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What are Taylor Swift’s cats called?

Taylor Swift is well known for being a talented singer-songwriter and for her love of cats. She has had several cats over the years that have become social media stars in their own right. But what exactly are the names of Taylor Swift’s famous feline companions? Let’s take a look at the leading lady’s cat crew.

Meredith Grey

One of Taylor’s first cats that really became Insta-famous was Meredith Grey. Meredith is a female Scottish Fold cat that Taylor adopted in 2011. The cat was named after Ellen Pompeo’s character on the hit TV show Grey’s Anatomy, which Taylor says she was a big fan of.

Meredith is known for her grumpy facial expressions. Taylor has said that Meredith is pretty moody and likes to isolate herself from the other cats at times. But she has moments of playfulness and will warm up to Taylor and show affection when she wants to. This little kitty definitely likes to do things on her own terms!

Olivia Benson

Another famous Swift cat is Olivia Benson. Livvy, as she is sometimes called, is a female Persian cat Taylor adopted in 2014. This cat was named after Mariska Hargitay’s character on Law and Order: SVU. Taylor is apparently a fan of TV shows about successful women!

Livvy is known to be quite curious and adventurous. She loves to explore and has more energy than Swift’s other cats. Livvy also seems to love being in photos and will strike dramatic poses. She especially gets excited when breaking cat toys come out to play with.

Benjamin Button

Benjamin Button is Taylor’s only male cat. He is a ragdoll cat Taylor adopted in 2014 when he was just a kitten. His name comes from the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button about a man who ages in reverse.

Benji has become known for being the most laidback and easygoing of Taylor’s pets. He is very affectionate and loves attention from Taylor and playing with the other cats. Benji is described as the most dog-like cat of the bunch due to his chill personality.

Other Cats

In addition to her three famous Instagram cats, Taylor has had a few other furry friends over the years. Back in her childhood, Taylor had a cat named Misty. In 2008 during her Fearless era, she adopted a cat named Meredith who unfortunately passed away in 2012.

Taylor was also the owner of a cat named Olivia who she gave to a friend after discovering she was allergic to her in 2014. There was also a cat named Doctor Meredith Grey who was a lookalike to her cat Meredith. She gave that Meredith to her backup dancer named Ashley.

Cats Featured in Her Music

Not only have Taylor’s own cats made cameos in her social media posts and interviews, but she has featured some of them in her albums and music videos over the years too. Here are a few instances where Taylor incorporated her cat loves into her music:

  • Her cat Meredith was featured in the music video for “ME!” rolling around on pastel colored clouds.
  • Olivia Benson had a moment in the lyric video for “I Bet You Think About Me” where she was photoshopped onto Taylor’s head.
  • Benjamin Button was included in the album booklet photos for “Folklore.”
  • The music video for “Blank Space” makes references to some of her cats with their names appearing on the cat portraits on the wall of the mansion.

Taylor’s cats have clearly been a creative inspiration over the years when it comes to her songwriting and music videos!

Her Most Famous Cat

While Taylor has a few fan favorite felines, most Swifties would agree that Olivia Benson is probably the most famous of her cats. Livvy has over 79,000 followers on Instagram under the handle @taylorswiftcat.

Some reasons Olivia Benson stands out include:

  • She is very photogenic and knows how to pose for the camera.
  • Her bright blue eyes and fluffy fur make her extra beautiful.
  • Her adventurous and energetic personality shines through in videos.
  • She has been featured in Taylor’s music videos and album photos.

So while Taylor clearly loves all of her cats, fun-loving Olivia seems to be the ultimate superstar pet of the bunch!

Taylor’s Love of Cats

It’s clear from Taylor’s lyrics, interview quotes, and social media posts that she is a true cat lover. Some signs of her passion for felines include:

  • Taylor has said she has identified as a cat lady since she was a child.
  • She owns lots of cat-themed merch, clothing, jewelry, etc.
  • Taylor makes many references to cats in lyrics like “Kitty cat, kitty cat” in “ME!” and “Cat-eye glasses, retro dress” in “London Boy.”
  • She has traveled with her cats, including on her private jet.
  • Taylor makes sure her music videos and photoshoots include her cats.

While Taylor is a global superstar, she makes sure her cats are a big part of her life. She showers them with love and even has had custom cat jungle gyms installed in her homes. Her cats bring her comfort and joy amidst her busy lifestyle. And they clearly hold a special place in her heart!

Fun Facts About Taylor’s Cats

Here are some fun facts about Taylor Swift’s famous pets:

  • They have an entire room in her home called the “cat room” just for them with cat trees, tunnels, and walkways.
  • She celebrates their birthdays with cat-friendly cakes and treats.
  • The cats have accompanied Taylor on private jets and in cars for different trips and moves.
  • Their names are featured in some Taylor Swift merchandise including jewelry and apparel.
  • Taylor bought a special screen enclosure for her cats to safely enjoy watching birds outdoors.
  • She once canceled an appearance last minute because one of her cats was very ill.
  • Taylor makes sure to carry around cat toys and treats in her bag so she can spoil them whenever.

Taylor’s love for her cats goes above and beyond just being a pet owner. She aims to provide them with the most cat-friendly lifestyle possible!

Taylor’s Legacy as a Cat Lover

While Taylor will always be known first and foremost for her unparalleled music career, her legacy as a devoted cat mama is also significant. By showcasing her cats in her music and life so publicly, Taylor has:

  • Inspired more conversations about responsible pet adoption.
  • Shown the intimate bond humans can have with their pets.
  • Set an example of providing pets with stimulating lives catered to their natural instincts.
  • Normalized cats being included in family life in a big way.
  • Proved celebrities can prioritize their pets just as much as their career.

Taylor Swift will go down in history not just for her songwriting talents but also for being a cat lady icon. She has shown that with love, pets can be a meaningful part of someone’s life no matter how busy they are otherwise. That’s a legacy any cat lover can appreciate!


To summarize, Taylor Swift’s beloved cats over the years have included Scottish Fold Meredith Grey, Persian cat Olivia Benson, ragdoll Benjamin Button, and other kitties like Doctor Meredith Grey and Misty. Her current cat squad of Meredith, Olivia, and Benjamin have become bonafide social media stars and are featured in Taylor’s music as well.

While all of Taylor’s cats hold a special place in her heart and life, many see sassy Olivia Benson as the ultimate superstar pet. Taylor’s dedication to her cats proves that she is more than just a successful singer – she is also a devoted cat lady! Her affection for her cats has touched fans worldwide and made an impact as part of her legacy. So while Taylor may have achieved so much already in her music, her cat-loving status is also cemented for life!