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What is the annual revenue of Baked by Melissa?

Baked by Melissa is a popular New York City-based cupcake company known for its bite-sized cupcakes. The company was founded in 2008 by Melissa Ben-Ishay and has since grown to over 20 retail locations across the United States, Canada, and the Middle East. While Baked by Melissa does not publicly disclose its annual revenue, we can estimate its revenue based on available data.

Estimating Baked by Melissa’s Annual Revenue

Here are some key facts that can help estimate Baked by Melissa’s annual revenue:

  • Baked by Melissa has over 20 retail locations across North America and the Middle East. Each store likely generates at least $500,000 in annual sales based on average cupcake shop sales.
  • The company has a thriving online business, shipping cupcakes nationwide. Its online sales are likely at least $5 million per year.
  • Baked by Melissa products are also sold in over 2,500 grocery stores. This retail distribution likely adds at least another $5 million in wholesale revenue per year.
  • The company produces over 50,000 cupcakes daily. With an average price of $3 per cupcake, this translates to roughly $45 million in annual production revenue across all sales channels.
  • Baked by Melissa has grown rapidly since its founding. Annual revenue growth is estimated at 15-25% per year.

Given these factors, a conservative estimate for Baked by Melissa’s current annual revenue would be around $70 – $100 million.

Revenue Estimate Analysis

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the estimated revenue calculation:

Revenue Source Estimate
Retail stores (20 locations at ~$500k each) $10 million
Online sales $5 million
Grocery/wholesale sales $5 million
Total production volume (50k cupcakes daily at $3 each) $45 million
Estimated annual growth rate 15-25%

Given the retail store, online, grocery, and production volume estimates, Baked by Melissa is likely generating at least $65 million in annual revenue as of 2023. Applying an estimated growth rate of 15-25% gives us an estimated revenue range of $70 – $100 million.

Key Drivers of Baked by Melissa’s Growth

There are several factors that have contributed to Baked by Melissa’s rapid growth and financial success:

  • Product differentiation – The bite-sized cupcakes are a unique product that stands out in the marketplace.
  • Premium branding – Baked by Melissa has built an iconic lifestyle brand that resonates with modern consumers.
  • Creativity and innovation – New cupcake flavors and creative packaging keep the product line fresh.
  • Rapid expansion – The company has aggressively expanded into new markets and retail channels.
  • Ecommerce sales – A focus on online ordering and shipping fuels nationwide demand.

The combination of these factors has enabled Baked by Melissa to achieve rapid revenue growth and establish itself as a leader in the cupcake and sweets segment.

The Bottom Line

While the exact annual revenue figure is private, Baked by Melissa appears to be generating between $70 – $100 million in annual sales based on available estimates of its retail stores, online business, grocery distribution, and production volumes. The company’s unique product, branding, innovation, and omni-channel distribution have fueled its growth into one of the top cupcake brands in North America.