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What is the best color for bridal shower?

Choosing the right color scheme for a bridal shower is an important decision that sets the tone for the entire event. The color palette impacts everything from the decor to the food to the attire. When selecting bridal shower colors, there are a few key factors to consider:

Match the Bride’s Style

First and foremost, the color scheme should complement the bride’s personal style. Is she trendy or traditional? Feminine or edgy? Know her taste and aesthetic before deciding on a direction. If she loves bold, vibrant hues, then bright pinks, fuchsias and oranges will suit her. For a bride with a romantic sensibility, try blush tones, rose gold or mint green. If she prefers neutral palettes, go for shades of cream, gray and taupe. The colors should reflect the bride and make her feel special.

Consider the Season

The time of year the shower takes place can inform your color choices. Light, airy pastels and florals match the feeling of spring showers while summer calls for punchy, tropical colors. For a fall bridal event, rich autumnal shades of plum, mustard and olive green are ideal. Winter showers pair nicely with icy metallics, glittery silvers and crisp berry reds. Seasonally appropriate colors make for a cohesive theme.

Coordinate with Wedding Colors

When possible, coordinate the bridal shower color scheme with the wedding colors. This creates a unified look and feel. If the wedding palette consists of shades of purple and green, mirror those hues in the decor, flowers and dishes at the shower. The bridesmaids’ dresses are often a good indicator of wedding colors as well. Tie it all together for a harmonious style.

Set a Mood

Colors set a mood and elicit emotions. Soft, light colors like baby blue or mint green evoke a dreamy, romantic feeling perfect for proposals or wedding showers. Vibrant reds, oranges and fuchsias create fun, energetic vibes great for fiesta showers or any lively celebration. Cool tones like slate blue or emerald green establish a modern, sophisticated ambiance. Neutrals like blush, champagne and taupe make for an elegant and refined affair. Choose colors that will establish the right energy.

Consider Practicalities

Practical matters should play into color choices as well. Bold colors show stains, so go for darker shades if serving red wine or saucy foods. For daytime showers, lighter shades won’t get lost in dim lighting. Certain colors like red or coral may cause skin tones to look washed out in photos, so keep that in mind. If the bride’s dress is a pale color, avoid hues that will compete or blend in.

Most Popular Bridal Shower Colors

Based on traditional practices and current trends, here are some of the most popular bridal shower color schemes:

Color Tones Feeling
Pink Blush, peach, fuchsia Feminine, playful, romantic
Blue Navy, teal, sky blue Calming, cool, refreshing
Yellow Sunflower, lemon, mustard Bright, cheerful, lively
Green Mint, sage, emerald Natural, vibrant, renewed
Purple Lilac, violet, lavender Royal, magical, mystical
Neutral White, cream, champagne Elegant, graceful, timeless

Pretty in Pink

Pink is the quintessential bridal shower color. Soft blush pink evokes the romance of weddings in a feminine, whimsical way. It complements fair and warm skin tones. Accent pale pink with metallics for a modern vibe. Pair coral and salmon with mint green for retro chic style. Use varying shades of pink in flowers, linens, attire and desserts.

Blue Beauty

Blue is a versatile bridal color with many moods. Navy blue with silver accents lends a nautical, beachy look perfect for summer. Robin’s egg blue and aqua create a sweet pastel palette. Royal blue paired with cream establishes an elegant, luxurious ambiance. Metallic blues in tableware and decor lend a cool, sleek style. Use light blues for energy or dark blues for dignity.

Sunny Yellow

Yellow infuses any bridal shower with energy and cheer. Sunflower yellow, lemon yellow, and mustard create bright, fun palettes. Accent yellow with contrasting colors like navy blue or slate gray to keep the scheme from looking overly Easter-like. Try all yellow flowers or lemon cupcakes to work yellow in naturally. Yellow evokes joy and laughter, perfect for games and activities.

Green with Envy

Green symbolizes new beginnings, renewal and the freshness of spring, making it highly appropriate for bridal showers. Pastel mint and pistachio greens say soft, sweet and whimsical. Metallic emerald and sage make bold color statements. Accent blush pink with lime green for tropical flair or pair forest green with burgundy for an elegant Fall event. Green tableware sets an earthy tone.

Lovely Lavender

Many brides are drawn to purple hues, which symbolize magic, imagination and spirituality. Light lilacs and lavenders evoke vintage romance. Vibrant violets and deep eggplants create an air of luxury fit for royalty. Mix various purple flower types and arrangements. Garnish foods with edible lavender or serve ombre purple cakes. Use glittering amethyst accents for mystical ambiance. Purple reigns supreme.

Neutral Elegance

Neutrals like cream, beige and champagne establish an effortlessly elegant ambiance with a timeless aesthetic. Whitewashed venues allow bridal colors and decor to pop. Taupe with rose gold accents lends a modern, sophisticated mood. Go for an all-white theme with flowers, linens and attire. The minimalist palette lets the bride shine as the focal point. Keep it clean and contemporary.

Coordinating Shades

Complementary and contrasting colors allow you to create depth, dimension and visual interest. Here are pleasing pairings to consider:

  • Pink and green
  • Yellow and gray
  • Purple and silver
  • Red and navy
  • Orange and sky blue
  • Lavender and sage
  • Coral and mint
  • Burgundy and teal
  • Blush and copper

Keep hues cohesive by limiting your palette. Reiterate colors in decor, flowers, linens, attire, food and drink. Tie everything together using complementary tones.

Creating Color Flow

Strategically arranging color elements creates a visual flow or path for the eye to follow. Here are tips for effective color flow:

  • Place color pieces purposefully, not randomly
  • Repeat and echo colors in different spots
  • Lead the eye from front to back of the space
  • Build color intensity for focal points
  • Use color to highlight important areas
  • Build palettes gradually from light to dark

Map out how guests will see and experience color so it guides them through the shower with intentionality.

Choosing Your Colors

When selecting that perfect bridal shower color palette, follow this checklist:

  • Reflect the bride’s personal style
  • Complement the season and time of day
  • Coordinate with wedding colors when possible
  • Establish the desired mood and tone
  • Consider lighting, photography and practicalities
  • Build a cohesive palette with 2-4 colors
  • Use complementary shades for interest
  • Map out placement to direct the eye

With some thoughtfulness and planning, you can create a bridal shower color scheme that leaves a lasting impression. For a foolproof combination, we recommend blush pink, peach and mint green for a spring soiree. With the right colors, you set the stage for an unforgettable event.


Selecting the ideal bridal shower color palette takes consideration, but is an opportunity to express the bride’s personal style while establishing the perfect aesthetic tone. Complement the bride, suit the season, coordinate with wedding colors, create the desired ambiance and accent shades for a harmonious, memorable color experience from start to finish.