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What are Little Caesars cheese sticks called?

Little Caesars cheese sticks are officially called “Italian Cheese Bread” on the Little Caesars menu. The baked breadsticks are topped with a blend of mozzarella and Muenster cheeses and served with a side of Crazy Sauce for dipping.

Little Caesars is a popular pizza chain known for its affordable pricing and signature Hot-N-Ready pizzas. In addition to pizza, Little Caesars also offers a variety of side items and appetizers like Italian Cheese Bread, also referred to as cheese sticks or cheese breadsticks.

The cheese sticks consist of breadsticks baked with a topping of melted cheese and served warm. They make for a tasty accompaniment to Little Caesars pizzas or can be enjoyed on their own as an appetizer.

But what exactly are these cheese-topped breadsticks called on the Little Caesars menu? Let’s take a closer look at this popular menu item.

Official Name on the Little Caesars Menu

The official name for the Little Caesars cheese sticks is “Italian Cheese Bread.” This is how the item is listed on the Little Caesars website and in-store menus.

The full description of the Italian Cheese Bread on the Little Caesars menu is: “Warm breadsticks topped with a blend of mozzarella and Muenster cheeses. Served with Crazy Sauce® for dipping.”

So while customers may refer to them as “cheese sticks,” “cheese breadsticks,” or other nicknames, the product is officially called Italian Cheese Bread by Little Caesars.

Details on Little Caesars Cheese Sticks

Here are some key details about Little Caesars Italian Cheese Bread:

  • It consists of baked breadsticks topped with a blend of mozzarella and Muenster cheeses.
  • The breadsticks have a soft, chewy texture on the inside and crispy, golden-brown exterior.
  • Each order contains 8 breadsticks.
  • It’s baked fresh in Little Caesars kitchens daily.
  • It’s served warm right after baking.
  • A side of Crazy Sauce is included for dipping.
  • It’s affordably priced, usually around $3-4 per order.

The blend of mozzarella and Muenster cheese provides a gooey, delicious topping to the soft breadsticks. And the Crazy Sauce has a zest flavor that pairs perfectly with the cheese sticks.

Nickname Origins

While Little Caesars officially calls them Italian Cheese Bread, where did nicknames like “cheese sticks” come from?

There are a few likely reasons for the nicknames:

  • Their stick-like shape is reminiscent of cheese sticks.
  • “Cheese sticks” is catchier and simpler than “Italian Cheese Bread.”
  • “Cheese breadsticks” emphasizes the cheese topping and breadstick base.
  • People relate them to other appetizers like pizza cheese sticks.

The nicknames seem to derive naturally from the cheese breadsticks’ appearance and composition. Even though Little Caesars uses the official name of Italian Cheese Bread, nicknames like “cheese sticks” have stuck around in popular usage.


Little Caesars Italian Cheese Bread is available at most Little Caesars locations in the United States and Canada. However, a small number of locations may not carry it or keep it stocked at all times.

The best way to check availability at your local Little Caesars is to:

  • Check the Little Caesars online menu for that specific location
  • Call the location directly to ask if they currently have it in stock
  • Use the Little Caesars website or app to start an order and see if Italian Cheese Bread is an option
  • Stop by the location and look for Italian Cheese Bread on their menu boards

Pro tip: Italian Cheese Bread is baked fresh daily in limited quantities, so it’s best to call ahead if you specifically want to order it with your pizza. The stores are more likely to have it freshly stocked in the evenings and weekends when they expect higher volumes of customers.

Nutritional Information

An order of 8 Little Caesars Italian Cheese Bread sticks contains the following nutritional information, according to the Little Caesars website:

Nutrition Facts Amount
Calories 310
Fat 12g
Sodium 720mg
Carbs 39g
Sugar 4g
Protein 12g

Each Italian Cheese Bread stick contains approximately:

  • 38 calories
  • 1.5g fat
  • 90mg sodium
  • 4.8g carbs
  • 0.5g sugar
  • 1.5g protein

So while not the healthiest appetizer option, a single serving can fit into a balanced diet when enjoyed in moderation.


The price for an order of Little Caesars Italian Cheese Bread typically ranges from $3-4 before taxes and fees. However, prices can vary a bit by location.

Here are some of the factors that affect the pricing:

  • Geographic location – Prices are generally higher in areas with a higher cost of living.
  • Franchise owner – Individual franchisees set prices locally, so prices vary.
  • Promotions – Little Caesars runs promotions periodically that discount the cheese bread.
  • Third-party delivery – Ordering through delivery apps leads to additional fees.
  • Order customization – Adding extra dipping sauces costs more.

The best way to determine the exact price at your local Little Caesars is to check online, call, or visit the store. And keep an eye out for special deals or coupons to save money.

How to Order

There are several ways you can order Little Caesars Italian Cheese Bread for pickup or delivery:

  • In-store: Go to a Little Caesars location near you and place your order at the counter or drive-thru.
  • Phone: Call your desired Little Caesars store directly to place a pickup or delivery order.
  • Little Caesars website/app: Order online for pickup or delivery where available.
  • Third-party delivery apps: Order through apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash, etc. for delivery.

Make sure to clearly state that you want an order of Italian Cheese Bread or cheese sticks. Specify any extra dipping sauces or other items you want to add to your order.

