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Southern Nevada Adventure

Nevada’s diverse landscape offers an unforgettable array of experiences. The vibrant lights of Las Vegas mingle with the rugged grandeur of Bootleg Canyon and the engineering marvel that is Hoover Dam, catering to a wide range of interests. I’ve been fortunate enough to encounter incredible individuals while traveling, including a global influencer group comprising individuals from various countries. This particular group stood out as one of my favorites, allowing me to connect with fellow travelers from around the world.

Where We Stayed in Southern Nevada

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Boulder City offers an ideal base for exploring Southern Nevada’s natural wonders. The desert climate yields a diverse range of activities, from the thrill-seeking adventures of Bootleg Canyon to the awe-inspiring views of the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam. During our two-night stay at the historic Boulder Dam Hotel, we delved into the hotel’s rich history, built in 1933 as a haven for visitors to the Hoover Dam construction site. Meanwhile, Las Vegas has plenty to offer beyond its casinos. Without even setting foot in a slot machine, you can be captivated by the city’s vibrant entertainment scene and indulge in a culinary journey along the famous Strip. Our accommodations included one night at the Strat, where we marveled at the Stratosphere Tower – the tallest freestanding observation tower in the US – and two nights at the LINQ, conveniently located amidst the city’s action.

Black Canyon Rafting

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Embark on a rejuvenating motorized rafting adventure beneath the majestic Hoover Dam, where the Colorado River’s natural gorge offers a unique opportunity to discover the desert’s hidden beauty and wildlife. The Black Canyon National Water Trail is home to an array of fascinating creatures, including Bighorn Sheep, Osprey, and Blue Heron, which can be spotted in their natural habitat. As we glided effortlessly down the river, our calm excursion was made all the more enjoyable by the expertise and warm hospitality of our guide from Black Canyon Adventures, who shared a wealth of knowledge about this awe-inspiring region.

Bootleg Canyon Biking

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As you venture north of Boulder City, you’ll stumble upon the Mountain Bike Park, an absolute must-ride destination. This epic trail system boasts a diverse range of routes, including cross-country and downhill options, expertly designed by artist and biking aficionado Brent Thompson. The experience is nothing short of exhilarating – it’s a thrill that’s both challenging and utterly enjoyable. Our tour with Bike Blast Las Vegas was an unforgettable adventure, but let’s be real, mountain biking isn’t exactly the most harmonious combination with Bella the dog. Despite the difficulties, we had an absolute blast.Before you embark on your own Mountain Bike Park escapade, be sure to pack essentials like plenty of water, a camera to capture the breathtaking views, sunscreen for protection from the elements, and a face mask if you’re sensitive to dust. I highly recommend investing in a reliable mini backpack with multiple pockets and a lightweight design – it’s the perfect companion for excursions like this.

Helicopter Tour

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Stepping into a 180-degree view helicopter with aerial views of Hoover Dam and Lake Mead is an unparalleled adventure. The immersive experience is amplified by noise-cancelling headsets, carefully curated music, and seamless pilot-to-passenger communication. As the landscape of Southern Nevada unfolds below, the breathtaking panorama becomes etched in your memory forever. A fascinating factoid: did you know that Hoover Dam contains enough concrete to build a 3,000-mile highway stretching from one end of the U.S. to the other? This incredible feat is a testament to human ingenuity and engineering prowess. As someone who can’t resist the allure of helicopter rides, I was thrilled to soar through the skies with Papillon. If you’re familiar with my blog, you might recall the unforgettable Vegas heli ride I took over the city at night on this trip.

Where we Ate in Southern Nevada

When exploring dining options in Southern Nevada, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon some fantastic eateries that left a lasting impression. From upscale views to casual comforts, here are the standout spots that caught my attention.

Topping the list is Top of the World at the Strat in Las Vegas, where an astonishing view of the city served as the perfect backdrop for a memorable meal.

For a taste of classic Americana, The Dillinger delivered with its mouthwatering burgers and thoughtful gluten-free options. Similarly, The Coffee Cup offered a delightful array of salads and sandwiches that were sure to please even the most discerning palate.

Brewery fans will love Boulder Dam Brewing Company, where not only can you enjoy a wide range of craft beers – including several gluten-free options – but also indulge in an impressive selection of food choices.

For a more whimsical dining experience, Maxie’s is the perfect spot to snap some fun and colorful food photos. Just be aware that while they do offer some gluten-free options, one of those dishes does contain dairy.

Those looking for a unique family-style dining experience will find Beauty & Essex offers an excellent opportunity to try a variety of flavors and textures in a single sitting.

Last but certainly not least, Pioneer Saloon is a must-visit destination for anyone craving a juicy, expertly prepared burger in the heart of the desert.

Lip Smacking Foodie Tour

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Indulge in a culinary journey through Las Vegas’ top eateries without sacrificing an ounce of luxury. Upon arrival at each of these four esteemed establishments, you’ll be greeted with VIP treatment and escorted to your table where signature dishes will be presented with meticulous explanations. As you savor each bite, your guide will regale you with fascinating anecdotes and insider knowledge about the city’s culinary scene. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the Lip Smacking Foodie Tour on your next trip!


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The Old Imperial Palace Hotel has been transformed into the modern LINQ Hotel, boasting a newly constructed promenade lined with shops and restaurants. The crowning jewel of this revamped attraction is its heart-pumping zip line experience, which propels riders 550 feet above the LINQ promenade at breakneck speed. While I couldn’t capture the thrill on camera during my ride, you can relive the excitement in my vlog – available to watch in higher quality on YouTube.

High Roller Experience

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The world’s tallest observation wheel is the High Roller, boasting 28 enclosed capsules that offer breathtaking views of Las Vegas and the surrounding valley during a half-hour rotation. This unique experience provides a distinct vantage point, offering a fresh perspective on the city and its landscape.

Indoor Sky Diving

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I recently had an exhilarating experience at Vegas Indoor Skydiving, where I felt like I was defying gravity and soaring through the air with wind speeds reaching up to 120 mph. The thrill of skydiving without the need for a parachute or airplane was truly electrifying! In fact, I’ve also had the pleasure of trying this out in Orlando, and it’s an absolute blast. This activity is perfect for those days when the rain is pouring down or the sun is beating down relentlessly – it’s an excellent way to escape the elements and have some fun indoors. While it may take a little bit of getting used to at first, once you find your rhythm, it becomes surprisingly effortless.

RZR Through the Desert

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About an hour southwest of Las Vegas lies Goodsprings, the portal to the Mohave Desert’s uncharted territories. With Vegas Off Road Tours, venture into the rugged landscape and discover the majesty of steep canyons, picturesque farmland, and a unique climate that will leave you in awe. Despite struggling with a severe eye ache at the onset of our adventure, we pushed through and ultimately ended up with an unexpected hospital visit due to a nasty scratch on my eye – a stark reminder of the importance of having comprehensive travel medical insurance coverage. As we navigated this incredible region, it was undeniable that there’s so much to explore around Las Vegas, from the city’s free shows to the numerous outdoor activities that await. This experience has left me eager to plan another trip and discover even more hidden gems in southern Nevada.