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What does Disney security check for?

Disney parks are some of the most popular theme parks in the world, with tens of millions of guests visiting them each year. With so many visitors, Disney takes security very seriously to help ensure all guests have a safe and magical experience.

Disney security utilizes a number of measures to help maintain the safety of the parks. Some of the main things Disney security checks for include prohibited items, appropriate attire, valid admission, and suspicious activity.

Prohibited Items

Disney prohibits certain items from being brought into the parks for safety reasons. Security screening at park entrances helps enforce these rules. Some of the most common prohibited items that Disney security looks out for include:

  • Weapons – Guns, knives, pepper spray, and other weapons are strictly prohibited from Disney parks.
  • Recreational devices – Things like drones, remote control toys, and skateboards are not allowed either.
  • Illegal substances – Drugs and other illegal substances are banned from Disney parks.
  • Alcohol – Guests cannot bring alcohol into the parks.
  • Glass containers – Any glass bottles or containers are prohibited for safety reasons.
  • Large or wheeled bags – Oversized bags and bags with wheels must be checked at security checkpoints.
  • Selfie sticks – These extendable poles for taking selfies pose safety issues on rides, so they are not permitted.

Disney security utilizies walk-through metal detectors, bag checks, and other screening measures to look for any prohibited items being brought into the parks. Guests found with banned items will either have the items confiscated by security or may be denied park entry.

Appropriate Attire

In addition to prohibited items, Disney security also monitors that guests are wearing appropriate attire. Revealing, offensive, or inappropriate clothing is prohibited. Some guidelines for appropriate attire include:

  • No revealing clothing – Exposed midriffs, very short skirts/shorts, low-cut tops, etc. are not allowed.
  • No offensive language/images on clothing – Things like profanity, racist terms, etc. on shirts for example.
  • No costumes – Guests over the age of 14 cannot wear costumes in the parks.
  • No dangerous accessories – Things like chains or spikes that could be unsafe are prohibited.
  • Shirts and shoes required – Guests must wear shirts and proper footwear at all times.

Disney security patrols the parks and will ask guests violating the dress code policies to change or leave the park. Having appropriate attire helps maintain a family-friendly environment.

Valid Admission

Another big focus of Disney security is checking that all guests have valid park admission. This involves:

  • Valid tickets – Security checks that tickets are for the correct date and have not already been used.
  • Valid annual passes – Security verifies annual passholders have a non-expired annual pass.
  • Matching IDs – Guests may be asked to show valid ID to verify tickets/annual passes belong to them.
  • No ticket sharing – Tickets/annual passes are non-transferrable and only valid for the original purchaser.

Performing admission checks is vital to limiting unauthorized access and maintaining capacity limits for safety. Security utilizes turnstiles, checkpoints, and roaming patrols to confirm admission validity.

Suspicious/Prohibited Activity

On top of physical security checks, Disney security also keeps a close eye out for any guest behavior that violates park rules or appears suspicious in nature. Some activities that are prohibited and security watches for include:

  • Line jumping – Guests cannot skip ahead in ride lines.
  • Smoking/vaping – Disney parks are smoke-free environments.
  • Fighting/horseplay – Disruptive or dangerous behavior like fighting is not tolerated.
  • Shoplifting/theft – Taking or attempting to take park property is prohibited.
  • Vandalism – Defacing park attractions, facilities, etc. is banned.
  • Loitering – Lingering excessively with no purpose is not allowed.
  • Drug/alcohol use – Possession or use of illegal substances will lead to removal.

Disney security, including undercover personnel, patrol the parks continuously looking for any prohibited guest behavior. Guests who engage in such activities may be ejected from the parks and subject to criminal penalties depending on the offense.

Other Security Measures

In addition to the checks at park entrances, Disney utilizes a number of other security processes to maintain safety:

  • Surveillance cameras – Parks are monitored 24/7 through extensive camera coverage.
  • Bag checkpoints – Additional bag checks may be required to enter certain areas.
  • Random secondary screening – Guests may be randomly selected for additional screening.
  • Trained security personnel – Parks are patrolled by experienced security guards and staff.
  • Bag inspections – Right to inspect bags, clothing, etc. if prohibited items are suspected.
  • Disney vacation club ID – DVC members must show valid DVC ID to access member lounges.

These measures provide additional layers of security coverage across Disney’s parks.

Most Commonly Confiscated Items

With all the security checks in place, there are inevitably some guests who still attempt to bring prohibited items into Disney parks. Some of the most commonly confiscated items by Disney security include:

Prohibited Item Examples
Weapons Pocket knives, box cutters, pepper spray
Recreational items Drones, remote control toys, skateboards
Alcohol Beer, wine, hard liquor
Glass containers Wine bottles, glass beer bottles
Oversized bags Large rolling suitcases, oversized backpacks

These items pose potential hazards in the park environment, so Disney security works diligently to intercept them at entrances and keep them out of the parks.

Guest Conduct Policies

To maintain a safe and enjoyable environment, Disney has outlined clear guest conduct policies that all visitors must abide by. Some key components include:

  • No violent, abusive, or offensive language/behavior.
  • No illegal activity such as assault, theft, drug use, etc.
  • No dangerous, disruptive, or aggressive acts.
  • No weapons or items that appear to be weapons.
  • Comply with bag searches and security screenings.
  • No unauthorized commercial activity like unauthorized tours or sales.

Disney security is authorized to intervene and take action against any misconduct. This can include verbal warnings, refusing entry/admission, removing guests from parks, banning repeat offenders, and pressing criminal charges if state or federal laws are violated.

Tips for Getting Through Security Quickly

Disney’s security processes are for the safety of all guests, but can sometimes create longer wait times at park entrances. Here are some tips for getting through Disney security screening faster:

  • Avoid bringing bags if possible – The fewer bags to check, the faster.
  • Have bags open and ready for inspection.
  • Review the prohibited items list and don’t attempt to bring banned items.
  • Arrive earlier in the morning when crowds are smaller.
  • Use metal detector lines instead of bag check lines if not carrying bags.
  • Have admission tickets/passes and ID ready for verification.
  • Listen to security personnel instructions and cooperate fully.

Following these tips will help you move through security quickly so you can start enjoying the magic of Disney sooner!


Disney’s security personnel take numerous precautions to help protect park guests and maintain a safe, secure environment. Security checks for prohibited items, inappropriate attire, valid admission, and suspicious activity occur daily to cover all angles. While lines may slow down at times, these measures are vital for allowing Guests to enjoy Disney parks worry-free. By understanding and cooperating with Disney’s security processes, we can all contribute to the magic.