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What are the 8 powers of soul?

The soul is believed to be the eternal, immaterial core of a human being. Many philosophical and spiritual traditions posit that the soul has capabilities and qualities that extend far beyond our everyday experiences. These special capabilities are sometimes referred to as the “powers of the soul.” While different traditions describe the powers of the soul in various ways, there is considerable overlap around 8 main faculties. Exploring the 8 powers provides insight into the true potential of the human spirit.

The Power of Cognition

Cognition refers to the ability to acquire knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses. This is considered one of the fundamental powers of the soul because it allows us to be self-reflective and conscious. Cognition encompasses:


The power of self-awareness allows us to recognize ourselves as individual entities separate from others. We have an innate understanding of our own consciousness and can contemplate our identity.


Reason enables us to think logically and draw conclusions based on facts and evidence. With reason, we can solve problems methodically and make sensible judgments.


Intuition is the ability to understand something instinctively without the need for conscious reasoning. We can tap into truths through intuitive insights.


Discernment grants us the capacity to judge well and distinguish truth from falsity. We can perceive the deeper nature of things through discernment.

The Power of Volition

Volition refers to the power of the will and self-determination. This enables us to set goals and intentions and is essential for manifesting desires. Aspects of volition include:


Willpower gives us the strength and discipline to pursue objectives and overcome difficulties. It prevents us from giving up in the face of adversity.


Motivation drives us to take action toward a particular aim or purpose. It provides the energy and inspiration to fulfill goals.


Creativity is the ability to transcend traditional ideas and patterns to generate novel, useful connections and solutions. With creativity, we can express ourselves innovatively.


Courage empowers us to face fears and stand up for what we believe in despite uncertainty, intimidation, or risk. It enables us to move ahead boldly.

The Power of Conscience

Conscience grants us an innate sense of morality and justice. It drives us to align actions with values and promotes:


Empathy, the ability to emotionally identify with others, causes us to consider their perspectives and experiences. We are compelled to care for and understand different people.


Compassion moves us to notice suffering and want to alleviate it. We are inspired to aid others in need.


Integrity refers to adherence to moral and ethical principles. We are led to be truthful and align words with actions.


Wisdom is the ability to apply experience, knowledge, and discernment to make the best decisions. It guides us toward greater learning and maturity.

The Power of Love

The power of love allows us to transcend separateness through care, belonging, and appreciation. It includes:


Kindness is the quality of being considerate, generous, and helpful without expectation of reward. We are inclined to treat others gently.


Gratitude is appreciation for what we have received. It leads us to savor beauty and express thankfulness.


Forgiveness is the conscious decision to let go of resentment toward those who have harmed us. We can overcome negativity through it.


Unity recognizes the interconnectedness of all beings. We feel a sense of harmony with others when unity is cultivated.

The Power of Aesthetics

Aesthetics refers to the ability to perceive and appreciate beauty. It stirs us to create, discover, and be inspired. Facets include:


Imagination enables us to envision what does not yet exist. We can form novel ideas and mental images through it.


Curiosity compels exploration and the desire to know more. It motivates learning and discovery.


Passion is fervent enthusiasm and zeal. When invested in pursuits, we are driven to fully engage ourselves.


Inspiration awakens a sense of purpose and meaning. We are called to our highest potentials by tapping into it.

The Power of Expression

Expression allows thoughts, feelings, and visions to be conveyed creatively through different mediums. It includes:


Communication is the ability to exchange information and convey meaning to others. Self-expression and understanding is shared.


Vulnerability is embracing uncertainty and exposure to allow authentic self-revelation. Deeper intimacy results from it.


Play refers to the imaginative, fun, and even frivolous interactions that spark joy. Laughter, silliness, and amusement rejuvenate us.


Gratitude cultivates thankfulness and awareness of blessings. Choosing gratitude shifts energy from lack to abundance.

The Power of Perception

Perception is the way in which we interpret sensory information to make sense of reality. Expanding perception reveals untapped potentials.


Introspection allows us to examine our inner landscape – thoughts, emotions, and subconscious drives. Self-knowledge is unearthed.


Mindfulness enables awareness of the present without judgement. We directly experience each moment.


Focus concentrates attention and energy purposefully. Our goals and priorities become clear when we tune out distractions.


Optimism is hopefulness and confidence about the future. We are empowered by viewing life through an affirmative lens.

The Power of Will

Will integrates all the powers of the soul to align with divine will and purpose. The aspects of will are:


Discipline provides the structure to stay on course toward aspirations. Progress results from perseverance and control.


Faith is belief without tangible proof. The universe supports us when we trust in things unseen.


Allowing means accepting what is without needing to control outcomes. We release attachment through allowing.


Grace is the infusion of divinity that redeems flaws and elevates the mundane. It blesses our lives unexpectedly.


Exploring the 8 powers provides a framework for understanding the full capacities of the soul. Each faculty represents a pathway for actualizing greater human potential. While these powers are innate, they must be nurtured through intentional practices. When made conscious and developed, the 8 powers grant access to elevated states of being leading to profound purpose and fulfillment.