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What defines pretty eyes?

Eyes are often called the windows to the soul – they are central to facial beauty and attractiveness. But what exactly makes an eye pretty or beautiful? There are a few key factors that define pretty eyes. These include the eye color, eye shape, lashes, and other facial features that complement the eyes. Let’s explore what makes eyes aesthetically pleasing.

Eye Color

The hue of the iris is one of the most defining features of an eye. Certain eye colors are considered more rare and thus prettier in many cultures.

Most attractive eye colors

Eye Color Rank
Green 1
Blue 2
Hazel 3
Brown 4
Gray 5

Green eyes are often considered the most attractive eye color, followed by blue. This may be because green and blue eyes are relatively rare compared to brown eyes. Only about 2% of the world’s population has green eyes and 8% has blue eyes. Their striking appearance makes them stand out.

Hazel eyes are also considered beautiful, as they have an intriguing mix of brown, green, and gold. Gray eyes are similarly appreciated for their unusual light hue. Even though brown is the most common eye color, different shades of brown can also be very pretty. Ultimately beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Eye Shape

The shape of the eye is equally important in defining prettiness. Some of the most admired eye shapes include:

Most attractive eye shapes

Eye Shape Description
Almond eyes Slightly elongated with an almond-like curvature
Doe eyes Large, round eyes that taper in the inner and outer corners
Cat eyes An upswept shape with a distinct feline tilt
Monolid eyes Upper eyelids without a crease

Almond-shaped eyes are universally flattering. The oval shape is subtly feminine and aesthetically proportional. Doe eyes have an innocent, delicate beauty. Cat eyes are dramatic and sultry. Monolid eyes are prized in many Asian cultures for their striking appearance. The ideal eye shape often depends on cultural and individual preferences. But balanced eyes with clearly defined iris and pupils tend to be most attractive.


Full, long, dark eyelashes are considered a sign of beauty across cultures. Thick lashes frame the eyes, accentuate the shape, and make the whites of the eyes seem brighter by contrast. Long, curly lashes are especially admired.

Most attractive eyelash features

Eyelash trait Description
Fullness Having many lashes that are visibly dense
Length Long lashes that extend just past the eyelid
Darkness Very black or dark brown lashes
Curl A natural gentle curl upwards

Mascara, eyelash extensions, and eyelash perms are popular because they enhance these coveted traits. Fuller, longer, darker lashes make the eyes look larger, more youthful, and defined. A natural curl also lifts the eyes and opens up the gaze.


As the frame above the eyes, eyebrows also impact eye beauty. Ideal eyebrows are shaped and full. The arch, thickness, and symmetry create balance and emphasis.

Most attractive eyebrow features

Eyebrow trait Description
Arch A defined arched shape, peaking above the inner corners
Fullness Having visibly dense hair, but not overly thick
Thickness Neither thinly plucked nor excessively bushy
Symmetry Arched and shaped similarly on both sides

Groomed eyebrows with a noticeable, but natural-looking arch balance the eyes. The brows should align with the inner corners and frame the lids. Too thin or overly thick brows appear harsh and uneven.

Eye Health

Beyond color and shape, the health of the eyes also impacts beauty. Clear, bright eyes with thick moisturized skin around the eyes are most attractive. Signs of fatigue like dark under eye circles, wrinkles, swelling, redness, and drooping eyelids can age and detract from eye beauty. Youthful, vibrant, refreshed-looking eyes are ideal across age groups.

Most attractive eye health traits

Eye Health Trait Description
Whiteness Clear, bright, white eyes
Moisture Well-hydrated eyes free of dryness or redness
Openness Wide open, alert-looking eyes
Smoothness No wrinkles, sagging lids, or under eye bags

The sclera (whites of the eyes) should be bright and clear without red veins. The eye area skin should appear plump, smooth, and hydrated. Open eyes look youthful and engaged. Overall healthy eyes enhance facial symmetry and beauty.

How Different Eye Features Create an Ideal Eye

Now that we’ve looked at the main components – color, shape, lashes, brows, and health – how do they come together to create a beautiful eye?


