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What hair color is 711?

The question “What hair color is 711?” is an interesting one that likely refers to the hair color numbering system used by many hair color brands. In this system, hair colors are numbered based on their level, tone, and intensity. The number 711 would correspond to a light blond or dark blonde hair color with a beige or ash tone.

To understand what hair color 711 is exactly, we need to break down the meaning behind the number:

The Hair Color Numbering System

The first digit in hair color codes refers to the level, which indicates how light or dark the color is on a scale of 1 to 10:

Level 1 Black
Level 2 Darkest brown
Level 3 Dark brown
Level 4 Medium brown
Level 5 Medium brown
Level 6 Light brown
Level 7 Lighter brown
Level 8 Medium blonde
Level 9 Light blonde
Level 10 Lightest blonde

So a hair color starting with 7 indicates a light blonde shade.

The second and third digits refer to the tone and intensity:

Tone Description
0 Natural
1 Ash
2 Beige
3 Gold
4 Copper
5 Mahogany
6 Red
7 Violet
8 Silver
9 Pearl
Intensity Description
1 Natural
2 Dark
3 Medium
4 Light

So based on the number 711, we can determine that it refers to:

Hair Color 711 Decoded

Level 7 Light blonde
Tone 1 Ash tone
Intensity 1 Natural intensity

This means hair color 711 is a light ash blonde. The ash tone indicates it has hints of gray, silver, or blue undertones rather than warm golden or reddish tones. And the natural intensity means it is not lightened or darkened.

So in summary, 711 is a natural, ash-toned light blonde shade.

Examples of Hair Color 711

To get a better sense of what hair color 711 looks like, here are some examples on real people:

Celebrity Examples

Some celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Cate Blanchett, and Michelle Williams have naturally light ash blonde hair that would match a 711 shade:

Gwyneth Paltrow’s cool-toned blonde hair is a good example of a natural 711 shade.

Cate Blanchett often wears her hair in a light ash blonde similar to 711.

Michelle Williams’ icy blonde tone is also very close to a 711.

Color Swatch Examples

Here are some color swatches from hair color brands that are labeled or described as 711 shades:

Wella Color Touch 7/11

Redken Shades EQ 07N

Matrix SoColor 7N VA

As you can see, these swatches demonstrate the light, cool-toned ash blonde that 711 refers to.

How to Achieve Hair Color 711

If you want to reach a 711 light ash blonde shade for your own hair, here are some tips:

Get a Base Lightening

To achieve a light blonde, you usually need to pre-lighten your natural base. A bleach or highlighting process is typically required to lift hair to a pale enough level 7 blonde before toning. Doing a test strand is recommended to determine how light you can safely go.

Use an Ash Toner

An ash toner in a level 7 intensity is key for getting the cool undertones associated with 711. Look for toners specifically labeled “ash” or “beige blonde”. Wella Color Touch 7/11 or Redken Shades EQ 07N would be good professional toners to ask your stylist to use. For DIY toning, try Clairol Shimmer Lights or Matrix Total Results So Silver.

Maintain with Purple Shampoo

Using a purple shampoo or toner regularly will help cancel out any unwanted brassiness and keep your hair a nice even ash blonde. Some good options are Fanola No Orange or Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo.

Who Can Pull Off Hair Color 711?

While hair color 711 would look beautiful on many people, here are some factors that make someone a good candidate:

Cool Skin Undertones

Since this shade has ash/beige undertones, it is best suited for people with naturally cool-toned pink, red, or blue undertones in their skin. Warm golden skin tones would clash and look washed out.

Light Eyes

A light ash blonde pairs best with light color eyes like blue, green, gray or hazel eyes. It helps make these eyes pop even more. Dark brown eyes can also pull it off nicely.

Fair to Medium Complexions

Very fair or porcelain skin looks great with an icy light blonde, but olive and medium skin tones can also complement it well. Deep complexions provide too much contrast and tend to look better with a darker ash blonde.

Willingness to Maintain

This ultra light shade requires more regular root touch-ups and toning maintenance to keep brassiness at bay. So someone who doesn’t mind the upkeep or expense can wear it best.

Comparable Hair Color Numbers

If you want something similar to 711 but with minor adjustments, here are some other light ash blonde levels to consider:

More Coolness

– 701 adds more icy tone for an ultra cool platinum blonde

– 781 enhances the silver tones

More Warmth

– 712 has hints of beige for a slightly warmer tone

– 731 incorporates light gold tones

Darker Depth

– 611 is a medium ash blonde that isn’t as pale

– 650 is an icy dark blonde

Lighter Depth

– 811 dials up the lightness for a near white blonde

– 971 is an extra light pearl ash blonde

So while 711 may be your perfect match, these options give you some room to customize. Consult with your colorist on what other numbers may work with your base and skin tone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about hair color 711:

Does 711 hair color need a filler?

Most likely not. Hair fillers are typically used when coloring hair darker to add warmth, but 711 is lightening and cooling the hair so a filler is usually unnecessary. Consult your stylist if unsure.

Does 711 fade easily?

Yes, since it is so light, expect fading after 4-6 weeks as your roots grow in darker. Use a toning or purple shampoo to prevent brassiness as it fades. Regular touch-ups will keep it looking fresh.

Is 711 permanent or demi-permanent color?

It can be either. Permanent dyes last longer but demi-permanent toners allow more customization. Ask your stylist which they recommend for best results on your particular hair.

What if 711 is too ash-toned on me?

Try a beige blonde tone like 725 to add subtle warmth without going full golden. Or you can customize your toner with a mix of ash and beige to find your perfect balance.

What maintenance is required for 711?

Expect to refresh toner and roots every 4-6 weeks. Use purple shampoo 1-2 times per week. Avoid chlorine and sun exposure which can damage light hair. Heat styling should also be minimized for healthiest hair.


Hair color 711 translates to a light ash blonde shade with a cool, grayish undertone. While not for everyone, it can be gorgeous on fair complexions with light eyes and skin that leans pink or red. This icy blonde requires diligent upkeep but makes a beautiful statement. Now that you understand the numbering system and have celebrity examples, swatches, maintenance tips and ideas for customization, you are ready to rock this icy blonde 711 trend!