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Is Zenitsu faster than Kanao?

Zenitsu Agatsuma and Kanao Tsuyuri are both demon slayers in the popular anime and manga series Demon Slayer. They both possess enhanced speed and reflexes thanks to their training, but who is ultimately faster between the two?

Zenitsu’s Speed

Zenitsu is known for his incredible speed in Demon Slayer. He is able to move so fast that he leaves behind multiple afterimages of himself, making it appear like there are multiple Zenitsus.

His speed comes from his Breath of Thunder style. The Breath of Thunder emphasizes fast movements and attacks. It allows Zenitsu to quickly dash around the battlefield and strike opponents before they can react.

When Zenitsu falls asleep or loses consciousness, he enters a powerful state called Godspeed. In this state, his speed increases exponentially, to the point where even demon slayers with enhanced vision cannot track his movements.

In Godspeed mode, Zenitsu was able to completely blitz the spider demon sibling Rui, crossing a large battlefield instantly to slice off Rui’s head before he could react. This is perhaps the best speed feat seen from Zenitsu in the series so far.

Zenitsu’s Fastest Feats

Here are some of Zenitsu’s top speed feats in Demon Slayer:

– Blitzed spider demon Rui and sliced his head off before Rui could react

– Dodged rapid attacks from Kaigaku, a former Thunder Breath user

– Created multiple afterimages of himself during fights

– Crossed Infinity Castle rooftops in seconds during the Sword Smith Village Arc

– Defeated a Swamp Demon who was capable of splitting into multiple fast clones

So in summary, Zenitsu’s natural speed and reaction time is augmented to superhuman levels thanks to his Breath of Thunder style and Godspeed mode. At his fastest, he can move faster than the eye can track and deliver lightning-quick attacks.

Kanao’s Speed

As a demon slayer of the insect pillar, Kanao Tsuyuri is also extremely fast and agile. Her breath style is Flower Breath, which allows her to perform graceful, evasive maneuvers.

Kanao uses a unique weapon called the Flower Breath Annihilation Type that enhances her speed and reactions. The weapon takes the form of a wooden sword that can split into two separate blades on chains.

By swinging the segmented blades around herself, Kanao can attack from multiple angles at once. The flexible nature of the chains allows for unpredictable movements and the ability to swiftly change direction while attacking or defending.

Kanao is also a very analytical fighter who carefully observes her opponent’s movements to predict their actions. This allows her to react quickly and counterattack. Her observational skills complement her natural speed and agility.

Kanao’s Fastest Feats

Here are some of Kanao’s best speed and reaction feats:

– Avoided rapid strikes from Doma, an Upper Moon demon

– Reacted quickly enough to defend unconscious Tanjiro and Inosuke from Doma’s shards

– Deflected projectile blood blades from Doma

– Dodged close-range swipes from Doma

– Moved her blades fast enough to parry all of Doma’s ice fan projectiles

– Kept up with fellow pillar Inosuke while training

So while not as outright blazing fast as Zenitsu, Kanao has excellent reaction time and evasive skills augmented by her Flower Breath style and signature weapon. She can defend against demon attacks and counterattack with her own swift movements.

Comparing Their Speeds

When comparing Zenitsu and Kanao directly, Zenitsu appears significantly faster based on their respective feats. Some key points:

– Zenitsu can move so quickly he leaves behind afterimages, while Kanao has no similar feata

Zenitsu Kanao
Can instantly blitz demons before they react Has not shown blitzing speed on that level
Godspeed mode offers a massive speed amp Does not have any comparable speed-enhanced modes
Specializes in ultra-quick burst attacks with Thunder Breath Flower Breath focuses more on grace and evasion

– Zenitsu defeated foes like Rui and Kaigaku with his sheer speed

– Kanao relies more on evasion and reaction time rather than all-out speedblitzing

– Zenitsu’s Godspeed mode makes him temporarily untouchable in terms of speed

So in a direct matchup, Zenitsu could likely speedblitz Kanao before she has a chance to react, especially if he uses Godspeed. Kanao has no counter to that level of instantaneous speed.

However, Kanao’s observational skills might allow her to predict and evade some of Zenitsu’s movements if he does not immediately use his top speed. Her style is more suited for avoiding attacks compared to Zenitsu’s aggressive speed-based offense.

But in a battle of pure speed, Zenitsu takes the edge.


Based on their feats and abilities in Demon Slayer, Zenitsu Agatsuma is likely faster than Kanao Tsuyuri overall. Some key points:

– Zenitsu’s Thunder Breath and Godspeed mode make him extremely fast even among demon slayers

– He can blitz demons and leave behind afterimages of himself with his speed

– Kanao has excellent reaction time and evasion skills but has not shown the same outright blitzing speed

– In a direct contest, Zenitsu could potentially speedblitz Kanao before she can react

– However, Kanao’s analytical skills give her a chance of predicting and dodging some of Zenitsu’s moves

So while both are very fast demon slayers, Zenitsu takes the edge in terms of pure speed and rapid attack power. But Kanao’s evasive abilities may allow her to counter Zenitsu’s speed to some degree. In the end, Zenitsu’s Thunder Breath, Godspeed mode, and blitzing feats give him superior overall speed compared to Kanao.