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What candy do Aries like?

Aries are born between March 21st and April 19th. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries are bold leaders who love adventure. Their fiery personalities mean they crave excitement and enjoy experiences that provide a rush of energy. This carries over into their candy preferences as well.

Quick Answer: Spicy and Sour Candies

In general, Aries tend to enjoy intense, stimulating flavors when it comes to candy. Their daring nature makes them likely to enjoy candies with some kick to them, like extra spicy or extra sour varieties.

Candy Preferences by Aries Personality Traits

To understand why Aries may gravitate towards certain candy flavors, it helps to look at some of their defining personality traits:

  • Adventurous – Aries love to try new things. They are likely to sample unique or experimental candy flavors.
  • Competitive – Aries enjoy the excitement of competition. They may enjoy candies that provide a competitive challenge, like seeing who can handle the most heat or sourness.
  • Impatient – Aries tend to get bored easily. They prefer intense, exciting candies that provide immediate stimulation.
  • Bold – Aries are not afraid to make a statement. They may enjoy candies with bold or controversial flavors.
  • Confident – Aries believe in themselves and their abilities. They are not deterred by candies with warnings about extreme sourness or spiciness.

With these traits in mind, let’s look at some specific candy types Aries are likely to enjoy based on their adventurous palates and thirst for excitement.

Spicy Candies

Spicy candies pack some punch and deliver an intense flavor experience. The heat and tingling sensation they provide is sure to delight a bold Aries. Here are some spicy candy options Aries are likely to enjoy:

  • Chili pepper candies – These candies are made with extracts of hot peppers like habanero or ghost pepper and provide a blast of heat.
  • Cinnamon candies – The warming sensation of cinnamon makes these popular spicy picks.
  • Wasabi candies – Real wasabi root gives these candies their sinus-clearing spiciness.
  • Flamin’ Hot chews – Spicy versions of classic chewy candies appeal to those who crave heat.
  • Spicy suckers – Lollipops featuring chili pepper or cinnamon oil offer a tongue-tingling treat.

For Aries who really want to turn up the heat, there are also extra-spicy candy challenges they can take on to test their limits. These include products like Toxic Waste candies or Paqui One Chip Challenge chips.

Sour Candies

The intense tartness of sour candy also appeals to the Aries desire for excitement. Sour candies send shivers through the mouth and get the salivary glands working overtime. Here are some favorite sour choices for Aries:

  • Warheads – These mini sour bombs provide an extreme mouth-puckering experience.
  • Sour Patch Kids – A classic sour candy perfect for Aries who crave sweet and sour flavor contrasts.
  • Toxic Waste Hazardously Sour Candy – With warnings on the label about the extreme sourness, these appeal to daring Aries.
  • Lemonhead candies – Made with real lemon juice, these deliver a powerful sour punch.
  • Sour Power Straws – Long straws with sour sugar coating let Aries enjoy extended intense sourness.

Aries competitive nature means they may enjoy sour candy challenges with friends to see who can endure the tartness the longest. No sour candy is usually too tart for an adventurous Aries!

Fizzy and Effervescent Candies

Aries desire excitement also draws them to candies that pop, fizz and crackle. The carbonation and effervescence provide a fun, stimulating experience for them. Some fizzy candies an Aries is sure to enjoy include:

  • Pop Rocks – These little rocks of candy snap, crackle and pop in the mouth for a unique experience.
  • Candy necklaces – Chewing the little candies off the necklace creates fizzing and popping.
  • Astronaut Freeze Dried Ice Cream – These rehydrating candies fizz and dissolve on the tongue.
  • Fizzy fruit chews – Chewy candy with added carbonation for fun bubbles and air pockets that pop.
  • Lemonheads Xtreme Sours – These especially tangy lemon candies also pop and fizz.

The sensation from the bubbles and fizziness gives Aries an excited rush of energy they crave. The novelty of the textures and effects makes these candies interesting to thrill-seeking Aries.

Novelty and Unique Flavor Candies

As one of the most adventurous zodiac signs, Aries also appreciate candies with novel shapes, textures and flavors. The unique qualities appeal to their daring side. Some examples include:

  • Unusual shaped lollipops – Like lollipops shaped like animals or objects.
  • Foreign candies – Such as unique Asian or Latin American candies.
  • Bacon candy – Candy with a smoky, savory bacon flavor.
  • Candy sushi – Whimsical candy with a sushi motif and unusual flavors.
  • Dirt and worms candy – Candy made to look like dirt with gummy worms, which some may find gross or daring.

Aries are always up to try innovative candies, even if the flavors seem weird or intense. They enjoy the novelty factor and sense of adventure.

Nostalgic Candies

While they do enjoy new experiences, Aries are still suckers for nostalgic candies that remind them of their childhood. Here are some nostalgic treats an Aries is sure to love:

  • Candy necklaces – Wearable candy is full of childhood nostalgia.
  • Pop Rocks – These snapping and cracking candies have been popular for decades.
  • PEZ – Who doesn’t love PEZ dispensers and candy?
  • Candy cigarettes – Mostly discontinued now, but a retro favorite.
  • Razzles – The classic candy that starts as a candy then turns into gum takes you back.
  • Zotz – Fizzy candy with nostalgic packaging recalls being a kid.

While Aries do love what’s new, reminders of the past bring out their sentimental side too. Nostalgic candies satisfy their cravings for childlike fun.

Candy Shopping Tips for Aries

When shopping for candies to delight an Aries, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Check out international candy aisles for new and different global treats.
  • Look for candy pick-and-mix stations to make custom assorted bags.
  • Read labels for warnings about extreme sourness or spice to find intense candies.
  • Browse online candy boutiques for truly unique and novel flavors.
  • Don’t be afraid to try making some candies at home for personalized flavors.
  • Consider subscription candy boxes to receive an assortment of fun candies monthly.

With an adventurous Aries, almost any new candy experience is worth trying. Keep an eye out for limited edition and seasonal candies too for new flavors to sample.

Perfect Candy Gifts for Aries

Want to gift candies to your Aries friends? Here are some tailored candy gift ideas:

  • Spicy candy sampler – Try a gift box with an assortment of spicy candies to delight their fiery tastebuds.
  • Sour candy challenge – Gift a few extra strong sour candies and make it a competition to see who can handle the extreme tartness.
  • Bacon candy – For the Aries who loves savory flavors, bacon candy is sure to astound.
  • Exotic candy flight – Offer a tasting flight of candies from around the world, like dragonfruit candy or lychee gummies.
  • Nostalgic favorites – Gift a few retro candy classics like candy necklaces, Pop Rocks, or candy Lip Smackers.
  • Candy of the month club – Give 3, 6, or 12 months of monthly candy boxes tailored to their adventurous tastes.

Gifts that include a touch of novelty, competition or spice are perfect for an excitable Aries. It shows you put thought into finding candies that align with their bold personality.


When it comes to candy for Aries zodiac signs, the key is to look for intense and exciting flavors. Their fiery personalities mean they are drawn to spicy, sour, or novel candies that provide a rush of sensation. Fizzy and nostalgic candies also appeal to their childlike sense of fun. Gift an Aries friend exciting new candies to sample or spicy challengers and you are sure to delight their adventurous tastebuds!