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What are the ingredients in MOD pizzas cauliflower crust?

MOD pizza offers a cauliflower pizza crust as a gluten-free alternative to traditional pizza crusts. Many people are interested in the specific ingredients that go into this cauliflower crust option. In this article, we will provide a detailed breakdown of all the ingredients that MOD pizza uses to make their cauliflower pizza crust.

MOD Pizza’s Cauliflower Crust Overview

MOD pizza first introduced their cauliflower pizza crust in 2016. It was part of their effort to provide more diverse options for people with different dietary needs and preferences. The cauliflower crust is gluten-free, made with just a few simple ingredients, and delivers the same crispy and chewy texture as MOD’s original pizza crust.

MOD’s cauliflower crust starts with fresh cauliflower that is riced and then combined with eggs, oil, spices, and cheese. The use of cauliflower as the main ingredient not only makes the crust gluten-free but also adds nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin K, and fiber. The crust gets partially baked before toppings are added so that it will be crispy on the bottom and soft and chewy in the middle when fully cooked.

Customers can choose the cauliflower crust option for any of MOD pizza’s signature pizzas or create their own custom cauliflower crust pizza. The crust itself is also lower in carbohydrates than a traditional pizza crust, making it an appealing option for low-carb diets.

Full List of Ingredients in MOD’s Cauliflower Pizza Crust

While the main component is fresh cauliflower, MOD does include several other ingredients to turn this vegetable into a pizza crust. Here is the full list of ingredients that go into making their cauliflower pizza crust, in order of highest quantity used:

  • Cauliflower
  • Water
  • Eggs
  • Parmesan cheese (pasteurized part-skim milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes)
  • Italian seasoning (oregano, basil, rosemary, thyme)
  • Garlic powder
  • Onion powder
  • Salt
  • Organic canola oil
  • Organic corn starch

As you can see, there are no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. MOD uses simple, high-quality ingredients to create a veggie-based crust that delivers on taste and texture.

Nutritional Profile of MOD’s Cauliflower Crust

One of the advantages of using cauliflower as the main ingredient is that it provides some great nutritional value in the crust. Here is the nutritional information for MOD’s cauliflower pizza crust:

Nutrition Facts Per 1 slice (85g)
Calories 70
Total Fat 3g
Saturated Fat 1g
Cholesterol 40mg
Sodium 280mg
Carbohydrates 5g
Dietary Fiber 2g
Sugars 1g
Protein 6g

With 2 grams of fiber, 6 grams of protein, and only 5 grams of net carbs per slice, this crust packs a lot of nutrition in a gluten-free option.

Vitamins and Minerals

Some of the key vitamins and minerals provided in a serving of the cauliflower crust include:

  • Vitamin C: 12% Daily Value
  • Vitamin K: 14% DV
  • Folate: 10% DV
  • Potassium: 3% DV
  • Phosphorous: 4% DV

Vitamin C, vitamin K, and folate are all nutrients that many Americans fall short on in their diets. The inclusion of cauliflower helps this crust to be a good source for these important vitamins and minerals.

Benefits of Specific Ingredients

When looking at the ingredients that make up MOD’s cauliflower crust, some of the highlights include:

  • Cauliflower – Low in calories and carbs with high fiber and nutrients
  • Eggs – Provide protein and binding properties
  • Cheese – Adds calcium, protein, and savory flavor
  • Garlic powder and onion powder – Boost flavor without added salt or fat
  • Oregano and basil – Antioxidants and phytonutrients from these Italian herbs

Together, these plant-based, protein-rich, and flavor-packed ingredients create a balanced nutritional profile for the cauliflower pizza crust.

Preparation Process for MOD’s Cauliflower Crust

Creating a pizza crust from cauliflower takes a specific preparation process. Here are the steps that MOD pizza uses to turn fresh cauliflower into their gluten-free crust:

  1. Wash and rice the cauliflower to create small, rice-sized cauliflower pieces.
  2. Place riced cauliflower into a food processor along with eggs, water, and seasonings. Pulse to finely chop and combine.
  3. Add in shredded parmesan cheese and continue processing until the mixture starts to hold together.
  4. Transfer mixture to a parchment-lined pan and press into a crust shape.
  5. Bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes as a pre-bake to start forming the crust.
  6. Cool slightly, then top with sauce and other pizza toppings as desired.
  7. Finish baking the pizza at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for another 5-10 minutes until toppings are hot and cheese is melted.
  8. Slice and serve the cauliflower crust pizza hot!

It takes a little bit of preparation, but the pre-baking step is crucial for getting the right crispiness in the crust before adding toppings.

Where to Buy MOD’s Cauliflower Pizza Crust

If you want to enjoy the taste and nutrition of MOD pizza’s cauliflower crust, you have a couple options:

Order a Cauliflower Crust Pizza from MOD

The easiest way is to visit your local MOD Pizza location and order a custom pizza on their cauliflower crust. You can choose from any of their 30+ toppings to create your own pizza combination.

Use the MOD Pizza restaurant locator to find a location near you. Then stop in and enjoy a hot, fresh cauliflower crust pizza straight from the oven.

