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Should you use FYP hashtag?

What is FYP hashtag?

FYP stands for “For You Page” and is a hashtag used on TikTok to help videos get views and engagement. The FYP is the main feed that users see when they open TikTok. Using the #fyp hashtag is a way for creators to try to get their videos shown to more people on the FYP.

When someone uploads a video and includes #fyp in the caption or hashtags, they are signaling to TikTok’s algorithm that they want their video to be promoted on the For You Page. The goal is to get more eyes on the video and increase the chances of it going viral.

Some key things to know about the FYP hashtag:

  • It stands for “For You Page” and refers to the main TikTok feed.
  • Adding #fyp to a video’s hashtags optimizes it to potentially be featured on more users’ For You Page.
  • The FYP hashtag should only be used if the video is likely to appeal to a broad audience.
  • Using #fyp doesn’t guarantee a video will go viral or even be seen by many users.
  • Overusing #fyp can shadowban an account or cause videos to underperform if they aren’t truly FYP-worthy.

So in summary, the #fyp hashtag is intended to help videos get more visibility on TikTok, but should be used selectively and strategically.

Should you use the FYP hashtag?

Whether or not to use the #fyp hashtag depends on several factors:

If your content aligns with the FYP

The #fyp hashtag should only be used if your video is likely to appeal to a wide TikTok audience. That means funny, entertaining, helpful, or heartwarming content that people would genuinely want to see.

Using #fyp on niche content or videos that only appeal to a small subset of users may actually hurt performance. So consider if your video is truly “FYP worthy” before using the hashtag.

If you want to grow your account

For smaller creators looking to expand their audience, the FYP hashtag can be an effective growth strategy. Getting on the FYP gives videos a chance to be seen by many more users.

This increased exposure can help unknown accounts gain more followers and recognition. So using #fyp can fast track growth, making it appealing for newer creators.

If you don’t overuse it

While using #fyp occasionally can boost reach, overusing it on videos unlikely to trend can backfire. Too much irrelevant #fyp content may dilute your overall performance and lead to shadowbanning.

Strategic use of the hashtag only on truly viral-worthy videos is key. Finding that balance requires regularly evaluating content and audience response.

If you optimize the video properly

Simply tacking #fyp onto any old video won’t make it go viral. Creators need to employ best practices for the FYP when using the hashtag:

  • Eye-catching thumbnails using bold colors/textures/imagery.
  • Attention-grabbing text overlays and captions.
  • Using trending audios and effects.
  • Posting at optimal times based on audience data.
  • Concise, entertaining videos under 60 seconds.

These optimization tactics combined with strategic #fyp use give videos the best shot at hitting the For You Page.

Benefits of using the FYP hashtag

When used correctly, the #fyp hashtag can offer several benefits:

Increased reach

The main advantage of getting on the FYP is massively increased visibility. Top FYP videos can garner millions of views and cross over into the mainstream spotlight. This level of exposure is hard to achieve organically.

More engagement

FYP videos commonly go viral, earning hundreds of thousands of likes, shares, comments and new followers. Creators see a spike in overall engagement when their videos take off on the FYP.

Account growth

With greater reach and engagement comes account growth. Creators gain new loyal followers when their content resonates on the FYP. This growth can help smaller influencers build their platform.

Monetization opportunities

Viral FYP fame can lead to sponsorship deals, brand partnerships and other monetization opportunities. The hashtag brings possibilities for turning TikTok content into a business.

Algorithm favors

When videos perform well on the FYP, the TikTok algorithm typically starts pushing out that creator’s future videos to more people. So #fyp success helps beat the algorithm long-term.

Risks of using the FYP hashtag

However, improperly using #fyp does come with some risks:

Content dilution

Too much irrelevant content with #fyp can muddy what it means for a video to be “FYP worthy.” This dilutes the hashtag’s power and effectiveness over time.


Overusing #fyp or using it improperly may signal to TikTok that an account is spammy. This can lead to shadowbanning, where videos have limited reach.

Poor performance

Videos improperly tagged with #fyp often see poor performance because they aren’t aligned with user interests on the For You Page.

Reduced organic reach

Short-term boosts from #fyp won’t help if the account stops appearing organically on the FYP long-term. Relying too much on #fyp may result in future underperformance.

User irritation

Users dislike seeing irrelevant #fyp content. Too many videos tagged #fyp that don’t belong on the FYP will frustrate users.

So while the hashtag can help grow an account when used correctly, it also comes with risks if misused or overused. Creators should have an intentional FYP strategy.

Tips for using FYP hashtag successfully

Here are some best practices for harnessing the power of the FYP hashtag:

Only use it on broadly appealing videos optimized for the FYP

Don’t use #fyp on content only relevant to a niche audience. Funny, helpful, or heartwarming videos have the best shot. And ensure they are optimized for the FYP with strong thumbnails, captions, effects, etc.

Analyze FYP trends and aim to align with them

Look at what type of content is currently trending on the FYP and aim to align with popular themes, audios, effects etc. Capitalizing on trends boosts #fyp potential.

Track performance data and adjust FYP usage accordingly

Analyze engagement rate, views, comments etc. and how they correlate to your #fyp usage. This data will reveal if you should adjust usage up or down.

Only use 1-2 times per 10 videos maximum

Avoid hashtag stuffing. Limit use to only your very best contenders sparingly. Around 1-2 #fyp tags per 10 videos is a good benchmark.

Mix it up with related hashtags too like #fypシ #foryou #viral

Use FYP-related hashtags too but don’t over-rely on just #fyp alone. Sprinkle in others like #fypシ #foryou #viral for best results.


The #fyp hashtag can be an effective TikTok growth tool when used strategically on viral-worthy content optimized for the FYP. But improper use may actually hurt performance. Analyze data, align with FYP interests, use sparingly, and mix in related hashtags. With the right tactical approach, #fyp can help propel TikTok accounts to the next level. But the hashtag alone won’t make average videos go viral overnight. It requires an intentional strategy paired with compelling content.