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What is it called when a masseuse comes to your house?

A masseuse coming to your home to provide massage services is known as an outcall massage or mobile massage. This allows clients to receive professional massages from licensed massage therapists in the comfort and convenience of their own home. Outcall massages have grown in popularity in recent years as an alternative to visiting a massage parlor or spa. There are many benefits to getting an outcall massage, but there are also some things to keep in mind when booking an outcall masseuse. In this article, we will explore what an outcall massage is, the benefits and drawbacks, what to expect during an outcall massage, tips for booking an outcall masseuse, and the costs associated with outcall massages.

What is an Outcall Massage?

An outcall massage, also referred to as a mobile massage or on-site massage, involves a professional masseuse coming to your home, hotel room, office, or other preferred location to provide a therapeutic massage. The masseuse will bring a portable massage table and any necessary equipment to set up a professional massage experience. Outcall massages first became popular as a service for hotel guests who wanted massages in their rooms. Now, outcall services are commonly offered by massage therapists, spas, and massage companies.

Some key things to know about outcall massages:

  • The massage therapist comes to your location of choice.
  • They bring all necessary equipment and supplies.
  • Massages are usually one hour but can be longer.
  • A variety of massage styles and techniques can be performed.
  • Therapists are professionally licensed and insured.
  • Rates are typically higher than studio or spa massages.

Outcall massages provide clients with convenience and privacy. You can stay home and relax rather than driving to a massage studio. You also may feel more comfortable receiving a massage in a private, familiar environment.appointment without leaving home.

Benefits of Outcall Massages

There are many potential benefits associated with outcall massages:


The primary advantage of outcall massage is the convenience factor. The therapist will travel to you, so you don’t have to find time in your busy schedule to drive to an appointment. You also don’t have to travel after the massage when you may be feeling relaxed or even a little sore. The massage comes to you, fitting around your schedule.

Privacy and Comfort

Receiving a massage in your own home allows you to fully relax in a comfortable, private setting. You may feel less inhibited and be able to let your guard down more easily. You can also customize the massage space with your preferred music, lighting, temperature, etc. Some people feel more comfortable being massaged in a familiar environment.


Outcall massages allow for flexibility in scheduling. Therapists often offer evening and weekend appointments when spas or studios may be closed. You can book last-minute massages when needed. For those with mobility challenges, outcall massages are a great option.

No Travel Required

After a massage, you may feel relaxed or even a bit sore or tired. With an outcall massage, you can enjoy the treatment then go right to bed or lounge around home. You avoid any driving or travel time after the massage when you may just want to take it easy.

Peace of Mind

Licensed outcall therapists have been professionally trained, and reputable services screen therapists thoroughly. Knowing the therapist is experienced and accountable can provide peace of mind that you are receiving quality care. Some clients feel safer receiving massages in their own space.

Ability to Fully Relax

The comfort and privacy of home allows many clients to feel like they can fully relax and enjoy their massage. Ambient noise, music, lighting, and temperature can all be controlled to create an ideal soothing environment. There are no time constraints as in a massage studio.

Ease of Booking

Outcall massages are relatively easy to book, often through an online booking platform or over the phone. You don’t have to visit a studio or spa in person. The massage comes to you at a time that fits your schedule, making the process simple and convenient.

Drawbacks of Outcall Massages

While outcall massages offer many advantages, there are a few potential drawbacks:

Higher Cost

The convenience of an outcall massage typically comes with a higher price tag. Home visits require extra time and travel costs for the therapist, expenses passed along to the client. Studio massages are almost always cheaper than equivalent outcall services.

Therapist Safety

Visiting unfamiliar locations can potentially pose safety issues for therapists. Reputable outcall companies take measures to protect their staff, but complete safety can never be guaranteed. Clients should provide a safe, comfortable workspace out of respect for the therapist.

Inconsistent Environments

While familiar environments can be comforting, they may not be optimized for massage therapy. Things like soft surfaces, distracting noises, poor lighting, and uneven temperatures can all inhibit the quality of an outcall massage if the space isn’t properly prepared.

Reliability Risks

When therapists travel between locations, unexpected delays can occur. Traffic, transportation issues, or previous appointments running long can all lead to delayed or late arrivals. Studio massages reduce these risks of inconvenience for clients.

Lack of Other Amenities

Spas offer amenities like hot tubs, saunas, and relaxation lounges that can enhance the massage experience. Outcall massages do not provide these supplemental services and are typically one-on-one massages only.

Loss of Anonymity

Seeing a regular therapist at your home loses the sense of anonymity some clients prefer. You also need to provide your address and personally welcome the therapist into your space. Some people feel this is too intrusive.

What to Expect During an Outcall Massage

Wondering how an outcall massage appointment unfolds? Here’s a step-by-step look:


Before the outcall therapist arrives, you’ll want to prepare your massage space. Clear out an area large enough to accommodate the massage table, about 6-8 feet long. You may want to have pillows, towels, water, or other amenities on hand. Music should be queued up and the temperature adjusted as needed.