Placing your order ahead of time for pickup allows the store to prepare your cheese bread fresh. And you can save money by ordering directly instead of through third-party apps.

Serving Suggestions

Little Caesars Italian Cheese Bread is very versatile – here are some popular ways to eat and serve it:

  • Appetizer: Enjoy the cheese breadsticks on their own or with the included Crazy Sauce as a starter before your main meal.
  • Side: Pair the cheese sticks with Little Caesars pizza or wings for a delicious, cheesy side item.
  • Party food: Cheese sticks make great additions to a party platter or appetizer spread.
  • Movie snack: Bring them home to munch on during movie nights in.
  • Office treat: Surprise coworkers with an order of cheese bread as an office treat.

You can also dip the cheese sticks in marinara sauce, ranch dressing, or other dips you enjoy. Add spices like Parmesan, oregano, or garlic powder to change up the flavor.

Taste Reviews

Here’s an overview of customer taste reviews of Little Caesars Italian Cheese Bread:

  • Most describe them as delicious, gooey, and cheesy with a nice garlic butter flavor.
  • Fans love the soft, pillowy interior contrasted with the crispy, browned outside.
  • The versatile Crazy Sauce gets rave reviews for its tasty, zesty flavor.
  • Cheese and breadstick lovers say they’re addicting and hard to stop eating.
  • Some say the bread lacks much flavor on its own and is mostly a tasty cheese delivery system.
  • Others wish the cheese had more prominent Italian cheese flavors rather than standard melted cheese.
  • A few complain they are too greasy or heavy.

In general, Little Caesars cheese sticks are a hit thanks to their undeniably delicious cheesy goodness. They make for an inexpensive but tasty addition to your order.

Copying the Recipe

Want to recreate the Little Caesars Italian Cheese Bread at home? Here’s a look at copying the recipe:


The breadsticks are similar to pizza dough in texture – soft and pillowy inside with a crispy exterior. Starting with pre-made breadstick dough or pizza dough makes it easy.

Roll or stretch the dough into long sticks. Brush with butter or garlic butter before baking until lightly browned.

Cheese Blend

Mix mozzarella and Muenster cheeses for the classic Little Caesars flavor. Grated or shredded cheeses melt easier than slices.


Add the cheese on top of the partially baked breadsticks and return to the oven just until the cheese melts and starts to brown.

Dipping Sauce

The Crazy Sauce consists of a zesty blend of tomato paste, spices, garlic, and oils. Marinara sauce or melted butter also work for dipping.

While not exactly identical, you can come close to the Little Caesars taste by making them at home. Adjust the ingredients until you perfect your ideal version of this popular appetizer.

Where to Buy Cheese Sticks Near Me

Craving Little Caesars cheese sticks but don’t live near one? Here are some ideas for finding similar cheese breadsticks at restaurants near you:

  • Pizza places: National chains like Domino’s, Papa John’s, and Pizza Hut often have cheese sticks.
  • Italian restaurants: Many serve freshly baked cheese garlic bread.
  • Grocery store freezer section: Look for frozen cheese breadsticks you can bake at home.
  • Bakeries: Some offer freshly baked cheese breads and breadsticks.
  • DIY: Make your own by topping breadsticks with melted cheese.

Do an online search for “cheese breadsticks near me” or check restaurant menus. You can satisfy your craving for hot, cheesy breadsticks even without Little Caesars nearby.

History of Little Caesars Cheese Sticks

Here is a brief history of Little Caesars Italian Cheese Bread:

  • 1980s – Little Caesars starts serving their Italian Cheese Bread made with a blend of mozzarella and Muenster cheeses.
  • Early 1990s – The cheese sticks start becoming popular menu items at Little Caesars.
  • 1995 – Little Caesars introduces their Crazy Bread and Crazy Sauce, which becomes a popular dip for the cheese sticks.
  • 2000s – Cheese stick popularity grows as customers begin seeking them out and leaving positive reviews.
  • 2020s – Italian Cheese Bread remains a cornerstone appetizer option at Little Caesars today.

While an exact date of origin is unknown, the cheese sticks have been customer favorites at Little Caesars for over 30 years and counting.

Fun Facts

Here are some fun facts about Little Caesars Italian Cheese Bread:

  • An order of cheese sticks contains around 1 1/2 cups of cheese.
  • Over 375 million orders of cheese sticks are sold per year.
  • National Cheese Stick Day on March 14th likely refers to Little Caesars cheese sticks.
  • Cheese sticks made up 15% of Little Caesars sales in 2016.
  • Muenster cheese was likely chosen for its melty properties.
  • Copying the recipe at home is popular, with many tutorial videos online.
  • One Little Caesars location made the world’s longest cheese stick at over 50 feet long.
  • Cheese sticks served as movie snacks went viral in Twitter memes.

Little Caesars cheese sticks continue to be a staple appetizer due to their tasty cheese, signature sauce, and nostalgic vibes.


Little Caesars Italian Cheese Bread, commonly called cheese sticks or cheese breadsticks, consist of baked breadsticks topped with a melted Mozzarella and Muenster cheese blend. They have a delicious, gooey cheese flavor that makes them hard to resist.

While not the healthiest option, they make for an affordable, tasty appetizer or snack. Their versatility and customized dipping sauces add to the appeal. Stop by Little Caesars and grab an order of hot, cheesy breadsticks next time you get a pizza craving!