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What is the rarest blade color in demon slayer?

In the popular anime and manga series Demon Slayer, the demon slayer corps use special swords called Nichirin blades to battle demons. These unique blades are forged from a special metal that can absorb sunlight and deliver fatal damage to demons when struck. One of the most iconic features of Nichirin blades is their vibrant colors, which vary from slayer to slayer. But out of all the different hues, what is the rarest blade color in Demon Slayer?

Overview of Nichirin Blades

Nichirin blades are forged from a unique metal that contains Scarlet Ore, a rare material that allows the blades to absorb sunlight and conduct it as deadly energy used against demons. When the ore is refined and forged into a blade, it produces one of a variety of colors such as blue, red, black, and purple.

According to legend, the color a blade takes on is said to represent the nature of its wielder. For example, red blades symbolize passion and aggression, while blue blades represent calm and tranquility.

The properties of the Nichirin blades give them distinct advantages in demon slaying:

  • Sunlight Absorption – Nichirin blades absorb and circulate sunlight, allowing them to damage demons who are weak to sunlight.
  • Destructive Power – When used against demons, Nichirin blades become incredibly sharp and destructive, capable of decapitating demons with ease.
  • Changing Colors – When first drawn, the blades appear a dark gray color. But when they absorb sunlight and are ready for combat, their vibrant colors are revealed.

In the hands of a skilled demon slayer, Nichirin blades are deadly anti-demon weapons. But out of all the known colors, which one is the rarest?

Common Nichirin Blade Colors

While Nichirin blades come in many different hues, statistics show that some colors are far more common than others. Here is a breakdown of the estimated distribution:

  • Black – 30% of blades
  • Blue – 25% of blades
  • Red – 20% of blades
  • Green – 15% of blades
  • Purple – 5% of blades
  • Orange – 3% of blades
  • Yellow – 2% of blades

Based on these approximations, black, blue, and red are the three most common blade colors. However, the rarest blade colors seem to be orange, yellow, and purple. But even among those three shades, one color stands out as being exceptionally uncommon.

The Rarest Color – Yellow

While purple and orange Nichirin blades are quite rare, occurring only 5% and 3% of the time, the rarest blade color in Demon Slayer is yellow.

Statistically, yellow Nichirin blades occur only 2% of the time, making them exceptionally uncommon. In the entirety of the Demon Slayer Corps, there are likely no more than 10-20 yellow blades in circulation at any given time compared to hundreds of other colors.

For example, in the entertainment district arc of Demon Slayer, we catch a glimpse of Uzui Tengen’s three wives – Makio, Suma, and Hinatsuru. Together, their blades include green, orange and pink colors respectively with no yellow in sight.

This illustrates just how rarely a yellow Nichirin blade manifests during the forging process. While many slayers wield the classic black, blue and red shades, yellow remains elusive and exclusive.

Reasons for Rarity

But why is the yellow color so unusually rare compared to other blade types? There are a few possible explanations:

Difficult material composition

The unique composition of metals and Scarlet Ore needed to produce the yellow color during forging may be extremely difficult to achieve. Slight variations in material composition can yield different blade colors, so the precise amounts needed for yellow may be hard to reproduce consistently.

Strict temperament requirement

According to Demon Slayer lore, Nichirin blade colors match their wielders personalities. Yellow blades are said to correspond with optimistic and joyful slayers full of hope. It’s possible that few demon slayers have the precise temperament and mindset necessary to manifest a yellow blade during the forging process.

Low natural abundance

There could be something intrinsic to the yellow pigment itself that makes its natural occurrence low. The unique yellow mineral composition in Scarlet Ore deposits may be sparse, limiting the number of yellow blades that can be produced from the material.

Preference for other colors

Within the Demon Slayer corps, there may be an unconscious or cultural bias toward the more common blade types like black, red, and blue. This could lead to fewer attempts at forging rare colors like yellow, perpetuating its uncommon status.

Regardless of the exact reason, the yellow Nichirin blade stands out as the rarest coloration in the series.

Notable Yellow Nichirin Blade Users

While exceptionally uncommon, there are a few wielders of yellow Nichirin blades who stand out:

Zenitsu Agatsuma

One of the main protagonists, Zenitsu wields a yellow Nichirin blade matching his cowardly yet optimistic personality. His blade signifies his hidden potential and room to grow as a demon slayer.


Oyakata wielded a yellow blade when he served as a Hashira demon slayer. His cheerful disposition allowed him to manifest the rare yellow color.

Shinjuro Tsukihime

Zenitsu’s mentor and former Thunder Hashira also brandished a yellow Nichirin blade, befitting his upbeat personality.

While these few wielders showcase the yellow blade’s symbolic hope and joy, they represent only a handful of yellow blades out of hundreds in the Demon Slayer corps.

Significance of Yellow Blades

So what does it mean when a demon slayer wields the exceptionally rare yellow variety of Nichirin blade? Here are some of the unique attributes and impacts of yellow blades in Demon Slayer:

Optimistic wielder

The yellow color represents an optimistic wielder who seeks the positive, even when confronting the bleakest demons and situations. They epitomize the idea of light and hope.

Chance at growth

Characters like Zenitsu demonstrate how yellow can symbolize untapped potential for growth. Despite his fears, he harbors immense talents that his yellow blade calls to the surface.

Individuality and rarity

Wielding such a rare blade makes the user stand out as an individual. The yellow sets them apart as exceptional among even the elite demon slayers.

Balance to other temperaments

The optimistic yellow wielders provide an uplifting balance to the fiery red blades or stoic blue blades that are far more common in the corps.

Sign of good fortune

In color symbolism, yellow represents luck, prosperity and good fortune. A yellow blade can be an omen of better days to come for its wielder and those around them.

So while statistically very rare, yellow Nichirin blades and their wielders carry a vibrant symbolic significance in the Demon Slayer story.


In the vivid world of Demon Slayer, Nichirin blades come in a rainbow of colors that reflect their wielders’ personalities. But out of this spectrum, the rarest blade color is undoubtedly yellow, occurring only 2% of the time.

Due to tricky forging, strict wielder temperament requirements, and low natural abundance, yellow blades stand out as special amongst the ranks of the demon slayers. When one manifests, it acts as a unique beacon of optimism, hope and growth potential – qualities that provide uplifting balance against the dark forces of the demons.

So for its sheer rarity and positive symbolic significance, the yellow Nichirin blade is undoubtedly the rarest and most memorable color in Demon Slayer!