A rare, vivid eye color like bright blue, green, or amber instantly grabs attention. Lighter eyes contrast elegantly against darker lashes and brows. Even warm brown eyes can reflect golden undertones that draw the gaze.


Almond, doe, and cat-shaped eyes with a crisp demarcation between iris and whites are most alluring. There should be no sagging or drooping distorting the shape. The eyes should also appear symmetrical and balanced.

Lashes and Brows

Thick, dark eyelashes along the upper and lower lash lines accentuate the shape. Groomed but full eyebrows frame the eyes at the ideal arched angle. The brows align vertically with the inner eye corners.


Eyes should look clear, refreshed, and open. There should be no squinting, dullness, or side-eye gaze. Direct eye contact draws others in.

Harmony With Other Features

The ideal eye beautifully contrasts with skin tone. Deep set eyes can add mystery. Prominent eyes balance a small nose or lips. Spaced wide apart, eyes add elegance. Overall facial proportions should complement the eyes.

How Eye Beautifiers Enhance Pretty Eyes

A range of cosmetic products and solutions can maximize the attractiveness of eyes. Here are some of the most popular ways to enhance eye beauty:


Expertly applied eyeliner enhances the shape of the eyes. Flicking up the liner at the outer corners creates a subtle cat eye lift. Dark eyeliner also makes light colored eyes stand out more.


Strategic use of eyeshadow can make eyes appear wider or deeper set. Lighter hues on the lids or inner corners create an opening effect. Metallic and shimmery shadows brighten eyes. Accent colors like purple or green make eye color pop.


Mascara darkens, volumizes, lengthens, and curls eyelashes to make eyes stand out. A few swipes along the top and bottom lashes completes the eye look. Waterproof mascara also holds the curl better.

Eyebrow Makeup

Filling, grooming, and defining the eyebrows framing the eyes pulls the whole look together. Eyebrow pencil, powder, wax, and tint all accentuate the brows.

Eyelash Extensions

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions enhance length, fullness, and curl without the need for mascara. Extensions make eyes look wider and lashes fuller 24/7.

Eyelash Serums

Conditioning eyelash serums like those containing prostaglandins or peptides help lashes grow longer and thicker over time. Less mascara or extensions are needed to accentuate eyes.

Eyelid Tape

Temporary eyelid tapes can crease or lift the eyelids to change the eye shape. Tapes create the illusion of larger, rounded doe eyes or an elongated almond shape.

How the Eyes Coordinate With Other Facial Features

The prettiest eyes complement the other facial features. Here’s how the eyes work in harmony with the surrounding face for maximum beauty.


Eyes positioned above a smaller, narrow nose can make the center of the face appear more petite and feminine. Smaller eyes balance a longer or wider nose.


High cheekbones draw attention upwards to the eyes. Full, rounded cheeks minimize the appearance of deep set eyes. Prominent eyes complement flatter or hollowed cheeks.


Thinner or smaller lips allow the eyes to claim center stage. Fuller lips balance out wider set or more deep set eyes. Medium sized lips and eyes create symmetry.


The eyebrows should harmonize with the eyes. Fuller brows provide balance above larger or wider set eyes. Thinner brows suit smaller or closer set eyes.


A softer jawline and chin draw less focus than a stronger jawline paired with prominent eyes. Stronger jaws and smaller eyes complement each other.

Face Shape

On an oval face, bold eyes elegantly contrast the face shape. Rounder, heart or diamond face shapes are balanced by more subtle eyes. Strong eyes enhance an oblong, square or triangle face.


Defining pretty eyes is a complex interplay between the eyes themselves and how they coordinate with other facial features. Eye color, shape, lashes, and brows play off each other to create an overall aesthetic balance. Proper application of cosmetics can further accentuate ideal traits. But the eyes must harmonize with the nose, cheeks, lips, jawline, brows and face shape as a whole. With so many variables, there is no single ideal – but many different appealing eye looks for individual faces. Ultimately the most beautiful eyes are healthy windows to the soul that draw others in with their unique glow.