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No Bake Bunny Print Cookies

Imagine the delight on kids’ faces when they bite into a bunny paw thumbprint cookie – it’s a perfect treat for Easter. This no-bake recipe is incredibly easy, requiring just a few simple ingredients beyond the sugar cookies themselves. The real magic happens when you decorate these adorable treats to make them a show-stopping centerpiece for your Easter table. With only six additional ingredients needed, this project is as effortless as it is charming. As if the Easter bunny himself had left his paw prints on each cookie, they’re sure to bring smiles to everyone’s faces. And who knows? You might just want to start Easter morning with a little something extra, like unicorn toast or carrot cake bunny tails. Whatever your plans, be sure to snap plenty of photos and add some festive Easter captions – after all, your delicious holiday spread is bound to be Instagram-worthy!

Why You’ll Love These

This recipe is incredibly easy to prepare, requiring no baking whatsoever. Simply decorate sugar cookies with frosting and dry ingredients to create these stunning treats. The soft and sweet flavor profile of the cookies has made them a fan favorite. Made using vanilla and coconut-infused sugar cookies, you can expect a tender, crumbly texture that’s simply irresistible. Plus, the best part is that you can customize this recipe to your heart’s content – choose any colors you like, experiment with different toppings, or even substitute in alternative cookie bases for added variety.

How to Make Easter Bunny Paws

To bring your paw print cookies to life, follow these steps: First, divide the shredded coconut into portions and color each one using a food processor or stand mixer on low speed. If you don’t have either, simply use a medium bowl and a wooden spoon. Once the coconut is colored, lay the cooled cookies on a parchment paper-covered baking sheet. Next, frost each cookie with vanilla frosting. Then, dip each frosted cookie into the colored coconut flakes, starting from the bottom. Finally, add some finishing touches: sprinkle colorful decorations onto each cookie, attach a candy wafer to represent the bunny’s body, and top it off with three chocolate chips for the toes. The result will be adorable cookies that are sure to delight.

Substitutions and Variations

To cater to gluten-free dietary requirements, consider substituting sugar cookies with gluten-free alternatives or making your own using gluten-free flour. Be sure to inspect other ingredients for potential gluten content, as this can vary depending on the brand used. The soft and crumbly texture of sugar cookies lends itself well to creating bunny paw thumbprint designs, but you’re free to use any round cookie shape that suits your taste. For added flair, swap out traditional chocolate chips with white candies or frosting, allowing for a pop of color or a sleek finish. To further customize the flavor, consider infusing a few drops of almond extract or another flavor of your choice, or even adding a touch more vanilla extract to amplify its natural sweetness.

How to Store These Easter Cookies

When it comes to storing your freshly baked cookies, it’s essential to keep them in a way that preserves their texture and flavor. For best results, store the cookies in an airtight container at room temperature for up to three days. This will help maintain their crispiness and prevent moisture from seeping in. Freezing is not recommended as it can cause the cookies to become soggy. Instead, enjoy them fresh for the optimal snacking experience.

Top Tips

To streamline the process, prepare the colored coconut in advance. Store it in separate airtight containers, one for each color, until you’re ready to assemble the cookies. Encourage kids to join in on the fun by helping with frosting and pressing the cookies into the coconut, as well as adding the candy toes. To make the process easier, maintain a thick layer of frosting that can be used to press in the chocolate chips and candy wafers. Finally, don’t be surprised if the first batch doesn’t last long – these treats are incredibly tasty, so consider making extra to ensure everyone gets their fair share!

Bunny Easter Cookie Recipe FAQs

When it comes to adding color to your coconut treats, both gel and liquid food coloring options are viable choices. Gel-based coloring tends to produce a more intense hue, so start with a small amount, mix well, and adjust as needed to achieve the desired shade.

In terms of using homemade sugar cookies, consider whether you’re planning to create a diverse assortment of sweet treats. If your menu features items like Easter egg sugar cookies, peanut butter eggs, carrot cake cookies, or butterscotch peanut butter haystacks, you may find it more efficient to utilize store-bought cookies instead of preparing your own dough from scratch.

Easter Bunny Paw Thumbprint Cookies

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Bunny Print Cookies

With the Easter bunny’s signature touch, these adorable cookie creations are sure to delight both kids and adults alike. The sweet and scrumptious treats boast a charming bunny print design that adds an extra layer of fun to their already irresistible appeal. With a preparation time of just 10 minutes, these cookies can be whipped up in no time, making them the perfect addition to your Easter celebrations. Whether you’re serving 12 or more, this recipe is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and leave everyone hopping with joy!


To create three distinct colors, combine one cup of shredded coconut with your preferred food coloring in a food processor. Alternate between pulsing and grinding settings until the coconut is finely ground and has reached the desired shade. Repeat this process to produce three separate colors, then set them aside in small bowls for future use.

Next, divide the frosting evenly among the 12 cookies. Then, dip each frosted cookie into the colored coconut mixture, making sure to cover any exposed areas with coordinating sprinkles. Finally, place a candy wafer in the center of each cookie and add three chocolate chips to create ‘toes’.