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What are engaged couples called?

Engaged couples who are planning to get married are called fiancés. The term fiancé refers specifically to a man who is engaged, while the term fiancée refers to a woman who is engaged. So an engaged couple would be called the fiancé and fiancée.

Where does the term fiancé come from?

The word fiancé has French origins. It comes from the French word “fiancer” meaning to betroth or pledge to marry someone. When a couple gets engaged, the man essentially pledges to marry the woman, so he becomes her fiancé. Here is a quick overview of the origins and meanings behind this term:

  • Language of origin – French
  • Original French word – “Fiancer” meaning to betroth or pledge to marry
  • French word was adopted into English language
  • “Fiancé” refers specifically to the man who is engaged to be married
  • “Fiancée” refers to the woman who is engaged to be married

What happens when a couple gets engaged?

When a couple gets engaged, the man asks the woman to marry him and gives her an engagement ring if accepted. This represents a formal agreement between the couple that they plan to get married. Here is a quick overview of what happens at the point of engagement:

  • Man asks woman, “Will you marry me?”
  • If she says yes, she accepts his marriage proposal
  • He places engagement ring on her finger
  • The ring symbolizes their formal engagement
  • They are now considered an engaged couple
  • He becomes her fiancé
  • She becomes his fiancée

This commitment marks the start of their engagement as they begin planning their wedding. During the engagement period, the couple may refer to themselves as fiancés or the engaged couple until they officially wed.

What’s the difference between fiancé, fiancée, and betrothed?

There are a few terms that can refer to an engaged couple. Here are the key differences:

  • Fiancé – Refers specifically to the man who is engaged to be married.
  • Fiancée – Refers specifically to the woman who is engaged to be married.
  • Betrothed – A more formal, gender neutral term for an engaged person. Either the man or woman can be called the betrothed.

So while fiancé/fiancée focus on the specific gender, betrothed can refer to either the bride-to-be or groom-to-be. The terms convey the same meaning of someone engaged to be married but have slightly different usages.

What should engaged couples do during the engagement?

The engagement period allows an engaged couple time to plan their wedding. Here are some things the fiancés should do after getting engaged:

  • Announce engagement to family and friends
  • Set a wedding budget
  • Choose a wedding date
  • Select and book wedding venue
  • Hire wedding planner (optional)
  • Plan guest list
  • Send save-the-date notices
  • Book catering service
  • Order wedding cake
  • Plan honeymoon
  • And more!

This to-do list can be lengthy but breaking it down step-by-step and giving yourselves 12-18 months to plan can make the process enjoyable for engaged couples.

How long are couples typically engaged before marriage?

There is no set rule for how long an engagement period should last. The average engagement length tends to be between 12 to 18 months, but every couple’s timeline is different.

Engagement Length Percentage of Couples
Less than 6 months 12%
6 to 12 months 41%
13 to 18 months 31%
19 months or more 16%

As shown in the table, most couples have engagements lasting 6 months to 1.5 years. But some engage quickly while others have longer engagements. The length should suit the couple’s needs and wedding plans.

Do engaged men wear engagement rings?

Traditionally, only women received engagement rings. But many modern couples are opting for both the man and woman to wear a ring symbolizing their commitment. Here are some engagement ring trends among couples:

  • 74% give a ring to just the female
  • 5% give a ring to just the male
  • 21% have rings for both partners

While the majority stick with just the woman wearing a ring, 1 in 4 couples are now exchanging rings. Some engaged men are starting to embrace wearing their own engagement band.


When a couple becomes engaged to be married, they enter into a special relationship status. The man becomes the fiancé and the woman becomes the fiancée. This exciting time allows them to celebrate their love and begin planning their wedding. Setting a date, choosing rings, and sharing the news are all part of the engagement process. With open communication and commitment, engaged couples can have a rewarding journey from fiancés to newlyweds!