Purchase Pre-Made Cauliflower Crusts from MOD

MOD also makes their cauliflower pizza crust available for purchase pre-made in select grocery stores. You can find and buy packages of 1-2 pre-made cauliflower crusts from MOD Pizza in the frozen food aisle of these grocery chains:

  • Fred Meyer
  • Kroger
  • Ralphs
  • King Soopers
  • Fry’s Food Stores
  • Smith’s Food and Drug
  • Roundy’s
  • Harris Teeter
  • Some Whole Foods Market locations

Check the availability in your area by contacting your local stores. Then you can purchase the pre-made crusts to bake fresh pizzas at home.

How MOD’s Cauliflower Crust Stacks Up

MOD pizza was one of the early adopters of cauliflower pizza crust on a larger commercial scale. How does their version compare to other cauliflower crusts on the market?


MOD’s cauliflower crust is lower in calories, carbohydrates, and sodium compared to some other popular brands like Cali’flour Foods. It has fewer ingredients and no added gums or starches.


Reviews praise the great flavor balance of MOD’s crust and how its toppings, sauce, and seasoning also enhance the cauliflower taste. The pre-baking makes it crispier than some other raw, veggie-based crusts.


MOD nails the balance of a tender, chewy interior and crispy edged with their cauliflower pizza crust. The addition of cheese and eggs creates a good consistency compared to just pressed cauliflower.


MOD’s crust has the classic thin, flat pizza profile. The golden-brown par-baked crust with toppings looks like a restaurant-quality pizza, not a weird veggie imposter.


As a national pizza chain, MOD is able to offer their cauliflower crust very affordably. Pricing is in line with other pizza places for either individual orders or pre-made crusts at grocery stores.

Overall, MOD offers an excellent gluten-free, cauliflower-based pizza crust option that stacks up very well compared to competitors.

Benefits of Choosing Cauliflower Crust

Why should you consider trying MOD pizza’s cauliflower crust or cauliflower pizza crust in general? Here are some of the benefits:


The biggest benefit is that cauliflower crust is completely gluten-free. For people with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, or those avoiding gluten, cauliflower crust finally allows pizza to be on the menu!

Nutritional Upgrade

Swapping out traditional pizza crust for a veggie-based cauliflower crust significantly improves the nutrition of pizza. It adds nutrients and fiber while lowering calories, carbs, and sodium.

Low Carb

For low-carb, keto, and other diet plans focused on cutting carbs and adding more vegetables, cauliflower crust is an excellent substitute for regular crust.

Satisfying Flavor and Texture

Well-made cauliflower crust like MOD’s perfectly replaces dough with a tender, slightly chewy interior and crisp exterior that satisfies pizza cravings.

Creative Pizza Topping Options

Having a veggie base allows for more creativity with fun, healthy toppings. You can load cauliflower pizza with veggies without it getting soggy.

Tips for Enjoying MOD’s Cauliflower Crust

Want your MOD cauliflower pizza to taste amazing? Keep these tips in mind:

  • Ask for extra sauce and seasoning to add moisture and flavor to the crust.
  • Load it up with your favorite toppings, especially veggies that won’t make dough soggy.
  • Add some thickness with ricotta or alfredo sauce.
  • Pair it with a salad for a filling, balanced gluten-free meal.
  • Take it to go and eat immediately for that hot, right-out-of-the-oven crispness.

With smart customizations and toppings, you can make MOD’s cauliflower crust shine as the perfect gluten-free pizza base.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MOD’s cauliflower crust vegan?

No, MOD’s cauliflower crust is not vegan because it contains both parmesan cheese made from milk and eggs as key ingredients. For a vegan cauliflower pizza crust option, you would need to look for a different restaurant or brand.

Is MOD’s cauliflower crust keto-friendly?

MOD’s cauliflower crust can fit into a keto diet plan, depending on the toppings you choose. With only 5g net carbs per slice, it is significantly lower in carbs than regular pizza crust. Load your pizza up with keto-approved meats, cheeses, and veggies for a keto cauliflower pizza.

Is MOD’s cauliflower crust organic?

MOD’s cauliflower crust is not made from certified organic ingredients. However, their cauliflower and many other ingredients are responsibly sourced. The crust is non-GMO and free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

Does MOD’s cauliflower crust taste like regular pizza crust?

MOD has put a lot of effort into making their cauliflower crust taste amazing in its own right, not try to mimic regular dough exactly. The crust has a tender, lightly chewy texture with nice crispness on the exterior. The flavor is enhanced by cheese, eggs, seasonings, and toppings.


MOD Pizza provides an excellent cauliflower-based crust option that delivers on taste and nutrition in every bite. By starting with fresh riced cauliflower and adding simple, high-quality ingredients like eggs and cheese, they have developed a gluten-free pizza crust with all the qualities you want – crispiness, chewiness, structure, and delicious flavor.

Loaded up with your favorite toppings, MOD’s cauliflower crust gives you a healthy, satisfying pizza experience. If you have dietary restrictions, are cutting carbs, or just want to sneak more veggies into your pizza, then this crust is a game-changer.

Next time you are craving fresh pizza, look for MOD Pizza and their cauliflower crust on the menu. Or pick some up pre-made at your local grocery store for DIY pizza night. With the right preparation and toppings, MOD’s cauliflower crust lets you enjoy deliciously guilt-free pizza!