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What do girls look at first on a guy?

When it comes to first impressions, there are a few key things that girls tend to notice right away when looking at a guy. Understanding what girls pay attention to can help guys put their best foot forward when trying to catch a woman’s eye.


A guy’s face is often one of the very first things a girl will look at. Facial features like eyes, smile, jawline, and grooming all factor in. Here’s a quick overview of what girls tend to notice about a guy’s face upon first glance:

  • Eyes – Kind, confident eyes tend to catch a girl’s attention. Girls may look for eye contact as an indication of confidence and interest.
  • Smile – A pleasant, authentic smile is attractive. Smiling shows confidence and friendliness.
  • Jawline – A strong, masculine jawline is considered attractive by many women.
  • Grooming – Well-groomed facial hair and clean, healthy-looking skin are appealing. Good hygiene is important.

Ultimately, a friendly, approachable, and confident facial expression tends to catch a girl’s eye and make a good first impression.


A man’s height is also one of the first things women notice. While personal preferences vary, most heterosexual women seem to find men taller than them more attractive. Here are some key points on height and first impressions:

  • Scientific research indicates most women are drawn to men taller than them, with many preferring a man 8% taller.
  • Height can be tied to perceptions of strength and ability to protect a partner.
  • Very short or very tall heights can be seen as more striking and immediately obvious.
  • Average/tall height on a man is generally seen as attractive, but preferences vary personally.
  • Height matters more to some women than others when judging initial attraction.

While factors like confidence and personality ultimately matter more, a man’s height can contribute to making a good first impression on many women.

Body Type

Women also commonly notice a man’s overall body type and muscularity when first seeing him. Some key considerations:

  • Fit, toned, and athletic builds tend to be found attractive by most women.
  • Visible muscularity and physical strength cues can increase initial attraction.
  • An average or only slightly muscular build is generally more preferable than very wiry or overweight.
  • Good posture that displays confidence tends to complement a strong body type.

Having a sense of style and wearing well-fitted clothes tailored to your build can help show it off in the best light. A man’s body can catch a woman’s eye, but personality and confidence still help make the biggest impression.

Style of Dress

How a man dresses and presents himself is another visual factor women pick up on immediately. Style and grooming choices reveal a lot about a guy right off the bat. Some style considerations for making a good first impression include:

  • Well-fitted, sharp casual clothes in solid neutral colors.
  • Avoiding clothes that are dirty, ripped, ill-fitting, or overly casual.
  • Making sure clothes are wrinkle-free and shoes are clean.
  • Styling hair neatly and trimming/grooming facial hair.
  • Subtle cologne applied sparingly.

The key is looking put together and polished, but not overdone. Women notice poor grooming and sloppy dressing right away. A thoughtful, flattering wardrobe displays confidence and conscientiousness.


Women also take note of a man’s hands when first meeting. Why hands? They convey a lot about hygiene, confidence, and personality quickly. Elements women look for include:

  • Clean, trimmed fingernails.
  • A firm, confident handshake if interacting.
  • Visible strength and masculinity.
  • No nervous gestures or fidgeting.
  • Healthy, well-kept skin.

A man’s hands say a lot about how he takes care of himself and his confidence levels. Keeping hands clean and nails trim goes a long way. A strong handshake also makes a great first impression.

Smile and Teeth

Along with the hands and face, a man’s smile and teeth are front-and-center features a woman will notice. Elements of an attractive, confident smile include:

  • A warm, authentic smile that reaches the eyes.
  • Healthy, clean, white teeth.
  • Minimal gum showing when smiling.
  • Straight teeth or minor imperfections.
  • Confident eye contact when smiling.

Flashing an authentic smile shows confidence and friendliness. Proper dental care also demonstrates self-care and hygiene. A genuine smile goes a long way toward a great first impression.

Grooming and Scent

Women pick up quickly on a man’s overall grooming and noticeable scents. Tidiness, hygiene, and subtle fragrance make positive impressions. Key grooming elements women notice:

  • Hairstyle clean, neat, and styled flatteringly.
  • Minimal body and facial hair, kept trimmed and tidy.
  • Thorough hygiene with no offensive odors.
  • Light touch of cologne or pleasant deodorant.
  • Clean, trimmed fingernails and toenails.

Good daily grooming signals self-respect, care, and responsibility. Keeping tidy and minimizing any unpleasant scents makes an immediately positive impression.

Posture and Body Language

A man’s posture and body language also give women instant insight upon meeting. Key things women may notice include:

  • Standing straight with shoulders back to show confidence.
  • Keeping movements controlled and calm, not fidgety.
  • Positive or neutral facial expressions.
  • Occasional mirroring of her body language if interacting.
  • Eye contact that is friendly but not staring.

Posture and nonverbal cues indicate things like confidence, friendliness, and composure. Standing and sitting straight with engaged but relaxed body language is most attractive.

Voice Tone and Speech Patterns

The instant a man speaks, women pick up on voice cues that reveal a lot. An attractive voice displays confidence and friendliness through:

  • Moderate volume and depth of tone.
  • Warm, calm cadence and pace of speaking.
  • Good diction and articulation.
  • Upbeat, friendly tone.
  • Confident word choices and phrasing.

A strong, kind voice immediately sets a positive impression and shows intellect and self-assuredness. Nervous, muted, or aggressive speech has the opposite effect.

Confidence and Charisma

Women quickly sense confidence and charisma in a man they meet. Detectable traits include:

  • Making steady, friendly eye contact.
  • Initiating conversation and introducing himself.
  • Warm, genuine smile and facial expressions.
  • Relaxed and open body language.
  • Polite manners and attentive listening skills.

