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What does Taurus rule in the body?

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and is associated with the neck, throat, jaw, and lower face. In astrology, each zodiac sign is said to “rule” over certain parts of the body. Taurus energy influences the areas of the body it is connected to.

The Neck

The neck is ruled by Taurus in astrology. The neck represents stability and stubbornness, classic Taurus traits. Taurus energy helps support and stabilize the neck. However, issues like stiffness or soreness in the neck can arise when Taurus energy is out of balance.

As a fixed earth sign, Taurus rules over the neck and throat anatomically. The neck provides stability and structure between the head and torso. Taurus lends its steady nature to the neck area. Problems like neck pain or tightness can occur when Taurus energy is too resistant or inflexible.

The Throat

The throat is also governed by Taurus energy in astrology. The throat is vital for communication and expressing oneself. A well-functioning throat chakra aligns with Taurus’ gifts. However, throat issues may appear when Taurus energy is blocked or imbalanced.

As a sensual, pleasure-seeking sign, Taurus rules over the throat. The throat allows us to communicate our needs and desires. When Taurus energy flows freely, communication is clear and confident. Throat infections or swelling can manifest when Taurus energy feels constrained.

The Jaw

In astrology, the jaw and lower face fall under the domain of Taurus. The jaw allows us to literally digest and break down ideas, aligning with Taurus’ grounded nature. Jaw tension or teeth grinding can occur when Taurus energy is not relaxed.

As a sturdy earth sign, Taurus governs the jaw anatomically. The jaw provides structure and strength for chewing and eating. Balanced Taurus energy allows the jaw to function smoothly. TMJ disorders or teeth problems may arise when Taurus energy is excessive and tight.

Taurus and the Body

Overall, Taurus rules over the lower face, jaw, throat, and neck in the body according to astrology. When Taurus energy is balanced, this lends strength, stability, and vitality to these areas. However, issues like sore throats, jaw clenching, and neck tension can manifest when Taurus energy feels blocked or stuck.

As an earth sign, Taurus is connected to the physical body and sensations. Taurus energy helps provide comfort, pleasure, and security in the physical form. When Taurus is out of balance, the body parts it rules may feel tense, stiff, or resistant to change.

Taurus Self-Care

To bring more balance to Taurus energy in the body, self-care practices like these may help:

  • Massages – Taurus rules the neck, so regular massages help relieve tension.
  • Chakra balancing – Keeping the throat chakra open aids communication.
  • Relaxation – Down time, comfort foods, and rest allow Taurus energy to recharge.
  • Stretching – Gentle neck, jaw, and shoulder stretches release tightness.
  • Exercise – Consistent movement keeps Taurus’body grounded and strong.
  • Comfort – Cozy blankets, soft fabrics, and warm baths appeal to Taurus.

Taurus Wellness Support

Certain wellness therapies, supplements, and practices may also provide support for areas ruled by Taurus:


  • Physical therapy – Addresses stiffness, pain, or imbalance in the neck/jaw.
  • Massage – Releases tightness and tension in the throat, neck, and jaw.
  • Craniosacral therapy – Gentle manipulation of neck and throat areas.
  • Acupuncture – Can relieve neck pain and TMJ issues.
  • Reiki – Brings energy flow and harmony to neck and throat.


  • Magnesium – Eases muscle tension and jaw clenching.
  • Vitamin D – Boosts immunity to help prevent sore throats.
  • Turmeric – Reduces inflammation in neck, throat, and jaw issues.
  • Calcium – Supports bone health in the jaw and teeth.
  • Chamomile tea – Soothes tension in throat and promotes relaxation.

Lifestyle Habits

  • Stretching and yoga – Keep neck and jaw flexible and relaxed.
  • Massage tools – Use massage balls, rollers, or percussors to release neck tension.
  • Rest periods – Give neck and throat breaks from phone/computer use.
  • Proper tongue posture – Keeps jaw relaxed and evenly aligned.
  • Stress management – Reduce jaw clenching and grinding from stress.

Taurus Horoscope Wellness Tips

Here are some examples of wellness advice that may be given in a Taurus horoscope:

  • Get a soothing massage this week to melt away neck and shoulder tension.
  • Try acupuncture to relieve jaw tightness and realign your bite.
  • Drink herbal teas to soothe an irritated throat and boost immunity.
  • Stretch your neck several times a day to keep this stubborn bull feeling flexible.
  • Indulge in comforting soak in an Epsom salt bath to dissolve aches in your lower face and jaw.

Balancing Taurus Energy

To keep Taurus’ body areas functioning optimally, finding balance is key. Moderation, flexibility, and steady self-care will help temper any excesses of stubbornness in Taurus’ nature.

Being aware of the physical signals your Taurus-ruled body parts give, while addressing any issues promptly, will keep these vital areas in harmony. Give your neck, throat, jaw and lower face the nurturing they crave and you’ll keep Taurus satisfied and on stable footing.

Above all, listen to your body’s cues. Provide your Taurus-ruled physical form the security, comfort, and tranquility it longs for. Then you can express your sensuality, stability, and inner strength gracefully.

Taurus teaches us the wisdom of tuning into the wisdom of our physical selves for vital messages to guide our way. By honoring the earthy Taurus part of ourselves, we create an enduring foundation for holistic wellbeing.

The sturdy Bull reminds us that integrating mind, body, and spirit allows us to meet life’s challenges from a place of wholeness, balance, and inner calm. When we align with Taurus energy, we gain the ability to ground ourselves amidst life’s storms – a precious gift yielding profound peace.

Body Area Taurus Influence Imbalances Wellness Support
Neck Stability, structure Stiffness, pain Massage, stretching
Throat Communication, expression Sore throat, tightness Chakra work, turmeric
Jaw Breaking down ideas TMJ, grinding Magnesium, massage
Lower face Sensuality, comfort Numbness, pain Warm compresses, relaxation

This table summarizes the body areas ruled by Taurus, the Taurus energy influence, common imbalances, and supportive wellness strategies for each part.


In conclusion, the astrological sign of Taurus is associated with the physical structures of the neck, throat, jaw, and lower face. When Taurus energy is balanced, these areas function with stability, comfort, and self-expression.

However, Taurus imbalances can manifest as tightness, pain, or restricted movement in the anatomical parts it governs. Wellness approaches like massage, magnesium, acupuncture, and relaxation can help restore equilibrium. Overall, nurturing the Taurus domains of the body leads to greater comfort, ease, and mind-body harmony.