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What is the 226 Wordle?

Wordle has taken the world by storm since its release in October 2021. The deceptively simple word game by software engineer Josh Wardle requires players to guess a five-letter word in just six tries. With each guess, the letters light up green, yellow, or gray to indicate how close you are to the solution. The immense popularity of Wordle has led to countless spinoffs and variations. One such variant is the 226 Wordle, which puts a unique twist on the original format.

What Makes the 226 Wordle Different?

As the name implies, the 226 Wordle challenges players to guess a 5-letter word in 226 attempts instead of the usual 6. This significantly increases the difficulty level and allows for more complex strategy. The coloring of the letters works the same as regular Wordle. Green means the letter is correct and in the right spot. Yellow indicates the letter is in the word but in the wrong position. And gray means the letter does not appear in the solution at all.

With 226 guesses, players can more methodically try different vowel and consonant combinations to deduce the word. It requires patience and careful reasoning to solve the puzzle in a reasonable number of attempts. While most Wordle words can be determined in 3-4 guesses by an experienced player, even the best will need dozens of guesses to crack a 226 Wordle.

Origins of the 226 Wordle

The 226 Wordle variant was created by Reddit user u/MeaKyori in February 2022. They increased the guess limit to 226 as a nod to the average number of bones in the adult human body. The creator posted their invention on the r/wordle subreddit, where it gained popularity among Wordle enthusiasts seeking a tougher challenge.

The 226 Wordle also drew inspiration from the original Wordle during its early beta testing. Developer Josh Wardle initially allowed players an unlimited number of guesses before settling on 6 as the ideal amount. So in some ways, the 226 Wordle pays homage to Wordle’s beginnings while testing the skills of expert solvers.

Strategies for Solving the 226 Wordle

Due to the increased guess limit, strategies for solving the 226 Wordle require more thought and precision. Here are some tips and tricks to crack these puzzles efficiently:

  • Start with words containing common vowels like A, E, I, O, and U to eliminate those letters quickly if they are not in the word.
  • Pay attention to letter placement – try to pinpoint which spots are correct for any green letters.
  • Use gray letters to narrow down letter choices for remaining spots.
  • Try prefixes and suffixes like UN-, IN-, -ING, -ED, etc. to reveal parts of the word.
  • Think of less obvious letters like X, J, Q, and Z once most vowels and consonants are eliminated.
  • Use an alphabetical approach to systematically test different letter combinations.
  • Avoid repeating guesses and wasted turns to conserve attempts.

With practice and concentration, these tips will help players narrow down the possible solutions and zero in on the target word more efficiently.

Sample 226 Wordle Puzzles

To give a sense of the 226 Wordle gameplay and strategy, here are two sample puzzles with step-by-step solutions:

Sample Puzzle #1

Solution Word: CRANE

Guess Result Reason for Guess
SOARE Grey Grey Grey Grey Grey Common starting word
UNITY Grey Green Grey Grey Grey Trying a U word
GURNS Green Green Grey Grey Grey Contains known U and N
CRANE Green Green Green Green Green Only word left with known letters

For this first puzzle, we are able to deduce the correct word in just 4 guesses by building off of the previous guesses and green letter clues.

Sample Puzzle #2

Solution Word: RHYME

Guess Result Reason for Guess
PEACH Grey Grey Grey Grey Grey Common starting word
TRIES Grey Green Grey Grey Grey Trying a T word
FLOUT Grey Grey Grey Yellow Grey Contains known T
GRUNT Grey Grey Green Yellow Grey Contains known T and U
RHYME Green Green Green Green Green Only remaining 5-letter word

This second example took 5 guesses by gradually revealing the E and Y in the word through strategic guesses.


In conclusion, the 226 Wordle provides an exciting and demanding twist on the original Wordle formula. With 226 guesses available, advanced strategies are needed to identify the solution word in a reasonable number of turns. The extended gameplay allows for more deductive reasoning and a satisfying sense of accomplishment when the word is finally solved. For Wordle devotees, the 226 variant offers a fun, cerebral challenge to test their skill.