A man who gracefully approaches, introduces himself, focuses positive energy on her, and pays thoughtful attention excels at first impressions. Inner confidence and charisma shine through immediately.


When initially interacting with or noticing a man, women pay attention to an array of visual and nonverbal cues. Elements like facial features, dressing style, height, grooming, scent, smile, eye contact, posture, tone of voice, and apparent confidence levels all shape those immediate first impressions. Having an approachable, thoughtful appearance and demeanor makes memorable positive first impressions on women.

While looks grab initial attention, substantive compatibility still greatly matters when it comes to lasting relationships. The most attractive men also have compelling inner qualities like intelligence, integrity, humor, and compassion that hold a woman’s interest over time. First impressions simply help get things started on a positive note.

Knowing what draws women’s notice can help men present themselves well when wanting to catch a woman’s eye and make the best possible first impression. A little style, grooming, attention to nonverbal signals, confidence, and friendliness go a long way toward leaving women with positive initial perceptions that pave the way for future interactions.

Tips for Making a Great First Impression on Women

Here are some top tips men can keep in mind to navigate those crucial first moments when meeting a woman:

  • Groom yourself meticulously – clean clothes, fresh haircut and facial hair trim, showered with deodorant, light cologne.
  • Smile warmly and make friendly eye contact.
  • Stand tall with good posture and avoid nervous gestures or fidgeting.
  • Speak clearly in a calm, friendly tone.
  • If possible, politely introduce yourself and shake hands firmly.
  • Ask open-ended questions and really listen attentively to her responses.
  • Compliment her in a respectful, appropriate way if there’s a natural opening.
  • Mirror her body language lightly to establish subconscious rapport.
  • Project confidence through your words, tone, and nonverbals.
  • Avoid looking at your phone excessively or scanning the room.

Making great first impressions simply comes down to presenting your best, most authentic self with confidence, friendliness and focused attention. With practice, it becomes second nature.

Common First Impression Mistakes to Avoid

When looking to improve your first impressions on women, it also helps to avoid these common missteps:

  • Sloppy, unkempt, or overly casual dress.
  • Poor hygiene – body odor, bad breath, messy hair, dirty nails.
  • Avoidant or wandering eye contact and posture.
  • Lack of smile, dour or annoyed facial expressions.
  • Hands in pockets or crossed arms conveying closed off body language.
  • Fidgeting from nervousness or distraction.
  • Mumbling, joking excessively or bragging.
  • Overdoing cologne or body spray.
  • Staring at her body or looking at your phone.
  • Forgetting to introduce yourself or shake hands.

Being aware of poor first impression habits you may need to break will set you up for success. Rehearse presenting your best self instead.

How Personality Plays a Role

While first impressions based on appearance do matter, personality compatibility plays perhaps the biggest role in lasting relationships between men and women. Once that crucial first impression has been made, things like humor, intelligence, values, confidence, passion, and empathy keep a relationship going. Some key personality traits women find very attractive in men include:

  • Confidence – self-assured but not cocky.
  • Humor – playful and witty but kind.
  • Intelligence – curious, informed mind and good conversationalist.
  • Drive – motivated and hardworking.
  • Thoughtfulness – remembers important details and shows real consideration.
  • Passion – intense focus and enthusiasm for hobbies, career or causes.
  • Creativity – expresses himself uniquely through arts, words, or experiences.
  • Empathy – emotionally intelligent and in-tune with her feelings.

No matter how someone presents initially, being with a great personality match fosters relationships rooted in mutual understanding, growth, and support. Taking the time to know someone’s true character is most important.

How Confidence Shows Through

Of all personality traits, confidence makes one of the strongest impressions on women, right from the start. Here are some key ways confidence shows:

  • Direct eye contact and posture – stands tall with shoulders back.
  • Firm, friendly handshake – not too weak or aggressive.
  • Calm, assured speaking voice and mannerisms.
  • No nervous gestures – fidgeting, tenseness.
  • Starts conversations skillfully – introduces himself, asks questions about her.
  • Accepts compliments graciously.
  • Doesn’t seem easily shaken or flustered.
  • Comfortable holding his position in a friendly debate or disagreement.
  • Willingness to respectfully take conversational risks and be vulnerable at times.

Genuine confidence puts women at ease instantly. It’s about quiet self-assurance, not arrogance. Confidence emerges through presence, body language, voice, composure, and engagement style.

Why Humor Connects

Another prime personality trait that grabs women’s interest right away is a man’s sense of humor. Humor generates attraction and connection through:

  • Showing intelligence, creativity, and imagination.
  • Lightening the mood – breaking tension or awkwardness.
  • Demonstrating you don’t take yourself too seriously.
  • Encouraging enjoyable banter and storytelling.
  • Signaling interest in amusing or entertaining her.
  • Establishing a playful, fun rapport.
  • Highlighting common perspectives and bonding over laughter.

Used right, appropriate humor puts people at ease. It also makes interactions more lively and reveals compatibility faster. Men who can make a woman laugh thoughtfully tend to intrigue her.

Key Takeaways

To summarize some of the key points:

  • Women commonly notice eyes, smile, height, hands, dress, and posture on first seeing a man.
  • Good grooming, hygiene, style and body language make positive impressions.
  • Confidence, voice tone, charisma and humor also grab attention.
  • Avoiding nervous gestures, staring, arrogance, and sloppiness prevents negative first impressions.
  • While appearance matters initially, personality compatibility counts more long-term.

Paying attention to the signals women respond to positively, while being your best authentic self, will lead to your most appealing first impressions and interactions.