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What color goes with salmon color?

Salmon is a beautiful pinkish-orange color that can be tricky to pair with other colors. Finding the right color combinations is important for fashion, interior decorating, graphic design, and more. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the best colors that go with salmon and provide color combination ideas and visual examples.

Quick Answers

Here are quick answers to common questions about what colors pair well with salmon:

  • White – A crisp, clean pairing that creates a summery look.
  • Beige and other neutrals – Sophisticated and elegant.
  • Black – Striking high contrast combination.
  • Navy – Nautical vibe.
  • Light blue – Fresh and icy.
  • Greens – Earthy with a pop of color.
  • Coral – Vibrant and energetic complement.
  • Purples – Royalty-inspired blend.

Salmon Color Overview

Before exploring the top color pairings, let’s look at what exactly salmon color is. Salmon sits in the orange-pink family. It is lighter and more pink than true orange and has a warm, inviting glow. Salmon takes its name from the pink-orange hue of salmon flesh. It is sometimes called “salmon pink.”

There are a few shades of salmon, from peachy orange leaning colors to more pinkish hues. When evaluating salmon color combinations, it helps to think about the exact shade you are working with. More orangey salmons pair well with darker colors like navy or brown. Pinker salmons look beautiful with light neutrals and pastels.

Colors That Go with Salmon


Crisp white is one of the most popular colors to pair with salmon. It lightens up the salmon hue and gives it a summery, nautical vibe. White also illuminates and brightens salmon so it feels cheerful and optimistic.

White and salmon work wonderfully together in fashion. A salmon dress or blouse with white pants or skirt looks elegant. Accessories like white hats, belts, or shoes also complement a salmon outfit. For interiors, white walls, furniture and decor allow salmon accents to pop. You can also pair white dishes or flowers with salmon-colored details.

Beige and Neutrals

Natural beige and other neutral shades like cream, tan and light brown also combine beautifully with salmon. Neutrals create an elegant, sophisticated look when paired with salmon. The neutral backdrop allows the salmon color to shine.

Pair a salmon dress or top with beige pants or skirt for an easy weekday work outfit. Use beige upholstery and decor with salmon accents in a living room or bedroom. Metallics like gold, silver and bronze can also enhance salmon shades in fashion accessories or home decor.

Neutral Color Pairing Style
Cream Feminine and soft
Tan Warm and earthy
Light brown Classic and grounded
Gold Luxurious and shimmery


For high contrast drama, black is a top choice with salmon. The interplay between dark black and vivid salmon is bold and eye-catching. Black brings depth and weight to balance out light and bright salmon tones.

In fashion, pair a black pencil skirt, pants or jacket with a salmon top for office-ready style. Black heels, purses and other accessories also pop against salmon clothing. Use black frames, vases, throw pillows or other accents to make salmon walls or furniture stand out in interiors.

Navy Blue

Classic navy blue is another excellent salmon pairing. Navy and salmon is a nautical-inspired combination that is perfect for summer. Navy lightens up salmon shades and draws out their orange undertones.

Salmon pants or skirt with a navy top is sharp and polished. Salmon dresses or shirts also look great with a navy blazer or cardigan on top. For interiors, use navy dining chairs, throw blankets or other details to accent walls, furniture or decor in shades of salmon.

Light Blue

Soft pastel blues complement salmon beautifully. Light blue has a peaceful, ethereal effect that freshens up salmon’s warmth. Choosing a blue with pink or purple undertones rather than green undertones creates the most pleasing blend with salmon.

Pair a salmon suit or dress with a powder blue blouse or accessory for an elegant daytime look. In interiors, robin’s egg blue walls or decor items allow salmon furniture or art to stand out while also blending harmoniously together.


Greens are an unexpected but lovely pairing with salmon. Green creates an earthy, natural feel when combined with radiant salmon. Opt for soft, light shades like sage rather than darker intense greens.

Salmon tops or dresses are gorgeous with emerald, mint or seafoam green pants, skirts or jackets. Incorporate mossy green decor elements like pillows, vases or tiles to add an organic touch to salmon-hued spaces.


Vibrant coral naturally complements its pink-orange cousin salmon. When you pair salmon and coral together, the overall look is energetic, cheerful and tropical. Choose a coral with slightly more red undertones to contrast with salmon’s orange leanings.

A coral blazer over a salmon dress or top creates fun colorblocking for spring and summer outfits. Use coral artwork, rugs or flowers to inject a bright pop of color into salmon painted rooms.


Rich purple hues blend elegantly with salmon to create regal, stylish combinations. Lavender, lilac and plum purple pair nicely with light peachy-pink salmons. Deeper wines and eggplants complement more orangey salmon shades.

A salmon skirt or pantsuit with a purple blouse is a refined option for the office. In interiors, blend salmon walls with eggplant furniture or use lavender candles and decor to accent salmon couches or bedrooms.


Punchy reds lend excitement and drama when combined thoughtfully with salmon. Stick to berry reds rather than primary reds, which can sometimes clash. Red pulls out the orangey side of salmon shades for bold, festive appeal.

Pair a salmon dress with matching red heels or handbag for a night out. Use rich red throw blankets or pillows to enhance salmon living room furniture. Reds with a slight purple lean work best to harmonize with salmon.


Peach may seem an obvious pairing for salmon, but the duo is so pretty it’s worth mentioning. Peach pulls out the melon undertones of light, pink-leaning salmon shades. The overall effect is delicate, sweet and romantic.

A peach skirt with a salmon top is a cute spring outfit. Blend peach and salmon in bedroom decor for a peaceful retreat. Stick to soft colors rather than bright oranges for the most pleasing blend.

