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Salt & Pepper Pork Chop Bites

Why settle for store-bought salt and pepper pork chop bites when you can create your own gluten-free masterpiece at home? The authentic Asian seasoning blend adds an unbeatable depth of flavor, allowing you to customize the spiciness level to suit your taste buds. What’s more, this recipe is surprisingly easy to prepare and yields a result that rivals – or even surpasses – the takeout version. If you’re craving Asian-inspired flavors, look no further; this recipe is sure to satisfy.

How to Make this Chinese Pork Chop Recipe

As the aroma of savory pork nuggets begins to mingle with the bold flavors of wine, soy sauce, oil, cornstarch, and salt, let it all marinate together while you attend to heating up the oil in a pan. Meanwhile, blend garlic with jalapenos and peppercorns using a mortar and pestle until well combined. Then, toss thinly sliced chillies with this pungent mixture, along with some cornstarch and vegetable oil. Once the chilies are coated, fry them in hot oil for about a minute before draining on paper towels to remove any excess oil.

Next, prepare the pork nuggets by mixing rice flour, cornstarch, and white pepper, then toss the pork in this mixture until evenly coated. Fry the pork in hot oil until it reaches a golden brown, then drain it on paper towels as well.

Leave a small amount of oil in the pan and add the garlic-jalapeno paste. Cook for about 30 seconds before introducing the pan-fried pork, peppers, and garlic. Allow everything to warm through, then season with salt and pepper to taste. Serve the dish hot and enjoy the harmonious blend of flavors.

More about Asian Salt and Pepper Seasoning

When indulging in Chinese takeout or cooking up a storm at home, it’s hard to ignore the unmistakable flavor profile that comes from using Asian salt and pepper seasoning. But have you ever stopped to consider what exactly gives these dishes their signature taste? The answer lies in the blend of ingredients used, which typically includes a combination of sea salt, white pepper, chilli flakes, ginger, sugar, garlic powder, and 5-spice. Additionally, MSG often plays a significant role in many Chinese takeout and eat-in dishes, extending beyond just pork nuggets. In this recipe for salt and pepper pork chop bites, we’re taking a departure from the usual route of using pre-mixed seasoning blends. Instead, we’ll be adding each ingredient separately to create a fresh and aromatic flavor profile that’s reminiscent of using high-quality ingredients straight from the market. The use of real chillies and garlic will elevate this dish far beyond what you’d typically find in store-bought seasonings, resulting in a truly mouth-watering culinary experience.

Making Chinese Takeout Style Dishes Gluten Free

When seeking to enjoy Chinese cuisine without the presence of gluten, making your own dishes from scratch can be the simplest approach. While some soy sauce brands are naturally gluten-free, it’s essential to verify the label before consumption. As an alternative, Tamari sauce offers a similar flavor profile without the gluten content.

When it comes to breading, traditional recipes often rely on wheat flour. However, by substituting rice flour and cornstarch, you can easily adapt many Chinese-style dishes to accommodate gluten-free requirements. For those familiar with gluten-free cooking, these ingredient substitutions are likely a common practice.

Why not take the opportunity to experiment with gluten-free egg roll wrappers or sweet and sour sauce? The possibilities for creative adaptations are endless.

Salt and Pepper Pork FAQs

If you’re looking for a recipe that’s not quite as fiery, don’t worry – you can easily tone down the heat by adjusting the amount of chillies or peppercorns to your taste. Salt and pepper are essential flavour enhancers, so even without the spicy kick, your dish will still pack plenty of punch. Simply use the ingredients you’re comfortable with, and you’ll be good to go.When it comes to storing leftovers, simplicity is key. Seal the container tightly and pop it in the fridge – it’ll keep for a few days, ready to reheat whenever you need it. You might lose some of the crunch, but rest assured, all that lovely flavour will still be there waiting for you.As for what to serve with your salt and pepper pork, the options are endless! For a classic Chinese-inspired meal, try pairing it with stir-fried veggies, noodles or fluffy rice. Alternatively, consider serving it as an appetizer, followed by some other Asian-style favourites like gluten-free Kung Pao – the possibilities are endless!

Salt & Pepper Pork Chop Bites Recipe

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Salt & Pepper Pork Chop Bites

Why not shake up your dinner routine by making your own gluten-free pork chop recipe instead of relying on takeout? The Asian-inspired salt and pepper seasoning adds incredible flavor, and you can easily adjust the level of spiciness to suit your taste. This dish is quick to prepare and cook, requiring just 15 minutes of prep time and 15 minutes of cooking time. In total, this recipe takes about 30 minutes to complete, yielding six servings that are sure to please.


In a large mixing bowl, cut 1-inch pieces of pork and combine them with Shaoxing wine, soy sauce, sesame oil, cornstarch, and sea salt. Toss to coat the pork evenly, then let it marinate for 5 to 10 minutes. Next, heat 3/4 cup of vegetable oil in a frying pan until it reaches 350 degrees Fahrenheit and shimmers.In a mortar, combine three garlic cloves, Szechwan peppercorns, and diced jalapeños. Press the ingredients into a paste using a gentle pressing motion.Thinly slice red and green chile peppers and three more garlic cloves. In a bowl, toss the peppers and garlic with 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil and 1 tablespoon of cornstarch. Then, add the pepper mixture to the hot oil in the frying pan and pan-fry for about 1 minute. Remove the peppers from the oil and place them on a paper towel-lined plate.To prepare the pork for cooking, combine cornstarch, rice flour, and white pepper in a bowl. Add the mixture to the pork and toss to coat it evenly.Add the coated pork to the hot oil in the frying pan and pan-fry for 2-3 minutes per side, or until it reaches a golden brown color. Turn the pork as it cooks to ensure even cooking. Once cooked, remove the pork from the oil and place it on a plate with the peppers.Use a paper towel to soak up some of the excess vegetable oil in the pan, leaving just enough to coat the bottom (about 2-3 teaspoons worth).Add the jalapeño garlic paste to the pan and cook until fragrant, about 30 seconds. Then, add the cooked pork, peppers, and garlic to the pan and stir to combine.Remove the pan from the heat and toss the contents with sea salt and pepper to serve.


When it comes to cornstarch and rice flour, many assume that they’re inherently gluten-free. While it’s true that most types of these ingredients are naturally devoid of gluten, it’s essential to verify the specific brand or product you plan to use, as some may contain trace amounts or be processed in facilities where gluten is present.