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What is the difference between a September Virgo and an August Virgo?

Virgo is the sixth astrological sign in the zodiac, spanning from August 23rd to September 22nd. This means that Virgos born at the very beginning of the sign in late August often exhibit slightly different traits and characteristics than those born at the very end of the sign’s date range in September.

Key Traits of Virgo

In general, Virgos are known for being analytical, practical, diligent, and perfectionistic. They have an incredible eye for detail and enjoy intellectual pursuits. Virgos like to be of service and have a desire to make the world a better place. They are modest, humble, and understated. Virgo is an earth sign, so stability and groundedness are very important.

August Virgo Traits

August Virgos are born from August 23rd to August 31st. Being born nearer the beginning of the Virgo date range, August Virgos exhibit the raw and unevolved form of Virgo traits and energy. Here are some key traits of the August Virgo:

  • Highly analytical – August Virgos have laser sharp minds and analysis skills. They pick up on the tiniest details.
  • Perfectionistic – August Virgos have almost impossibly high standards. They notice every flaw and are very self-critical.
  • Critical – Their perfectionism makes August Virgos highly critical of others too, as nobody can live up to their lofty standards.
  • Fastidious – August Virgos are neat freaks who prize order, routine, and organization.
  • Reserved – August Virgos tend to be shy, modest, and understated socially.
  • Hardworking – With their keen focus, August Virgos work very diligently at their jobs and other pursuits.
  • Practical – These Virgos are very pragmatic, grounded in reality, and focused on usefulness.

September Virgo Traits

September Virgos are born from September 1st to September 22nd. Being born later in the Virgo date range, September Virgos exhibit a more developed form of Virgo traits and energy. Here are some of the defining traits of the September Virgo:

  • Discerning – While still analytical, September Virgos have better honed judgment skills than August Virgos.
  • Realistic perfectionists – September Virgos have tempered their perfectionism with realism and pragmatism.
  • Tolerant – Though still critical, September Virgos are less overt about it and more tolerant than August Virgos.
  • Organized – September Virgos are orderly like August Virgos but in a more streamlined manner.
  • Helpful – September Virgos retain their desire to serve but are better at discerning how to be of use.
  • Reliable – These Virgos are incredibly responsible, practical, and dedicated in their work.
  • Humble – September Virgos are modest and don’t flaunt their skills or intelligence.

August vs September Virgo – Key Differences

Though August and September Virgos share the core traits of the Virgo sign, there are some key differences between the two due to their birthdates:


August Virgos are very perfectionistic in an unrealistic way. September Virgos are more pragmatic perfectionists who set high but achievable standards.


August Virgos frequently criticize others. September Virgos are more tactful and constructive with criticism.

Attention to Detail

August Virgos hone in on tiny details. September Virgos notice details but focus more on the big picture.


Both Virgos are very organized and tidy. However, September Virgos streamline systems in a more functional manner.


August Virgos flaunt their intelligence. September Virgos retain their mental sharpness but are more humble.

Helping Others

August Virgos try to help but can be critical. September Virgos discern better ways to be of service.


August Virgos lack confidence due to harsh self-criticism. September Virgos have more faith in their abilities.


August Virgos have little patience for imperfections. September Virgos are more patient and tolerant.


August Virgos are very rigid and stubborn. September Virgos are somewhat more flexible.

Strengths of August and September Virgos

Despite their differences, August and September Virgos both have valuable strengths:

Shared Strengths

Strength Description
Analytical skills Both have incredible attention to detail and research abilities.
Practicality Both are pragmatic, realistic, and grounded.
Diligence Both are extremely hardworking and persevering.
Dependability Both are reliable, responsible, and ethical.
Modesty Neither is overly flashy or ostentatious.

August Virgo Strengths

Strength Description
Meticulousness Their perfectionism makes them extremely thorough and meticulous.
Logic They have brilliant logical reasoning abilities.
Focus They have incredible focus and concentration skills.

September Virgo Strengths

Strength Description
Discernment Their judgment skills and intuition are excellent.
Practical intelligence They use their brilliance in pragmatic real world ways.
Helpfulness They have finely tuned skills in service and helping others.

Weaknesses of August and September Virgos

August and September Virgos also have some shared weaknesses:

Shared Weaknesses

Weakness Description
Worry Both tend to be anxious worriers.
Overthinking They are prone to obsessive over-analysis.
Self-criticism Their perfectionism makes them very self-critical.
Criticism of others Their high standards make them critical of others.

August Virgo Weaknesses

Weakness Description
Harsh criticism Their criticism of others can be overly harsh.
Impractical standards Their perfectionism is often unrealistic.
Rigidness They can be extremely rigid and stubborn.
tactlessness They can be blunt and tactless when critiquing others.

September Virgo Weaknesses

Weakness Description
Overly critical Their criticism, though tempered, can still be too harsh.
Fastidiousness They can still be nitpicky and fastidious.
Condescension Their discernment can turn into condescension.
Unrealistic standards They still set the bar very high for themselves and others.

Compatibility and Relationships

When it comes to relationships and compatibility with others, some key patterns emerge:


August Virgos may have fewer friends due to their criticism. September Virgos are better able to maintain friendships long-term.


August Virgos struggle with romance due to perfectionism. September Virgos are more compromising but still have high standards.

Partner Compatibility

August Virgos need patient, flexible partners. September Virgos get along best with other practical Earth signs.

Conflict Style

August Virgos can be argumentative and stubborn. September Virgos compromise more easily but still prefer to be right.

Communication Style

August Virgos can be blunt to the point of hurt. September Virgos are more tactful but overly detail-oriented.

Career Paths

When it comes to choosing a career, August and September Virgos often thrive in the following fields:

Shared Career Strengths

  • Research and analytics
  • Accounting and finance
  • Science and technology
  • Healthcare services
  • Organization and project management

August Virgo Career Strengths

  • Computer programming
  • Engineering
  • Investigative work
  • Craftsmanship

September Virgo Career Strengths

  • Teaching
  • Counseling and social work
  • Human resources
  • Technical writing


In summary, September Virgos and August Virgos share many core traits including analysis, practicality, perfectionism and modesty. However, key differences emerge due to their birth timing. September Virgos have a more refined expression of Virgo’s gifts while August Virgos exhibit the rawer, unevolved form.

August Virgos may be harsher critics while September Virgos are more discerning. September Virgos have an edge when it comes to relationships and diplomacy. But August Virgos possess incredible focus when it comes to research or technical skills.

Both types have strengths and weaknesses that can support each other. September Virgos help August Virgos develop patience and people skills. August Virgos share their laser sharp mental gifts with September Virgos. Together, they make an unstoppable team!