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What is the Grey Hulk called?

The Grey Hulk is one of the alter egos of the Marvel Comics superhero Hulk. Over the years, the Grey Hulk has gone by a few different names that reflect his personality and abilities.

Joe Fixit

One of the most well-known names for the Grey Hulk is Joe Fixit. Joe Fixit first appeared in The Incredible Hulk #324 in 1986. In this persona, the Hulk is intelligent, crafty, and prefers to solve problems through deceit and manipulation rather than brute force.

Some key facts about Joe Fixit:

  • He worked as an enforcer for a Las Vegas casino owner.
  • He dressed sharply in suits and hats.
  • He demonstrated a morally ambiguous personality.
  • His base strength level was lower than the traditional green Hulk, but could increase with rage.

The name Joe Fixit encapsulates this version’s penchant for making problems disappear, often through illicit means. The Grey Hulk remained in the Joe Fixit form for several years, appearing regularly in Hulk comics until the 1990s.

Mr. Fixit

Mr. Fixit is a variation on the Joe Fixit name and was used interchangeably in some comics. Other characters in the Marvel universe addressed the Grey Hulk as Mr. Fixit from time to time.

The Professor

For a period in the 1990s comics, the Grey Hulk began going by The Professor after demonstrating a high level of intelligence compared to other Hulk incarnations. As The Professor, this version of the Hulk wore glasses and spoke in a sophisticated manner.

Key traits of The Professor:

  • Genius-level intellect capable of building advanced technology
  • Used meditation techniques to maintain control of his temper
  • More emotionally distant and aloof
  • Still prone to fits of rage that compromised his intelligence

The erudite Professor persona highlighted the fact that the Grey Hulk is mentally sharper than the Savage Hulk. However, he still struggled to completely control his emotions and volatility – hallmark traits of any version of the Hulk.

Gray Hulk

Gray Hulk is the most generic, straightforward name for this version of the character. He was not always referred to by a nickname or alter ego name. This understated name highlighted the difference between his gray skin tone and the traditional green hue of Hulk.

Mr. Gray

Similar to Gray Hulk, Mr. Gray was another simple way characters referred to the Grey Hulk in some comic issues. This name pointed out his gray color while also acknowledging him as an entity separate from Bruce Banner.

The Grey Hulk’s Origins and Backstory

The Grey Hulk first emerged in The Incredible Hulk #1 in 1963, the same issue that introduced the green-skinned Hulk. In the beginning, writer Stan Lee intended the grey color to represent the Hulk’s nighttime form, while the green was his daytime form. However, the grey color was problematic for early printing processes, so the grey Hulk disappeared after six issues.

The Grey Hulk did not reemerge until over two decades later in The Incredible Hulk #324 (1986). Writer Al Milgrom presented the Grey Hulk as a separate personality, referred to as Joe Fixit, who was cunning yet brutal. This Grey Hulk had less physical strength but more intelligence than the Savage green Hulk.

Over the next several years, the backstory of the Grey Hulk was retconned and expanded. Writer Peter David characterized the Grey Hulk as the personality that existed before Bruce Banner was bombarded with gamma rays. This explained why the Grey Hulk was more articulate and smarter than the childlike Savage Hulk.

Key elements of the Grey Hulk backstory:

  • He is the first Hulk personality to emerge, not the Savage Hulk
  • Bruce Banner repressed his existence for many years
  • He begins re-emerging when Banner undergoes psychological trauma
  • He transforms at night, while Banner is asleep
  • Cunning and morally ambiguous compared to other Hulks

The Grey Hulk has gone through periods of prominence and obscurity in the decades since his reintroduction as Joe Fixit. He remains a recurring presence that represents a different side to Bruce Banner’s fractured psyche.

The Grey Hulk’s Powers

The Grey Hulk has the following abilities and powers:

  • Superhuman strength – Not as strong as Savage Hulk initially, but can increase with rage. At peak anger, strength rivals green Hulk.
  • Superhuman durability and stamina
  • Accelerated healing factor
  • Ability to leap incredible distances
  • Genius-level intellect
  • Highly skilled tactician and strategist
  • Ability to transform back into Bruce Banner during the day

However, the Grey Hulk does have some weaknesses compared to other Hulk personae:

  • Weaker base level strength
  • Smaller stature than green Hulk
  • Less able to easily tap into extreme rage boosts
  • Arrogance and overconfidence

Overall, the Grey Hulk has a unique powerset that provides intellectual advantages not present in other Hulk forms. But this comes at the cost of reduced physical power.

Comparison to Other Hulk Personalities

The Grey Hulk differs from Hulk’s other core personalities in various ways:

Savage Hulk

  • Savage Hulk has higher base and maximum strength
  • Savage Hulk is easily enraged and shifts intelligence
  • Grey Hulk is more stable and keeps intelligence
  • Savage Hulk emerges due to childhood trauma
  • Grey Hulk is the original pre-gamma personality

The Professor

  • Both share high intellect and cunning
  • The Professor is more emotionally distant
  • Grey Hulk wrestles more with morality issues
  • The Professor suppressed Grey Hulk for a time

Devil Hulk

  • Devil Hulk is focused on psychological warfare
  • Grey Hulk uses physical force and tricks
  • Devil Hulk wants to torment Bruce Banner
  • Grey Hulk is more interested in freedom from Banner

In summary, the Savage Hulk is the physically strongest, Devil Hulk is the most malicious, and Grey Hulk uses brains over brawn.

Notable Storylines Featuring Grey Hulk

Some key comic book story arcs spotlighting the Grey Hulk include:

  • “Nightmerica” – Grey Hulk takes over Las Vegas (Incredible Hulk #344–346)
  • “Regression” – Explains Grey Hulk’s early origins (Incredible Hulk #368–370)
  • “Shrapnel” – Grey Hulk battles Iron Man (Incredible Hulk #384–388)
  • ” Dogs of War” – Grey Hulk schemes against other personas (Incredible Hulk #393–396)
  • “The Professor Returns” – The Professor emerges (Incredible Hulk #417–419)
  • “Devil Hulk” – Devil Hulk battles Grey Hulk (Incredible Hulk #478–479)

These storylines expanded on the personality, motivations, and history of the Grey Hulk as a cunning, morally ambiguous figure who added more complexity to the Bruce Banner/Hulk dynamic.

Key Writers Who Developed Grey Hulk

Some of the notable comic creators who were influential in developing the Grey Hulk over the years include:

Writer Contributions
Stan Lee Created the original Grey Hulk
Al Milgrom Brought back Grey Hulk as Joe Fixit
Peter David Fleshed out backstory and relationships to other Hulks
Greg Pak Provided modern updates to the Grey Hulk

These influential writers introduced new twists on the classic Green Hulk by developing the cunning Grey Hulk persona over many years.


The Grey Hulk occupies an interesting space in the Hulk mythos as an intelligent, morally questionable figure who indulges certain vices and schemes to advance his own hidden agenda. Names like Joe Fixit and The Professor reflected this sneaky, brutal side of the Hulk’s complex psyche.

Comics writers chipped away at the Grey Hulk over the decades, providing backstory details that made him distinct from the more famous Savage Green Hulk. Key storylines pitted the Grey Hulk against other versions of Hulk, further teasing out their relationships. Thanks to this long-term development, the Grey Hulk remains an integral part of Hulk lore.