Therapist Arrival

The massage therapist will arrive promptly for the scheduled appointment, typically bringing a folding massage table, sheets, oils or lotions, and any tools or equipment needed. They will carry everything in, set up the space, and go over any intake questions or forms.

Table Setup

Quality outcall therapists will bring a portable, professional grade massage table. They will assemble and prepare the table with proper sanitized linens and equipment. Fresh table linens will be used for each client.


Once you are comfortable lying face down under a sheet or towel on the massage table, the treatment will begin. The therapist will provide the massage based on your agreed upon modality, pressure, focus, and duration. They will check in as needed on your comfort and pressure preferences.

Conclusion & Cleanup

As you near the end of the allotted time, the therapist will begin wrapping up the massage. They’ll make sure you are doing well as you transition off the table. Then they will pack up equipment, dispose of linens, and sanitize surfaces, leaving the space as they found it.

Payment & Gratuity

With outcall massages, payment is often handled prior to the appointment via credit card or payment apps like Venmo. Some therapists may accept payment at the end. Gratuities are appreciated but ultimately at your discretion.

Tips for Booking an Outcall Masseuse

Here are some tips to make the process smooth when booking an outcall massage therapist:

Vet Providers Carefully

Only use legitimate licensed massage therapists and companies. Check reviews, credentials, insurance coverage, and screening procedures before booking. Avoid non-regulated providers like craigslist or freelancers.

Ask About Experience

Find out how long therapists have provided outcall massages specifically. Newer massage school grads may not be as prepared for home visits. Look for 2+ years experience.

Discuss Your Needs

Let the provider know about your massage goals, problem areas, preferred pressure, any injuries, sensitivities, allergies, etc. This allows them to best accommodate you.

Allow Plenty of Setup Time

Expect therapists to need about 15-20 minutes after arrival to bring equipment inside, sanitize hands, assemble the table, etc. Don’t skimp on setup time.

Schedule Carefully

Avoid 15-30 minutes before and after other appointments to prevent cutting into massage time. Leave ample windows for therapist arrival and departure.

Provide Detailed Directions

Ensure therapists can easily find your location. Provide access codes for buildings, gates, elevators, etc. Make sure parking is available if needed.

Prepare the Space

Pick a quiet private area, move any furniture, sanitize surfaces, adjust lighting and temperature, have water available, etc. Help therapists provide a seamless experience.

Communicate About Pets

Let the therapist know in advance if you have pets. Make sure dogs are secured if the therapist is unfamiliar or uncomfortable with them. Reduce barking to avoid disturbances.

Arrange Payment

Clarify what type of payment is expected beforehand so it’s seamless after the massage. Have cash ready or use digital payment if available.

Cost of Outcall Massages

Outcall massage prices depend on your location, the provider’s experience level, the duration, and extra services or amenities. Here are some typical outcall massage costs:

Average Costs

Typical per-massage outcall rates range from $100 to $150 for one hour.
Some therapists or services may charge a travel fee on top of the hourly rate if you are located far from them. Travel surcharges are often $10-$25 each way.

Many outcall services require a minimum booking of 1.5 or 2 hours due to the travel involved.

Duration Costs

– 30 minutes: $50-$100
– 60 minutes: $100-$150
– 90 minutes: $150-$225
– 120 minutes: $200-$300

Service, Upcharges, and Add-ons

– Hot stone massage: Add $10-$30
– Deep tissue massage: Add $10-$20
– Prenatal massage: Add $10-$20
– Aromatherapy: Add $5-$15
– Cupping or myofascial release: Add $10-$25
– Reflexology: Starting at $100 per hour
– Chair massage: $1 per minute is standard


Outcall services may offer package discounts for repeat booking such as:

– 5 x 60 min massages: 10-15% off total package
– 10 x 90 min massages: 15-20% off total package

New client discounts like $20 off the first massage are also sometimes available.


Tipping outcall massage therapists is standard practice at 15-25% of the total cost. Cash tips are usually preferred.

Service Average Cost
60 min massage $100-$150
90 min massage $150-$225
120 min massage $200-$300
Hot stone add-on $10-$30
Deep tissue upcharge $10-$20
Prenatal massage upcharge $10-$20
Aromatherapy $5-$15
Cupping or myofascial release $10-$25
Travel surcharge (each way) $10-$25


Scheduling a massage therapist to visit your home, hotel, or office provides convenience unmatched by studio massages. With licensed professionals providing the treatment, outcall clients can experience quality customized massages in private, familiar settings. While costs are higher for the home visits, many find the benefits well worth the price for an indulgent spa-like experience without leaving home. With proper vetting and preparation, outcall massages can be the ideal way to receive therapeutic bodywork.