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What chips go best with pulled pork sandwiches?

Pulled pork sandwiches are a classic barbecue meal. The tender, flavorful pork is the star of the sandwich, but the perfect side dish can take it to the next level. Choosing the right chips to serve alongside pulled pork sandwiches is important to complement the savory pork flavor. The crunch and seasoning of chips adds texture and flavor contrast. With so many options, from plain potato chips to spicy chips and more, it can be difficult to settle on the perfect match. In this article, we’ll explore different types of chips and make recommendations for the best pairings with pulled pork sandwiches.

Potato Chips

Potato chips are a classic choice to serve with any sandwich. Their salty flavor and crunchy texture make them a crowd-pleasing option. Plain potato chips are a safe bet that will go well with pulled pork. They provide a neutral base that won’t compete with the pork for flavor. Look for kettle cooked potato chips without too much additional seasoning. These crisp chips have a homemade taste and just enough salt to complement the pork.

Barbecue flavored potato chips are another excellent option for pulled pork sandwiches. The sweet and smoky seasoning mimics the flavors you find in good barbecue. BBQ chips like Lay’s and Utz capture that charred, saucy flavor profile that pairs perfectly with tender pulled pork doused in your favorite barbecue sauce. The combination takes you straight to backyard barbecue bliss.

Other Potato Chip Flavors

While plain and barbecue are can’t-miss choices, other potato chip flavors can also make great partners for pulled pork sandwiches. Salt and vinegar chips have a tangy taste that cuts through the richness of the pork. Look for kettle chips with lots of potato flavor in addition to vinegar tang. Spicy chips like jalapeño or chili lime also pair well with rich pork. They provide a flavor kick that contrasts with the smoky meat. Try brands like Herr’s,Dirty’s or Kettle Brand for flavored chips with high quality potato flavor instead of just chemical taste.

Corn and Vegetable Chips

Corn chips and other vegetable-based chips offer great crunch and flavor variety compared to regular potato chips. Classic corn chips have a mild flavor, hardy crunch and hint of toasted corn taste that complements barbecue pulled pork sandwiches. Look for corn chips fried in healthy oils, without a lot of extra seasoning or chemical aftertaste. Brands like Food Should Taste Good make excellent light yellow corn chips cooked in sunflower oil.

For a spinach and artichoke flavor twist, try spinach or sweet potato chips with your pulled pork. Spinach offers an earthy flavor, while sweet potato has a hearty texture and hint of sweetness. Terra brand makes tasty vegetable chips cooked in olive oil, including sweet potato and spinach flavors.

Boldly Flavored Veggie Chips

If you want bolder flavor from your vegetable chips, there are lots of dynamic options. Beet chips deliver earthiness, while beans and legumes like lentils or black beans have a nutty flavor. Green pea and garbanzo bean chips offer a complex, savory taste. Look for Grain Foods brand crunchy chickpea chips or Beanitos for substantial bean chip flavors. For spicy heat, black bean and habanero or ghost pepper chips can stand up to the richness of the pork.

Pita and Other Unique Chips

For a break from potato and corn chips, consider a different crunchy offering like pita or flatbread chips. These provide a multilayered, flaky texture that pairs nicely with shredded barbecue meat. Flavors like garlic parmesan or sea salt suit the bold pork flavor. Stacy’s brand makes crunchy pita chips in a variety of seasonings. Pretzel chips are another fun alternative, with a hefty crunch and toasted, buttery taste.

Rice crackers and crisps lend a satisfying crunch with less oil than fried chips. Quaker makes rice crisps in flavors like buttered popcorn that kids will love alongside barbecue pork sandwiches. For an upscale twist, terra chip brand offers vegetable crackers made from spinach, sweet potato, and more.

Restaurant-Style Chips

If you want to recreate the taste of pulled pork sandwiches from your favorite restaurant, serve lay’s restaurant style chips. These crinkle-cut fries have a thick potato flavor similar to the fries served at many barbecue joints. The crisp ridges hold onto pork juices and sauce for finger-licking delight. You can’t go wrong pairing these substantial chips with your homemade pulled pork sandwiches.

Best Chip Types for Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Chip Type Key Features
Plain potato chips Neutral flavor, classic crunchy texture
BBQ flavored chips Sweet and smoky seasoning complements pork
Salt and vinegar chips Tangy taste cuts through rich pork
Spicy chips Jalapeño, chili or habanero spice contrasts pork flavor
Corn chips Mild, toasted corn flavor; hearty crunch
Vegetable chips Spinach, sweet potato, beet and other veggie flavors
Pita chips Flaky, multilayered texture
Restaurant style chips Mimics flavor of barbecue joint fries

Pairing Tips

Now that we’ve covered plenty of mouthwatering chip options, here are some handy tips for pairing chips with your pulled pork sandwiches:

  • Match chip texture to pork texture – tender pork goes well with thin, crunchy chips. For pork with more chew, choose a hearty chip.
  • Contrast flavors – bright, vinegar-based chips offset smoky, sweet barbecue sauce.
  • Complement flavors – choose barbecue-seasoned chips to enhance the pork’s flavor.
  • Vary textures – crunchy chips one day, pretzels or crackers the next.
  • Let kids pick – fun options like crispy Cheetos or rice crisps make for happy eaters.
  • Go classic – you really can’t fail with plain potato chips and pulled pork sandwiches.


Pulled pork sandwiches deserve an equally delicious sidekick. Chips provide crunch, flavor and fun. Plain potato chips work as a neutral base, while barbecue, salt and vinegar and spicy chips enhance different elements of the pork’s flavor. For more variety, try corn, vegetable, pita and restaurant-style chips. Matching textures and flavors is key to finding your perfect chip and pork pair. With so many outstanding options, you may need to try a few combinations to settle on your signature chip side for pulled pork sandwiches.