMoo

For fans of TruMoo struggling to find it in their area, there are a few options to get your hands on it:

  • Use the online product locator to find nearby stores selling TruMoo.
  • Check major national retailers like Walmart, Costco, or Sam’s Club which tend to have the best TruMoo availability.
  • Buy TruMoo online through sites like Instacart or Amazon, though prices may be marked up.
  • Request that your local grocer or convenience store carry TruMoo.

Monitoring TruMoo’s social media pages can also provide helpful updates on product availability and new flavor releases.

Alternatives to TruMoo

For those unable to find TruMoo, there are some comparable flavored milk options to consider trying instead:


Nesquik by Nestle is one of the most direct alternatives, offering chocolate and strawberry milk in ready-to-drink and powder forms.

Hershey’s Milk

Hershey’s offers chocolate flavored milk in markets where TruMoo availability has declined.


Fairlife is an ultra-filtered milk brand by Coca-Cola that has chocolate and strawberry flavored options.

Local Dairy Brands

Some local dairy producers also offer their own flavored milks that may be more accessible based on your location.

While TruMoo has its loyal fans, expanding your flavored milk horizons to brands easier to find in your area can be an option until TruMoo availability rebounds.

Flavored Milk Trends

Despite TruMoo’s distribution challenges, flavored or enhanced milk remains a growing category in the dairy industry. Some interesting trends include:

Trend Details
Organic Organic milk sales are rising across whole, skim, and flavored varieties.
Protein-Enhanced More brands are adding protein to flavored milks to boost nutrition.
Unique Flavors Beyond just chocolate and strawberry, new flavors like cookies & cream, banana, and cotton candy are emerging.
Fat-Free Fat-free milk remains the most popular type of flavored milk.

TruMoo has tapped into several of these trends with its organic, protein-enhanced, and unique flavor offerings. The brand is well-positioned to grow if its distribution challenges can be overcome.

The Bottom Line

While TruMoo’s distribution has significantly decreased over the past few years due to industry challenges, the brand still remains active and is taking steps to reinvest and expand availability. TruMoo products can still be found at major national retailers primarily in the Midwest and East Coast. But fans may need to hunt a bit harder or explore alternative flavored milk options until supply chain conditions improve. With DFA’s commitment and consumers’ positive perceptions, there is optimism that TruMoo can eventually regain its position as a refrigerated staple.