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What aisle are spring roll wrappers in?

Finding spring roll wrappers in the grocery store can be tricky if you don’t know where to look. Spring roll wrappers, also known as egg roll wrappers or lumpia wrappers, are paper-thin sheets made from wheat flour and water that are used to wrap Vietnamese spring rolls, Chinese egg rolls, Filipino lumpia, and other Asian stuffed rolls. They are essential for making these popular appetizers, but since they are specialty items, spring roll wrappers may not be stocked with the regular pasta and tortillas. Knowing what aisle spring roll wrappers are in will save you time hunting them down when a craving for crispy spring rolls strikes!

Check the Refrigerated Section

Many grocery stores stock spring roll wrappers in the refrigerated produce section, often near the tofu. Spring roll wrappers need to be kept refrigerated or frozen because they are perishable, so this is the most common place to find them. Check the shelves near the tofu, fresh Asian noodles, and packaged greens like bok choy. Name brands like Nasoya and Annie Chun package their spring roll wrappers in plastic bags or boxes that are refrigerated. If your store has a designated Asian foods refrigerated section, you may find them there as well. The refrigerated spring roll wrappers are convenient because they are ready to use straight from the fridge.

Look in the Frozen Food Aisles

If you can’t locate spring roll wrappers in the refrigerated section, check the freezer aisles next. Many larger grocery stores stock frozen spring roll wrappers, usually in the Asian frozen foods section. Check freezer aisles that contain wontons, dumplings, and potstickers for frozen spring roll wrapper packages. Brands like Nasoya, Annie Chun, and Frieda’s sell spring roll wrapper packs frozen. The wrappers come folded in plastic bags with 20-50 wrappers per pack. To use frozen spring roll wrappers, thaw them overnight in the refrigerator or at room temperature for 1-2 hours. Frozen wrappers work just as well as refrigerated when making crunchy spring rolls!

Check with the Asian Foods or International Foods Aisle

Some well-stocked supermarkets have a dedicated Asian foods aisle or international foods aisle where you can find specialty products from around the world. These aisles will stock all sorts of Asian sauces, spices, noodles, and ingredients like spring roll wrappers. Check the shelf-stable wrappers like rice paper that do not require refrigeration. You can also find spring roll wrapper kits that contain the wrappers, sauce packets, and filling ingredients to make assembling the spring rolls easy. The ethnic food aisles tend to carry more wrapper options, including brown rice and mung bean versions.

Ask at the Customer Service Desk

If you still can’t locate spring roll wrappers after checking the refrigerated, frozen, and ethnic food sections, your best bet is to ask customer service. Describe what you’re looking for or show a photo on your phone so they understand exactly the product you need. Many grocery store employees don’t know what spring roll wrappers are called, so asking is really the only way to see if they stock them or can order them for you. Larger chain groceries are more likely to carry spring roll wrappers or be able to source them than smaller independent markets.

Check Asian, Indian, or International Markets

If your regular supermarket doesn’t carry spring roll wrappers, head to an Asian, Indian, or international market in your area. These specialty groceries will have a huge selection of wraps, rice papers, roti, and spring roll wrappers at affordable prices. You can browse the aisles and refrigerated sections to pick up all the wrappers you need, as well as other ingredients to make delicious Asian appetizers. The staff will also be very knowledgeable about the products they stock. These markets are your best resource for both common and obscure Asian cooking ingredients.

Order Spring Roll Wrappers Online

If you don’t live near an international market, ordering spring roll wrappers online is easy. Amazon and online Asian grocery delivery services like Weee! stock all the spring roll wrapper brands and varieties you could need. You can order a multi-pack of wrappers and have it delivered to your door in just a few days. Online shopping makes finding even the hardest-to-source Asian cooking products accessible. Buying a value pack means you’ll always have spring roll wrappers ready when the craving hits!

Substitute with Rice Paper or Tortillas

In a pinch, rice paper wrappers or flour tortillas can be substituted for spring roll wrappers. Both work well for rolling spring roll fillings. Rice paper wrappers need to be briefly soaked in warm water before using to make them pliable. Flour tortillas, lightly brushed with water, also wrap spring roll fillings nicely. Look for the 8-10 inch size of tortillas for the right diameter. Neither will provide the same delicate, crispy texture as true spring roll wrappers, but they can work when you need a substitute!

Key Takeaways

Here are the main tips for finding spring roll wrappers:

  • Check the refrigerated produce section, near tofu and Asian greens.
  • Look in the freezer aisle with other Asian dumplings.
  • Browse the Asian or international foods aisle for shelf-stable wrappers.
  • Ask customer service if they stock or can order them.
  • Shop at Asian and Indian markets for the best selection.
  • Order spring roll wrappers online for easy delivery.
  • In a pinch, use rice paper or flour tortillas as a substitute.

Knowing the right aisles and sections of your grocery store to find spring roll wrappers will make preparing delicious Asian appetizers much simpler. With this guide, you’ll locate them easily and have spring rolls on the table in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are spring roll wrappers hard to find?

Spring roll wrappers are specialty items associated with Asian cuisine, so not all mainstream grocery stores carry them. Since they are perishable and need refrigeration, they also require special storage compared to other wraps and tortillas. The combination of being niche and requiring refrigeration makes them less ubiquitous than other wraps.

Can I freeze spring roll wrappers?

Yes, you can freeze spring roll wrappers for long-term storage. Simply place the unused wrappers in a plastic freezer bag, squeeze out excess air, and seal. They will keep for 4-6 months in the freezer before drying out. Thaw in the refrigerator overnight before using. You can also purchase pre-frozen spring roll wrappers which are ready to use after thawing.

Do spring roll wrappers need to be refrigerated?

Spring roll wrappers do need to be refrigerated or frozen. The wheat dough and water composition makes them prone to spoiling if left at room temperature. Refrigeration preserves their freshness and prevents bacterial growth. Store unused spring roll wrappers in the fridge for up to 2 weeks, making sure to seal the bag tightly.

Can I make spring roll wrappers from scratch?

It is possible to make spring roll wrappers from scratch at home. The dough is made by mixing wheat flour, salt, water, and sometimes eggs. After kneading and resting the dough, it is rolled very thin and cut into circles. Homemade wrappers take more effort but can be customized to your preference. Store bought spring roll wrappers offer convenience.

What can I use if I don’t have spring roll wrappers?

In a pinch, rice paper wrappers or flour tortillas can substitute for spring roll wrappers. Rice papers need to be soaked briefly in water before using. 8-10 inch flour tortillas, brushed with a bit of water, can also wrap spring roll fillings well. Wonton wrappers are another reasonable substitute that are easier to find than specialty spring roll wrappers.


Searching for spring roll wrappers in grocery aisles may seem like an endless scavenger hunt. But armed with the knowledge of the prime locations to find refrigerated, frozen, or shelf-stable spring roll wrappers, you’ll locate them with ease. Ethnic markets provide the ultimate destination for all varieties of spring roll wrappers and other Asian cooking ingredients. Online delivery makes accessing specialty wrappers convenient if no local stores carry them. With the right wrappers on hand, whipping up delicious Vietnamese, Chinese, or Filipino spring rolls is simple. Crispy, savory spring rolls can be on the menu whenever a craving strikes with this guide to finding the essential wrappers!