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What is the grandma’s cooking show?

Grandma’s cooking show is a popular cooking series hosted by everyone’s favorite grandma, Betty Smith. For over 10 years, Grandma Betty has been inviting viewers into her cozy kitchen and teaching them how to make delicious, home-cooked meals just like grandma used to make. With her warm smile, words of wisdom, and fail-proof recipes, Grandma Betty makes cooking fun and approachable for cooks of all ages and skill levels.

History of the Show

Grandma Betty first launched her show in 2010 on a local public access channel in her hometown. She started the show as a way to share her love of cooking and pass down generations-old family recipes. The community embraced Grandma Betty’s sincerity and her tasty recipes. Soon her show gained a cult following beyond just Betty’s small town.

Within a year, the show was picked up by the Cooking Channel and gained national exposure. Now filmed in a recreated grandma’s kitchen on a sound stage, complete with floral wallpaper and kitschy roosters on the curtains, Grandma Betty’s show reaches millions of homes across America. While the setting has changed, Grandma Betty remains the same genuine and delightful cook she has always been.

Recurring Segments

Part of what makes Grandma’s cooking show so enjoyable to watch are the recurring segments that Grandma Betty includes in each episode.

One fan favorite segment is “Grandma’s Pantry Staples.” In this segment, Betty reveals her secret ingredients and shares tips for stocking your kitchen with essentials like spices, oils, flours, beans, grains and more. She offers advice on how to use pantry staples to whip up easy, delicious meals on a budget.

In the segment “Betty’s Mailbag,” Grandma Betty responds to cooking questions sent in from viewers. She offers helpful answers and recipes for everything from how to bake the perfect pie crust to what to make with a bumper crop of zucchini from your garden.

“Grandma’s Grocery Store Tours” take viewers down the aisles of Grandma Betty’s local grocery store as she points out her favorite products and gives advice for smart shopping. You never know what useful tips Grandma will provide during these segments!

Types of Recipes

From weekday meals to holiday fare, Grandma Betty’s recipes run the gamut of home cooking classics. Here are some of the recipe themes she covers on her show:

Budget-Friendly Dinners

Feeding a family on a budget? Grandma Betty has plenty of tips for stretching your grocery dollars. She provides recipes for cheap but filling meals like casseroles, soups, pasta bakes, and skillet dishes loaded with veggies. Her thriftiness shines through with recipes using inexpensive ingredients like beans, lentils, carrots, potatoes and chicken.

Sunday Suppers

For time-honored Sunday get-togethers, Grandma Betty serves up the kind of comforting, hearty fare that families crave. Showstopping roasts, buttery mashed potatoes, sweet tea and warm berry cobblers are regularly featured in Grandma’s Sunday supper recipes.

Bake Sale Goodies

Grandma Betty shares her secrets for making delectable bake sale treats that fly off the table. She provides easy, kid-friendly recipes for cookies, bars, cupcakes, breads and more that hold up well to transport and storage. With Grandma Betty’s recipes, your bake sale will be a smashing success.

Holiday Favorites

No one gets you in the spirit for the holidays like Grandma Betty! She provides nostalgic, made-from-scratch recipes that have been passed down for generations. Try her pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, gingerbread men for Christmas and lemon bars for summer picnics. Grandma has all the seasonal favorites!

Common Cooking Tips from Grandma Betty

While her recipes are certainly delicious, Grandma Betty’s best advice may be her words of wisdom for becoming a better, more confident home cook. Here are some of her top cooking tips:

Tip Description
Start with quality ingredients Good food starts with fresh, in-season ingredients. Don’t cut corners on buying quality meat, produce, dairy, etc.
Read the recipe thoroughly Save yourself frustrations later by reading the recipe all the way through before starting. Make sure you understand the steps and have all necessary equipment.
Prep your ingredients Chop, dice, measure out ingredients before cooking so everything is ready to go and you can focus on the cooking steps.
Use proper tools Invest in some basic, good quality kitchen tools. Proper pots, pans, knives, spatulas, etc. make cooking easier and more enjoyable.
Taste as you cook Always taste and adjust seasonings as you cook. Different brands or freshness of ingredients means seasonings can vary.
Don’t be afraid to experiment Once you’re comfortable with the basics, have fun and get creative by tweaking recipes to your taste.

Grandma Betty emphasizes that cooking is a skill anyone can learn, so new cooks shouldn’t get discouraged. Start simple, practice recipes that excite you, and remember to enjoy the process. Cooking should be fun!

Special Episodes

While every episode of Grandma’s Cooking includes Betty’s hallmark warmth and wise words, she also airs occasional special episodes with unique themes:

Cooking with Grandkids

These extra sweet episodes feature Grandma Betty cooking alongside her real-life grandchildren. She teaches them basic skills and recipes kids can master like pizza pockets, banana bread and chocolate chip cookies.

Baking Championship

For this annual event, Grandma Betty invites a few of her most talented viewers to compete for the title of “Grandma’s Cooking Show Baking Champ.” Contestants face off in bake-offs making pies, cakes, bread and more for the judges.

Potluck in the Country

Grandma Betty visits a beautiful farm or countryside location for an outdoor potluck picnic. She provides recipes for hearty salads, sandwiches, beverages and picnic desserts that are perfect for sharing at a potluck.

Cooking at the Cabin

Grandma heads to a cozy log cabin to share her recipes for rustic, easy dishes you can make away from your full kitchen. Think foil packet dinners, campfire chili, pancakes and other cabin cuisine.

Why People Love Grandma’s Cooking Show

After over a decade on the air, Grandma’s Cooking Show remains beloved because it offers so much more than just great recipes. Here are some of the key reasons fans love tuning in:

  • Nostalgia – Watching Grandma Betty is like spending time with your own grandma in her kitchen. Her show invokes all the best memories of childhood.
  • Personality – Grandma Betty’s infectious warmth, humor and wisdom shine through. She’s the caring grandma everyone wishes they had.
  • Reliability – Viewers trust Grandma Betty’s recipes. She offers time-tested, family-approved dishes that deliver delicious results.
  • Variety – From simple weeknight meals to show-stopping desserts, Grandma Betty covers it all. There’s always a new recipe to try.
  • Approachability – Betty breaks down recipes in an accessible way. She empowers beginners to gain confidence in the kitchen.

At its heart, Grandma’s Cooking Show provides comfort. Viewers can count on Grandma Betty to deliver nostalgic recipes and sage advice served up with a smile. In a hectic world, her show is a relaxing break where spending time with Grandma is always a treat.


For over 10 years, Grandma’s Cooking Show has provided fool-proof recipes and heartwarming fun for home cooks of all levels. Hosted by everyone’s favorite grandma Betty Smith, the show takes audiences into her cozy kitchen several times a week for a dose of nostalgia, comfort food, and cooking wisdom. From budget-friendly family meals to holiday showstoppers and everything in between, Grandma Betty shares generations-old recipes passed down just like a family treasure. With her infectious warmth and passion for teaching the basics, Grandma Betty makes cooking joyful and accessible. For anyone longing to spend more time with their own grandma in the kitchen, this show is the next best thing. So grab your apron, turn on the show, and get ready to whip up delicious homemade goodness just like Grandma used to make.