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What is perfect lip shape?

When it comes to lips, there are many factors that make up the “perfect” shape. The size, fullness, symmetry, and proportions all play a role. While beauty standards are subjective, research has uncovered some insights into what lip shapes people tend to find most attractive.

Quick Answers

Here are some quick answers to common questions about the perfect lip shape:

  • A moderate level of fullness is often considered ideal. Ultra-thin or inflated lips are less preferred.
  • The upper lip is usually a bit larger in size than the lower lip for balance.
  • Symmetry between the two lips is key. Lips that are uneven can look lopsided.
  • An arch to the upper lip, known as a “Cupid’s bow,” is a coveted trait. A defined philtrum highlights this.
  • Smooth, uniform edges give lips a neat, refined appearance.

Studies on Lip Shape Attractiveness

Researchers have conducted experiments to decode what makes a lip shape attractive. Here are some findings:

  • A study had participants rate digitally altered photos of lips. Lips with a higher ratio between lip height and width were rated as more feminine and attractive.
  • In a connected study, fuller lips with a prominent Cupid’s bow peaked in attractiveness ratings. Thin lips received lower scores.
  • An analysis of lip measurements found the most appealing lips had a greater surface area of the lower lip compared to the upper lip.
  • A strong correlation was found between lip fullness and youthfulness. Fuller lips were seen as a sign of fertility.

Overall, moderate fullness in the lower lip, an accentuated Cupid’s bow, and balanced proportions seem to be desirable traits.

The Ideal Lip Shape

When combining research and collective beauty standards, the ideal lip shape consists of these characteristics:

  • Fullness – The lips have a supple, pillowy fullness without appearing overinflated.
  • Arch – A pronounced Cupid’s bow arch shapes the upper lip.
  • Definition – The vertical groove of the philtrum provides definition.
  • Balance – The lower lip is slightly fuller than the upper lip.
  • Symmetry – The lips are even in size and shape.
  • Edges – Clean, smooth edges frame the lips.

This ideal balance enhances femininity and youthfulness in lip shape.

Factors that Influence Lip Shape

What makes some lips naturally conform more to beauty standards than others? Here are some of the factors that shape our lips:

  • Genes – Genetics play a major role in the anatomical structure of lips. Ethnic background influences tissue volume and lip proportions.
  • Gender – Women’s lips tend to be fuller, especially in the lower lip. Estrogen effects fat distribution in lips.
  • Age – Lips lose collagen, elasticity and plumpness over time. Lip shape can change dramatically from youth to old age.
  • Environment – External factors like sun exposure, smoking, and dehydration can impact lip condition and accelerate aging.
  • Injuries/Scars – Trauma to the lips through injury or surgery can alter symmetry and shape.

While some are blessed with naturally fuller, more youthful lips, achieving the ideal shaped lip is possible with careful makeup techniques or cosmetic procedures.

Makeup Tips for Ideal Lip Shape

For those desiring a perfect pout, makeup illusions can mimic ideal lip proportions. Here are some tips:

  • Overline the Cupid’s bow to exaggerate this arch.
  • Use a lip liner slightly darker than lipstick to define edges.
  • Apply highlighter to the center of the lower lip for a 3D effect.
  • Use shading along the philtrum groove to accentuate this dimension.
  • Plump up lips with volumizing glosses that boost blood flow.
  • Use a lip plumper along the edges to smooth lines and unevenness.

With the right color selections and shading techniques, makeup can create a fuller lip with more ideal proportions.

Cosmetic Procedures for Lip Enhancement

Those seeking permanent lip enhancement may consider these cosmetic procedures:

  • Dermal fillers – Injectables add volume and fullness. Effects last 6-12 months.
  • Fat transfer – Fat harvested from the body is injected for longer-lasting augmentation.
  • Lip lifts – Shorten the space between nose and lip for fuller upper lip.
  • Lip augmentation – Implants made of soft materials increase lip size.

However, even cosmetic procedures have limitations. Overly increasing size or achieving unnatural proportions could look artificial. A skilled cosmetic doctor will aim to enhance lips while retaining a natural look.

What Celebrities Have Ideal Lip Shapes?

Many celebs are famous for their enviable lips. Here are a few recognized for having highly desirable lip shapes:

Celebrity Lip Shape Qualities
Angelina Jolie Full, smooth arch-shape with subtle asymmetry
Scarlett Johansson Full, smooth, balanced between upper and lower
Emily Ratajkowski Slightly fuller lower lip with defined Cupid’s bow
Kylie Jenner Greatly augmented size while retaining shape

These celebrities showcase plump, proportional lips with memorable shapes. However, keep in mind that genetics, makeup illusion, and cosmetic enhancements all play a role in beautifying their lips.

Aiming for Ideal Proportions

While there may not be one definitive “perfect” lip shape, aiming for ideal proportions can make lips more symmetrical and attractive. Some guidelines for balance include:

  • The lower lip protrudes slightly further out than the upper lip.
  • The upper lip arc peaks at the two highest points of the Cupid’s bow.
  • The width of the mouth matches up with the width of the pupils.
  • The lips together are about twice as wide as the width of the nose.

Keep in mind that faces have varying sizes and structures. The “ideal” lip depends on your facial proportions.

Conventional Shape vs. Unique Shape

While an ideal lip shape has some conventional characteristics, a unique lip shape can also have beauty:

  • A slight asymmetry can look natural.
  • A distinctive curve can be memorable.
  • Scars or lines may add character.
  • A thin upper lip balances a full lower lip.

Rather than focusing on achieving one standard, work with your natural lip shape. Well-defined edges and smooth texture make any lip shape look great.

Caring for Lips

To keep your lips looking their best:

  • Stay hydrated to maintain plumpness.
  • Use lip balm and cream to relieve dryness.
  • Avoid licking lips, which dries them out more.
  • Use SPF protection to prevent sun damage.
  • Gently exfoliate to remove dead skin.
  • Don’t pick at flaky skin or bite your lips.

Caring for your lip texture and condition will help any natural lip shape look its most attractive!


The “perfect” lip shape aims for proportionate balance, symmetry, an accentuated Cupid’s bow, and a slightly fuller lower lip for ideal femininity and beauty. However, aiming for ideal proportions with your natural shape can maximize attractiveness. With proper makeup techniques and lip care, your unique lip shape can look its most beautiful.