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What does the yellow evil eye do?

The yellow evil eye, also known as the nazar amulet, is a popular symbol believed to provide protection against the evil eye. In this article, we will explore what the yellow evil eye is, its history, meaning, and purported benefits.

What is the yellow evil eye?

The yellow evil eye, or nazar amulet, is a circular or ovular symbol with an eye shape at its center. Traditionally, it is made of ceramic or glass and features concentric circles around the eye in blue and white. However, modern versions come in many colors, including yellow, red, and black.

The eye shape represents an eye and is thought to protect against the evil or envious eye. The evil or envious eye is a look given to inflict harm, bad luck, or injury. It stems from the belief that a malevolent glare can cause misfortune for the person on the receiving end.

By using the symbol of an eye, the nazar amulet aims to reflect the evil vision back onto the glare-giver. Its purpose is to repel harm and prevent bad luck due to envy or ill intentions. For this reason, people often gift newborn babies and newlyweds in particular with the amulet.

What is the history and origin of the yellow evil eye?

The evil eye symbol dates back thousands of years, with examples found from ancient Persia, Greece, and Rome. Historians believe the eye was a popular spiritual and superstitious symbol meant to protect against evil spirits.

The yellow evil eye amulet likely originated in Turkey, where it remains prevalent today. The Turkish word for the amulet comes from the word nazar, meaning vision or sight. In Turkey, it is common to spot the symbol on buildings, vehicles, clothing, and more. The country has a long tradition of crafting the amulet’s glass beads.

From Turkey, the use of the nazar spread to Greece, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and parts of Europe. Today, the amulet remains popular worldwide not just in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cultures but also with people who still believe in the evil eye taboo.

What does the color yellow represent?

The yellow evil eye amulet provides many of the same protective properties as the standard blue and white version. However, the color yellow carries added symbolism:

  • Yellow represents the golden sun and its vital energy.
  • In some cultures, yellow symbolizes joy, intellect, and success.
  • The vibrant hue evokes cheer and positivity.
  • Yellow can signify hope for the future.
  • It is thought to uplift spirits during times of despair.

Therefore, the yellow eye is considered extra lucky. It provides the benefits of warding off envy and ill intent while also promoting joyful living.

What are the benefits and special uses of the yellow evil eye?

The yellow evil eye offers protection, positive energy, and good fortune. Some of its common benefits and uses include:

  • Deflecting the evil eye gaze back to the onlooker
  • Shielding from jealous looks and envy
  • Blocking out negative energy from others
  • Bringing good luck to the wearer or holder
  • Promoting mental clarity and focus
  • Warding off nightmares
  • Stimulating courage and inner confidence
  • Enhancing creativity and motivation

In particular, many believe the yellow eye has special value for promoting mental and creative pursuits. Its vibrant solar hue stimulates the intellect and allows innovative energy to flow freely. For this reason, students may wear or carry the yellow nazar while studying for big exams.

Other notable uses and meanings include:

  • Gifting to new homeowners or new occupants of a space
  • Placing in homes, offices, vehicles, and other spaces needing protection
  • Wearing during pregnancy to shield expectant mothers
  • Using as a meditation tool to find focus
  • Putting under pillows or beds to prevent nightmares
  • Giving as a housewarming present when someone moves
  • Adding to altars or spiritual spaces

How to use the yellow evil eye amulet

There are many ways to use the yellow evil eye to harness its protective power:

  • Wear it – Wearing the nazar as jewelry, pinned to clothing, or on a keychain allows its energy to surround you. Opt for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, or anklets.
  • Display it – Hang yellow evil eye art, wall hangings, decals, or decor in spaces needing protection. Spotting it easily boosts its shielding effects.
  • Carry it – Keep a small yellow eye in your purse, wallet, or pocket. Touch it whenever you need an extra shield from envy or negativity.
  • Place it – Put a yellow nazar beneath your pillow, bed, mattress, or sofa cushions to prevent nightmares and create a positive aura.
  • Gift it – Give yellow evil eye jewelry, keychains, wall hangings, and more to loved ones starting new chapters.

The most potent effects come from consistent use or display. The yellow evil eye works continuously when made readily accessible in your environment and routines.

Does the yellow evil eye provide real protection?

There is no scientific evidence that the yellow evil eye offers tangible protection. Its powers stem from spiritual belief systems and ancient folklore.

However, some studies suggest the amulet can have a placebo effect. When people believe an object holds protective properties, carrying or displaying it may provide a psychological boost in confidence and courage.

Additionally, the eye is often viewed as a symbol of shared cultural identity. Wearing or gifting the nazar connects people to their heritage. This sense of solidarity can comfort and empower people during challenging times.


With roots across Turkish, Greek, and Middle Eastern cultures, the yellow evil eye amulet is a famous symbol of protection. Its vibrant solar hue provides the benefits of the traditional nazar while promoting positivity. People often wear and display yellow evil eyes to defend against envy, boost luck, and inspire success.

For those who believe in the superstitions behind the evil eye, the yellow nazar makes an ideal spiritual tool and gift. It aims to project vitality and courage whenever you need an extra shield from misfortune.