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What does 161 mean?

The number 161 is just a number without any inherent meaning. However, it can take on symbolic significance based on the context it is used in. Here we will explore some of the meanings and associations that have been attached to 161.

Mathematical Properties of 161

Looking at 161 from a mathematical perspective provides some basic facts about this number:

  • 161 is an odd number
  • It is a prime number – its only factors are 1 and 161
  • It is the 35th prime number
  • 161 is a happy number in mathematics – a number which yields 1 when replaced by the sum of the squares of its digits repeatedly

These mathematical properties provide basic information about 161, but numbers can also take on symbolic meaning beyond their mathematical characteristics.

161 in Numerology

In numerology, numbers are reduced down to single digits which are said to reveal hidden aspects of a person’s personality. To find the numerology number for 161, we calculate:

1 + 6 + 1 = 8

So in terms of numerology, 161 reduces to the single digit of 8. Some numerologists interpret the number 8 as representing authority, material wealth, ambition, and business abilities. So someone described by the number 161 may be said to have qualities like determination, leadership, and success-orientation according to numerologists.

161 in Religion and Mythology

Different religions and mythologies have used 161 symbolically in various contexts:

  • In the Bible, Psalm 161 is sometimes used to describe a short psalm that comes after Psalm 150 and is focused on prayer and God’s help.
  • Some Catholic traditions hold that there are 161 plenary indulgences authorized by the church for the forgiveness of sins.
  • In Hindu mythology, the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad contains 161 verses.

So in various faiths and mythic traditions, 161 has been used in sacred texts and numerical symbolism.

161 in History and Culture

The number 161 has popped up in various historical events and cultural contexts:

  • 161 AD was a common year starting on Wednesday of the Julian calendar.
  • The years 161 BC and 161 CE are fanthorpe years, numbers consisting of a single digit.
  • The Islamic year 161 AH corresponds to 777-778 CE.
  • Sonnet 161 by William Shakespeare explores the themes of love and sexuality.
  • Highway 161 is a spur of US Highway 60 running for 199 miles across Missouri.
  • 161 is the UK penal code for the offense of racially aggravated public disorder.

So while being just a number, 161 has been associated with a range of cultural and historical references throughout human society.

161 in Sports

In various sports leagues and competitions, the number 161 has been used symbolically:

  • In Major League Baseball, 161 is the number of regular season games played by each team in a typical season.
  • Highway 161 in Dallas was renamed in honor of Roger Staubach, quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys who wore #12.
  • Kenyan runner David Rudisha ran the 800m world record in a time of 1:40.91 in the 2012 London Olympics, averaging 161 steps per lap.
  • The Great 161 Kilometer Footrace was an annual 161 km running race held in British Columbia, Canada from 1981 to 1987.

So for sports fans and athletes, 161 can represent key records, achievements, and honors.

161 in Astronomy and Space

In astronomy and outer space, there are several examples of 161 being used to label celestial objects and concepts:

  • 161 Austra is a large and dark main belt asteroid orbiting the Sun.
  • Gliese 161 is a red dwarf star located around 30 light years away from our solar system.
  • P161/LONEOS is a periodic comet in our solar system first discovered in 1999.
  • NASA Space Shuttle mission STS-161 deployed and retrieved the Galileo spacecraft in route to Jupiter.

For astronomers and space scientists, 161 provides a handy number to categorize and identify celestial objects and space missions.

161 in Geography and Cartography

In mapping locations and geography, 161 shows up in various place names and coordinates:

  • Latitude 161°W is a line of longitude in the Arctic Ocean 161 degrees west of the prime meridian.
  • U.S. Route 161 runs for 1,306 miles from Minnesota down to the Gulf of Mexico in Texas.
  • The 161st Street station provides service on the IND Concourse Line of the New York City subway.
  • Dunbar, a community in Vancouver, is located at 161°W longitude and 49°N latitude.

So 161 has been used as a identifying number and coordinate in geography, addresses, and transportation routes.

161 as an Area Code

161 is used as a telephone area code in two different regions:

  • Area code 161 covers part of northern Minnesota including the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.
  • Area code 161 also serves Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand.

For residents and businesses in these two regions, 161 is part of their essential contact information.

161 in Computing and Technology

In information technology, 161 shows up in various hardware, software, and networking concepts:

  • The PDP-161 was an early minicomputer introduced by Digital Equipment Corporation in 1966.
  • 161 is the maximum value for an 8-bit unsigned binary number.
  • Error code 161 in Windows means an invalid ordinal was requested from the Windows Installer service.
  • 161 is the TCP port number for SNMP, used to manage TCP/IP networks.

