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What colors to wear to a Hindu wedding?

Attending a Hindu wedding can be an exciting cultural experience. However, choosing what to wear can be tricky, especially if you are not familiar with the customs and traditions around Hindu wedding attire. Certain colors hold significance in Hinduism and are preferred for weddings. Understanding what these colors signify and which ones are most appropriate can help ensure you pick an outfit that is both respectful and beautiful.

Why are colors important at Hindu weddings?

Colors play an extremely important role in Hinduism. Each color has symbolic meaning and significance. Wearing certain hues is thought to bring good luck, prosperity and positivity. At weddings specifically, color is used to represent fertility, creativity and new beginnings. Brides traditionally wear red, the color of love and fertility. Bridesmaids and female guests choose outfits in colors like pinks, oranges, purples and golds to complement the bride. Meanwhile, grooms and male guests stick to more muted and neutral tones. Following these color guidelines shows respect for the couple getting married and the Hindu traditions around marriage.

What colors should female guests avoid?

When choosing an outfit for a Hindu wedding, female guests should avoid colors like black, white and blue. Here is a bit more about why these colors are not recommended:

  • Black: In Hinduism, black represents inauspiciousness and is worn at funerals. It should be avoided for any celebrations.
  • White: Traditionally, white is reserved for the bride only. Female guests wearing white could be seen as inappropriate.
  • Blue: Blue represents Lord Krishna. Since Krishna is central to the wedding, blue should be avoided by guests.

Sticking to bright, jewel tones is your best bet. Colors like royal blue, navy, dark brown, and olive green should also generally be avoided as they are too muted for a Hindu wedding.

What colors are best for female guests?

When in doubt, female guests can never go wrong with wearing Indian clothing in these classic Hindu wedding hues:

  • Reds: Red is the most popular color for Hindu brides. Female guests can embrace reds from bold hues to deeper maroons.
  • Pinks: From blush to fuchsia, pinks represent new life and creativity. They are great for wedding guests.
  • Oranges: Bright oranges and peaches represent fertility and sacred purity.
  • Gold: The color of wealth, prosperity and light, metallic gold is a perfect Hindu wedding shade.
  • Purples: Regal purples in both lighter and bolder shades suit Hindu wedding attire.
  • Yellows: Yellow symbolizes knowledge and happiness, making it an upbeat wedding color.

Traditional Indian outfits like saris and lehengas are available in a rainbow of these color options. Choosing any vibrant shade of red, pink, orange, yellow, gold or purple is sure to make a stylish statement.

What colors should male guests wear?

Men attending a Hindu wedding typically wear more subdued colors than women. Here are some safe, appropriate colors for male guests:

  • Neutrals: Stick to neutral tones like blacks, grays, browns and tans which are formal and understated.
  • Whites: Crisp white shirts or kurtas paired with neutral pants or dhotis are ideal.
  • Blues: While women avoid blue, men can wear darker navy or royal blue suits or shirts.
  • Greens: Emerald, sage or olive green shirts or Nehru jackets work well.

Male guests should stay away from brighter reds, oranges, purples and pinks. Black is fine for men, but not a solid black suit which is too somber. Instead, pair black with other colors or textures. Above all, avoid wearing white head to toe which is reserved for the groom.

More tips for choosing wedding colors

Keep these additional pointers in mind when selecting an outfit:

  • Prioritize wearing traditional Indian clothing like saris, lehengas, kurtas and dhotis.
  • Look for rich fabrics and ornate embroidery, beadwork and embellishments.
  • If wearing Western styles, focus on bold colors and prints or metallics.
  • Avoid wearing sleeveless, strapless or backless styles and short hemlines.
  • Don’t hesitate to wear multiple colors by layering a bright dupatta over a lehenga.
  • Accessories like bangles, earrings and hairpieces should coordinate color-wise.

What to wear based on time of day

Hindu weddings often follow a multi-day schedule with different events and celebrations. What you wear can vary slightly depending on the specific ceremony:

Event Recommended Colors
Sangeet/Mehendi Bold, vibrant colors like fuchsia, gold, ruby red, emerald
Hindu Ceremony Red, pink, purple for women; white, neutral and blue for men
Reception Darker elegant colors like purple, navy, forest green, metallics

The most formal rituals call for traditional hues and styles. The sangeet and reception allow slightly more versatility to wear colorful prints, patterns and accessories. Just maintain a respectful length and silhouette.

What colors should guests avoid?

To summarize, here are the main colors Hindu wedding guests should avoid:

  • Solid black or dark brown
  • Solid bright white
  • Solid blue
  • Pale or washed out colors

Stick to these guidelines out of respect for traditions. The vibrant reds, golds, oranges and pinks you wear will show the marrying couple your wish for their prosperous future together.

What to wear if you are attending the wedding ceremony only?

If you are invited to just the main wedding ceremony itself, follow these color guidelines:

For female guests:

  • Opt for a red, pink or purple sari or lehenga
  • Choose a gold or yellow sari for an auspicious and sunny look
  • Wear a silk sari with extensive embroidery or accents
  • Accessories in gemstone shades like emerald, ruby and sapphire

For male guests:

  • Crisp white kurta pyjama, churidar or achkan jacket
  • Royal blue or purple Nehru jacket with white kurta
  • Tan, gray or black suit with subtle patterns or texture
  • Gold accessories like cufflinks, pocket square or tie

Dressing more traditionally for the ceremony shows your respect. You want the focus to remain on the bride and groom.


With color symbolizing so much in Hinduism, putting thought into your outfit hue for an Indian wedding is important. Now that you know which colors to embrace and avoid, you can confidently choose an outfit. Seek inspiration from bridal wear, keep silhouettes modest, and opt for rich fabrics. Reds, golds, oranges and pinks are sure to bring good luck and prosperity to the bride and groom. With an array of colors and lavish Indian styles to select from, you are bound to find the perfect festive look to wear to celebrate the happy couple.