Colors to Avoid with Salmon

While many colors complement salmon beautifully, a few hues tend to clash and it’s best to avoid them:

  • Bright primary yellow – Can look jarring and odd with salmon.
  • Lime green – Creates too much contrast.
  • Turquoise – Usually a mismatch with salmon’s warmth.
  • Primary red – Clashes with salmon’s orange tones.
  • Burgundy – Overwhelms and muddies salmon.

Stick to softer shades of these colors or colors with more subtle complexities like gold, sage, plum, and berry if you want to get creative while still harmonizing with salmon.

Salmon Color Combinations

Salmon and White

Crisp white and vivid salmon is one of the top pairings. Use white walls, furniture or decor to make the salmon details pop. White reflects light and brightens up the salmon shades.

Salmon and Beige

Earthy beige allows subtle salmon accents to stand out and adds elegant sophistication. Pair a salmon dress with beige heels for effortless style.

Salmon and Navy

Nautical salmon and navy blue is a fresh combo perfect for summer. Navy lightens up the salmon and brings out its vibrant glow. Use navy dining chairs to accent salmon walls.

Salmon and Light Blue

Soft robin’s egg or periwinkle blue creates an ethereal, peaceful vibe when blended with warm salmon. Light blue freshens salmon shades for a vibrant yet soothing look.

Salmon and Green

Mossy greens add organic flair to radiant salmon. Pair a salmon skirt with an emerald top for an unexpected color combination. Sage green pillows can enhance a salmon couch.

Salmon and Coral

Playful and bright, coral and salmon were made for each other. Coral pumps up salmon’s energy and tropical appeal. Use in fun, youthful decor.

Salmon and Purple

Rich eggplant or lavender purple and salmon is a regal combination. Purple adds depth and interest to bright salmon. Salmon shirts pop against dark purple pants.

Salmon and Peach

Peach pulls out the melon hues of soft pink salmon for a delicate look. Blend the two colors in a romantic bedroom retreat. Peach heels stand out against a salmon sheath dress.

Interior Design Ideas with Salmon

Salmon is a versatile color for interior decorating. Here are some inspiring ways to use salmon hues in your home:

Salmon Accent Wall

Paint one wall in a room salmon to make it a focal point. Use surrounding white walls and trim to frame the salmon wall. Add navy blue curtains or dark wood furniture to contrast with the bright wall color.

Salmon Couch

A salmon couch immediately injects warmth and personality into a room. Pair with white and beige accessories for a clean and elegant feel. Metallic throw pillows and navy or emerald rug also pop against a salmon sofa.

Salmon Bedroom

Salmon is a soothing and romantic bedroom color. Paint the walls a soft peach-salmon and use crisp white bedding. Add accents like silver mirrors, lavender art and peach curtains for harmony.

Salmon Kitchen Accessories

Cheerful touches of salmon energize an all-white kitchen. Use salmon dish towels, utensil holders, coffee mugs and organizers for a pop of color. Salmon glassware also looks beautiful on white shelving or countertops.

Salmon Dining Chairs

Make salmon the star in your dining nook with salmon upholstered chairs. Surround them with neutral walls, table and flooring. Salmon chairs make great contrast against navy or black dining tables.

Salmon Front Door

Welcome guests with a vibrant salmon front door. For tropical appeal, pair with white trim. For elegance, surround with black door frames. Add a wreath in a coordinating color like peach or emerald.

Fashion Looks with Salmon

From dresses to blazers, here are fashionable ways to rock salmon colors:

Salmon Sundress

A breezy salmon sundress epitomizes spring and summer style. Pair with white sandals and hat for a crisp nautical vibe. Salmon dresses also look beautiful with brown belt and booties.

Salmon Skirt

Make a statement with a vivid salmon skirt for the office or a night out. Balance the brightness with a neutral beige or black top. Metallic shoes pull the look together.

Salmon Blazer

A perfectly tailored salmon blazer is a versatile wardrobe staple. Dress it up with navy trousers and silky camisole. Go casual with white jeans. Layer over LBDs in the evenings.

Salmon Heels

No outfit is complete without the perfect shoes. Bring in salmon with strappy heels. Pair with LBDs, jumpsuits, or dresses in any color. Salmon shoes add that finishing pop.

Salmon Purse

Make salmon the focal point of your accessories with a chic salmon purse. Totes, satchels and clutches are all runway-worthy in vivid salmon leather. Match with salmon heels or let the bag stand alone.

Graphic Design with Salmon

Salmon can be used creatively in graphic design as well. Here are some ideas for incorporating salmon colors:

Salmon Packaging

Stand out with custom salmon packaging for your product. White, black or navy accents make the salmon pop. Salmon gift boxes and shopping bags create excitement.

Salmon Logo

Vibrant salmon conveys energy in a brand logo. Pair with a neutral name in white or black font. Salmon works for fashion, beauty, tech, hospitality and more.

Salmon Website

Salmon websites feel warm, inviting and energetic. Use as a homepage background or for call-to-action buttons. Surround with plenty of white space for balance.

Salmon Typography

Inject headings, titles and other typography with eye-catching salmon. Allow plenty of margin around salmon text. Pair with body copy in dark charcoal gray.

Salmon Overlays

Semi-transparent salmon overlays are a creative way to add color to photos. The salmon tint warms up image backgrounds. Use on product photos and lifestyle imagery.


With its warm, energetic glow, salmon is a versatile color that pairs beautifully with many shades. Clean white, elegant neutrals, contrasting navy and black, light blue, fresh greens, vibrant coral and purple and romantic peach all harmonize wonderfully with various salmon hues.

Use these color combinations creatively for fashion, interior design, graphic design and more. Avoid clashes with bright primary colors. Salmon infuses any project or outfit with its cheerful, uplifting spirit.