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What did Shaq buy at Walmart for $70000?

Recently there have been rumors circulating that NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal spent $70,000 at a Walmart store, prompting questions about what he could have possibly purchased for that amount. As one of the most dominant players in basketball history, Shaq has built considerable wealth through savvy investments and endorsement deals since retiring from the sport. With a net worth estimated at over $400 million, he certainly has the means to spend lavishly from time to time. However, dropping $70,000 at Walmart seems excessive even for someone of Shaq’s means. So what exactly did he buy? Let’s take a closer look at the facts around this viral story.

Examining the Rumors

The original report of Shaq’s big spending spree came from a viral tweet posted in early October 2022. The tweet claimed Shaq was visiting a Walmart store in McDonough, Georgia when he decided to pay for everyone’s purchases in the store. According to the tweet, his total bill ended up being $70,000. Since being posted, the story has spread rapidly online, with many people speculating about what Shaq could have bought to rack up such a large tab. However, there are several reasons to be skeptical about the tweet’s claims.

First, there has been no confirmation from Shaq himself that this story is true. With such a viral rumor circulating, you would expect him to verify it if it actually happened. Second, the original poster provided no evidence to back up their claim. No photos or videos have surfaced of Shaq at this Walmart location dropping $70,000. And no local news outlets or eyewitnesses have corroborated the spending spree.

So without any solid proof, it seems unlikely that Shaq truly spent this amount at a Georgia Walmart. But even if the story turns out to be false, it has certainly captured people’s imagination about what someone could hypothetically buy for that much at the popular retail chain.

What You Can Buy at Walmart for $70,000

While Shaq probably didn’t really spend this amount, it’s still interesting to consider what you could buy for $70,000 at Walmart. With over 4,700 stores across the United States, Walmart offers an astonishing array of products across categories like grocery, home goods, electronics, toys, clothing, and more. So if you really had a $70,000 budget, here are some of the big purchases you could make:

Grocery Shopping Spree

With a focus on low prices and bulk sizes, Walmart is a prime destination for stocking up on grocery essentials. $70,000 would buy you an epic haul of food and household supplies. Some possibilities:

  • 1,400 cases of Great Value bottled water ($4 per case)
  • 350 jars of Smucker’s strawberry jam ($11 per jar)
  • 10,000 boxes of Cheerios cereal ($2.50 per box)
  • 7,000 cans of Campbell’s soup ($1 per can)
  • 1,400 bottles of Heinz ketchup ($2 per bottle)

After maxing out your grocery and pantry items, you would still have over $40,000 left in your budget.

Electronics Shopping

While Walmart doesn’t offer top of the line electronics, you could still make some big tech purchases:

  • 100 Samsung 70″ 4K smart TVs ($700 each)
  • 100 Apple iPads 128GB ($430 each)
  • 100 HP laptops ($400 each)
  • 100 PlayStation 5 consoles ($500 each)
  • 100 Xbox Series X consoles ($500 each)

That’s $70,000 worth of big screen TVs, tablets, laptops, and the latest gaming systems. You could outfit a small village with new gadgets.

Toy Bonanza

For the inner child in you, why not blow your budget on some fun toys:

  • A shopping cart of Barbies ($500)
  • 50 ride-on Power Wheels cars ($400 each)
  • 25 full sized arcade machines ($1,500 each)
  • 1,000 Nerf guns ($25 each)
  • 5,000 Hot Wheels cars ($1 each)

After unleashing your imagination with toys, you would still have over $10,000 left!

Jewelry Jackpot

While Walmart is not known for extravagant jewelry, you could still get some nice baubles:

  • 500 pairs of real diamond earrings ($100 per pair)
  • 250 Apple watches with gold and silver bands ($200 each)
  • 100 Michael Kors watches ($300 each)
  • 50 diamond tennis bracelets ($1,000 each)

Glitter yourself up with $30,000 worth of Walmart jewelry.

Fashion Frenzy

Why not use your $70,000 for an entirely new wardrobe:

  • 1,000 packs of underwear/socks ($10 per pack)
  • 500 pairs of Nike shoes ($100 per pair)
  • 1,000 graphic t-shirts ($10 each)
  • 500 pairs of designer jeans ($100 each)
  • 500 hoodies and sweatshirts ($50 each)

After a major closet overhaul, you would still have $5,000 left for accessories!

Philanthropic Possibilities

While going on a massive shopping spree would be fun, Shaq could also use a $70,000 budget to give back to those in need. Here are some philanthropic possibilities:

Paying for Groceries

Like the viral tweet claimed, Shaq could pay for everyone’s groceries in the store that day. For a Walmart Supercenter which serves hundreds of customers per day, this could easily add up to $70,000. Especially around holidays when people buy extra food, Shaq could give local families a free Thanksgiving dinner.

Toys for Children

Shaq could also spend $70,000 on toys at Walmart and then donate them to children’s hospitals or charities like Toys for Tots. During the holidays, he could buy gifts and bikes for thousands of underprivileged kids. Seeing their faces light up would be more valuable than any shopping trip.

Gift Cards for Shopping

Another idea is buying Walmart gift cards and handing them out to people in need. $70,000 could buy around 1,400 gift cards at $50 each. Families could use them to buy essentials like clothes, baby supplies, or household items.

Donation to Employees

Shaq could also surprise Walmart’s employees by donating the $70,000 to be evenly distributed among the staff. With many employees earning lower wages, this would be a game-changing amount of money. The boost in morale would be invaluable.


While the viral story is likely untrue, it has certainly sparked creative ideas for how someone like Shaq could spend $70,000 at Walmart. The shopping possibilities are endless thanks to Walmart’s immense selection across countless categories. But ultimately, Shaq would make the biggest impact if he used a large sum like this to give back to people in need. Generosity and charity seem more in line with his big hearted personality. Perhaps he hasn’t actually gone on a $70,000 Walmart shopping trip, but the narrative serves as a fun thought experiment – one that reminds us how even at a retail chain store, money can be used to change lives in very profound ways.