As computing advanced, 161 became a handy number to use for technical standards and specifications.

161 in Business and Finance

In economics and commerce, 161 appears in company names, financial tracking codes, etc:

  • Bloomberg LP has reserved 161 as a special ticker used for statistical arbitrage strategies.
  • Company 161 is a tech startup incubator located in Culver City, California.
  • The 161PRE tax code in payroll is used for employee salary payments in the UK.
  • Error code 161 on IRS notices indicates a problem with the employer identification number.

So in the business world, 161 is used as an identifying number for accounting, payroll, companies, and stock tickers.

161 as a Name or Title

161 has been used creatively as part of names and titles in various contexts:

  • Route 161 is a live album of bluegrass music by Dave Peterson released in 2001.
  • Agent 161 is the name of a fictional character in the DC Comics universe.
  • Sonnet 161 was the name of an art-house movie theater located on 161st St in Washington Heights.
  • Unit 161 is a special operations team of the National Guard depicted in some fiction.

The number 161 lends itself to fictional agents, military units, artistic works, and other creative naming purposes.

161 as a Code or Identifier

As an arbitrary sequence of digits, 161 functions easily as a code or serial number for identification purposes:

  • In medical coding, the ICD-10-CM diagnosis code E16.1 indicates hypoglycemia due to drugs used in diabetes.
  • The ASCII code for the lowercase letter ‘a’ is 161 in decimal (10100001 in binary).
  • Some vehicles use 161 as a production code to identify models, such as Honda using 161 for certain 1996 Civics.
  • In Ireland, 161XXX is used as a standard form for IP addresses on the Cork MAN broadband network.

So across many fields, 161 provides a simple numeric sequence to classify and identify information.

161 in Addresses and Locations

161 is commonly used in street addresses, room numbers, and other location identifiers:

  • 161 Perry Street in New York City is an upscale apartment building in Greenwich Village.
  • Gate 161 in many airports indicates a boarding gate in Concourse C or Terminal 1.
  • The famous music venue 161 W. 54th Street in Manhattan was the studio for the Merv Griffin Show.
  • Unit 161 is a commonly used apartment or office number.

As a easy to remember three-digit number, 161 features prominently in addresses and locations.

161 in Criminal Codes

In the criminal justice system, 161 corresponds to various violations and offenses:

  • Section 161 of the Criminal Code of Canada defines electoral fraud and corruption.
  • Police code 161 represents a vice violation or involvement of narcotics.
  • Penal code 161 in California defines the crime of robbery.
  • Section 161.001 is used in Texas legal code for termination of parental rights.

Law enforcement and legal codes leverage the memorability of 161 to define illegal behaviors.

161 as a Calendar Date

161 can represent a calendar date when formatted as 16/1, 1/61, or 161XX:

  • January 16th (16/1)
  • The 61st day of a year such as March 2nd (1/61)
  • The year 16161 in a longer calendar system.

As a date notation, 161 has the flexibility to represent a variety of calendar days and years.

161 in Measurements and Dimensions

161 gets used descriptively for precise measurements and dimensions:

  • A 161 lb person weighs 161 pounds.
  • A 161 cm person is 161 centimeters or around 5 foot 3 inches tall.
  • A 161 mm camera lens has a diameter of 161 millimeters.
  • A size 161 shoe fits a men’s size 13 foot in the United States.

Specifying 161 units conveys exact dimensions and quantities for objects and people.

161 as a Designation

161 is used symbolically to name or designate things:

  • Highway 161, Route 161, Road 161, etc.
  • Area code 161, ZIP code 161XX, House #161
  • Room 161, Site 161, Lot #161
  • Model 161, Project 161, Patient 161

The distinctive sequence of the digits 161 makes it handy for designating places, objects, and entities.

161 in Prices and Payments

In transactions, 161 appears in costs, salaries, percentages, etc:

  • $161 for a product or service
  • 161% as a percentage rate or ratio
  • Pay $161 per item or per time period
  • A salary of $161,000 annually

161 provides a useful figure for establishing rates, amounts, and percentages in commercial dealings.


While being just the 161st number in the infinite number system, 161 takes on many contextual meanings through its usage throughout human history. It appears prominently in mathematics, calendars, geography, language, technology, and popular culture. So the next time you encounter 161 in the world, consider the rich symbolism and significance this unique number has acquired.