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What is the max evolution in Maneater?

Maneater is an open world action role-playing game developed and published by Tripwire Interactive. In the game, players take on the role of a bull shark who must evolve and adapt to survive in the dangerous waters along the Gulf Coast. As the shark eats and kills, it gains experience points that can be used to purchase upgrades and evolve the shark into an unstoppable underwater predator. But just how much can the shark evolve over the course of the game? What is the maximum level of evolution players can achieve? This article will provide an in-depth look at the evolution system in Maneater and discuss the max evolution possible.

Evolution System Overview

In Maneater, the shark has access to several different aspects that can be evolved and upgraded:

  • Body – Improves health, damage and other stats
  • Tail – Improves speed, momentum and other traversal abilities
  • Jaws – Unlocks new abilities and improves bite damage
  • Bio-electric – Unlocks electrical attacks and improvements
  • Bone – Improves bone-related abilities and armor
  • Internal – Provides boosts to health and damage resistance

Each aspect has 10 levels of possible upgrades. As the shark eats more prey, completes challenges and progresses through the game, it gains experience points that can be spent to evolve these areas. This allows the shark to become faster, gain new attacks like a tail whip or charged bite, become armored against damage and inflict more damage on enemies.

Level Cap

So what is the maximum evolution level players can achieve in Maneater? The max evolution level possible is 40. This requires fully upgrading all 6 evolution aspects to level 10.

Here’s a breakdown of the max evolution details:

  • Body – Level 10
  • Tail – Level 10
  • Jaws – Level 10
  • Bio-electric – Level 10
  • Bone – Level 10
  • Internal – Level 10

With all evolution aspects upgraded to max level, the shark becomes an apex underwater predator with unmatched speed, biting power, electrified attacks, thick armored skin and massive health pool. This requires 830,000 total evolution points to acquire through normal gameplay.

Max Stats

At max evolution level 40, here are some of the impressive stats and abilities the player’s shark can obtain:

  • Health – 10,000 HP
  • Damage – Up to 10,000 damage per bite
  • Speed – Over 90 mph
  • Electric attacks – 500+ volts of shock damage
  • Armor – Can resist even harpoon and shotgun attacks
  • momentum – Can ram targets at devastating velocity

In addition, the shark unlocks new abilities like an electric burst area attack, tail whip stun attack, and a charged turbo boost rush. It becomes nearly unstoppable in the water.

Reaching Max Evolution

So how can players actually reach max evolution level 40 in Maneater? Here are some tips:

  • Complete all quests, challenges and bounty hunts – These provide big XP rewards
  • Eat lots of wildlife – Everything you eat provides XP
  • Take down apex predators – Higher level targets give more XP
  • Explore the world fully – Discover all areas and collectibles
  • Defeat all bosses – Boss fights grant major XP
  • Upgrade your stats well – Prioritize key abilities first

By thoroughly exploring Maneater’s open world, completing all challenges, taking down tough apex predators like alligators and sharks, and defeating all of the game’s bosses, players can max out the shark’s evolution in around 15-20 hours of gameplay.

Is Max Evolution Required?

Reaching the max evolution level of 40 is not actually required to complete Maneater. The game can still be finished with lower evolution levels, though the shark will be weaker and some boss fights more difficult.

Maxing out evolution to level 40 simply allows players to experience the shark at the absolute peak of its power, granting unrivaled abilities and stats to devastate anything in your path. It provides an optional end-game goal for those who really want to become the ultimate apex predator.

That said, reaching level 40 evolution is highly recommended for those who want to dominate Maneater’s world.


The max evolution available in Maneater is level 40, achieved by upgrading all six evolution aspects to level 10. This requires 830,000 XP and provides the shark with over 10,000 HP, insane damage stats, devastating electric attacks, thick armored skin, and other impressive abilities.

While maxing out evolution is not essential, it allows players to experience being a nigh-unstoppable underwater apex predator. With jaw-dropping stats and abilities, the level 40 megashark can take on anything the oceans of Maneater have to offer. Through extensive gameplay and completing all challenges, players can push the shark to its absolute limit and become the ultimate underwater terror.