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What does 12 rest B mean on Florida drivers license?

The designation “12 rest B” on a Florida driver’s license refers to a restriction that limits the license holder to only driving during daylight hours. This restriction requires corrective lenses to be worn while operating a vehicle during daylight hours.

What Does the 12 Mean?

The “12” in “12 rest B” indicates that the license holder is restricted to driving during daylight hours only. Specifically, this means driving between 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset.

Sunrise and sunset times vary throughout the year in Florida. Generally speaking, sunrise is between 6:30-7:30am and sunset is between 5:30-8pm depending on location and time of year. The 12 restriction prohibits nighttime driving outside of those hours.

What Does the Rest B Mean?

The “rest B” portion of the restriction indicates that corrective lenses must be worn while operating a motor vehicle during the permitted daylight driving hours. The lenses required may be either standard eyeglasses or contact lenses.

“Rest B” stands for “restrictions” and the letter B specifically refers to corrective lenses. Some other common restrictions include:

  • Rest A – Left and right outside rearview mirrors
  • Rest C – Mechanical aid
  • Rest D – Prosthetic aid
  • Rest E – Automatic transmission
  • Rest F – Left foot accelerator
  • Rest G – Hand controls
  • Rest I – Hearing aid

Why is the 12 Rest B Restriction Applied?

The 12 rest B restriction is placed on a driver’s license when the holder has difficulty seeing or driving safely at night. Reasons this restriction may be applied include:

  • Poor night vision determined during vision exam
  • Reduced visual acuity in low light conditions
  • Difficulty driving safely after dark due to vision limitations
  • Vision conditions that make night driving unsafe such as cataracts or retinal conditions
  • Prescription for corrective lenses with requirement to wear when driving

The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) has the authority to place restrictions on a driver’s license if certain visual acuity standards are not met. The 12 rest B restriction allows the license holder to retain driving privileges within specified parameters to maintain road safety.

How Long Does the 12 Rest B Restriction Last?

The 12 rest B restriction may be either temporary or permanent depending on the individual circumstances of the driver.

A temporary 12 rest B restriction may be applied for a set period of time if a medical condition is expected to improve with treatment. For example, if a person has reduced vision at night due to a medical issue that doctors expect to resolve within 6 months, a temporary 12 rest B for 6 months may be applied. This allows the driver to retain driving privileges within set limits during the recovery period.

A permanent 12 rest B restriction may be applied if a vision condition is not expected to improve over time. Permanent restrictions are re-evaluated each time a driver’s license is renewed to determine if the restriction is still required for safety.

Can a 12 Rest B Restriction Be Removed?

Yes, it is possible to have the 12 rest B restriction removed from your license if your vision improves enough to meet DHSMV requirements for safe nighttime driving.

To have the restriction removed, you must return to the DHSMV and pass a vision exam demonstrating sufficiently improved eyesight. You may need documentation from your eye doctor indicating your vision now meets minimum standards for driving without restriction.

If you experience a vision problem later in life due to aging or a medical condition, a 12 rest B could be applied to your previously unrestricted license. So restrictions may be removed and applied multiple times as vision changes over the years.

Can You Drive at Night with a 12 Rest B Restriction?

No, driving at night outside permitted hours while you have a 12 rest B restriction on your license is illegal. If you are cited by law enforcement driving past permissible hours, you could face penalties including:

  • Traffic citation/ticket
  • Suspension or revocation of your restricted license
  • Re-testing and medical review requirements to have your license reinstated
  • High risk insurance rates due to suspension/tickets

Driving outside of restriction parameters poses safety risks and legal consequences. It is important to only drive within your permitted daylight hours if you have a 12 rest B restriction.

How Does the 12 Rest B Restriction Affect Travel?

The 12 rest B restriction does limit the ability to drive during nighttime hours. This can make travel for longer distances challenging.

If planning a trip that involves driving at night, make arrangements for someone else to drive during restricted hours. You might also consider using public transportation like trains and buses or a private car service.

Adjusting travel plans to fit daylight hour constraints or bringing a licensed driver along will be necessary with this restriction. Careful planning allows safe travel within the parameters of a 12 rest B license.


The 12 rest B restriction on Florida driver’s licenses aims to maintain road safety by limiting drivers with vision issues to daylight driving only. While it does impose constraints, this daytime driving restriction allows people to retain a license while managing visual deficiencies. Following the restriction as imposed is required legally and the prudent choice for personal safety.