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Raspberry Linzer Cookie Shots

Raspberry linzer cookie shots are a delightful addition to any Christmas party, offering a unique blend of amaretto, RumChata, and raspberry flavors. As the festive drinks flow, this recipe’s vibrant pink hue is sure to bring cheer to holiday gatherings. Best of all, these shooters can be prepared in mere minutes, allowing you to quickly replenish supplies if needed. This Christmas shots recipe is a must-try for anyone seeking an easy yet impressive cocktail solution for the season. With its sweet and tangy flavor profile, this fruity drink is sure to warm hearts on chilly winter nights.

How to Make Pink Christmas Cocktails

Combine ice and a medley of festive flavors in your cocktail shaker – Amaretto, RumChata, raspberry syrup, and milk. Vigorously shake the mixture until well combined, then portion it evenly between two shot glasses. The result is a creamy rum concoction that embodies the holiday spirit. To elevate this festive cocktail, adorn each glass with a plump raspberry perched on a toothpick and a sprig of fresh mint. For an added touch of whimsy, dust the top with powdered sugar. Be sure to serve these drinks promptly, as the ingredients have a tendency to separate over time. Cheers!

Holiday Cocktail Changes and Variations

While raspberry liqueur like Chambord can be used as a substitute for the syrup, it tends to curdle when combined with dairy products, making it not the best choice. However, its flavor is well-suited for these Christmas cookie shots and evokes the taste of linzer cookies filled with raspberry preserves. The Torani brand’s raspberry syrup is easily found and also works well in coffee.As for Amaretto, various brands offer this almond-flavored liqueur, allowing for some flexibility in your choice. Additionally, RumChata can be replaced with Licor 43 horchata, which is dairy-free. With a bottle of RumChata, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to create unique and delicious drinks.When it comes to garnishing these festive cocktails, feel free to add festive flair like candy canes or other decorations. If raspberries are out of season, consider using linzer cookies as an alternative garnish. Or, if you’re feeling indulgent, go for both – after all, who wouldn’t want a cookie with their holiday drinks?

Linzer Cookies: What are They?

Austrian-born Linzer cookies are a delightful treat that combines the natural sweetness of nuts and fruit preserves. The origins of their name can be traced back to the city of Linz in Austria, where this sweet cookie has been a staple for years. For those who crave a taste of Europe, Linzer cookies can usually be found on the shelves of German bakeries. However, with the right recipe, it’s entirely possible to create these delicious treats from scratch. In fact, this particular Linzer cookies recipe offers an added bonus – its gluten-free ingredients make it accessible to a wider range of cookie lovers.

Christmas Drink with RumChata FAQs

You can prepare these festive Christmas party drinks in advance, but it’s best to serve them immediately after making them. The mixture of RumChata and dairy products, along with the acidity from the syrup, causes them to separate quickly. Serving them as you make them ensures they’ll stay mixed and enjoyable.These holiday shots are perfect for serving as guests arrive at your party – they make a great welcome drink. They also pair well with sweet treats like fruit-based desserts or Christmas-themed snacks. For a savory option, try pairing them with easy-to-eat finger foods like pesto Christmas tree bites or deviled eggs.

Raspberry Linzer Cookie Shots Recipe

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Raspberry Linzer Cookie Shots

Raspberry linzer cookie shots are a delightful addition to any holiday party, whether you’re celebrating Christmas or New Year’s Eve. This festive drink combines the flavors of amaretto, RumChata, and raspberry to create a unique and tantalizing taste experience. With only 5 minutes of prep time and 2 servings per batch, this recipe is perfect for a quick and easy addition to your party menu.


To craft this indulgent treat, start by filling a cocktail shaker roughly halfway with ice. Next, add a measured amount of amaretto, RumChata, milk, and raspberry syrup. Replace the lid and shake the mixture vigorously for approximately 20 seconds or until it reaches your desired level of chill. Once prepared, divide the concoction evenly between two 2½-ounce shot glasses. Elevate the experience by garnishing one glass with a fresh raspberry threaded onto a cocktail pick, positioned elegantly across the rim. Enhance the visual appeal further by adding a sprig of mint and finally, use either a strainer or confectioners’ sugar shaker to delicately dust the top of the shot. Repeat this process for the second shot, ensuring both glasses are equally stunning.


Given the dairy-rich nature of these shots, it’s crucial to consume them promptly, as the subtle acidity of the raspberry syrup may lead to a gradual separation over time, altering the texture and overall quality.