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What is the Wordle answer 256?

Wordle is a popular online word guessing game created by Josh Wardle. Players have six attempts to guess a five letter word, with feedback given after each guess indicating which letters are correct or misplaced. The game resets at midnight with a new word each day. With Wordle 256 now live, many players are searching for the Wordle answer for November 11 to keep their winning streak going.

For those new to the game, Wordle provides a fun and engaging daily challenge. No Wordle answer is ever plurals or proper nouns, and common letters like E, A, and R are good guesses to start. With six tries to guess the five letter word and new words chosen to be solvable, Wordle strikes a nice balance of being achievable but still requiring some thoughtful guesses. While some words end up being quite obscure, most Wordle solutions are common words familiar to most players.

Part of the appeal of Wordle is sharing your results in green, yellow, and black boxes without spoiling the answer for that day. Players enjoy showing off their Wordle prowess on social media through these colored grids. So while it may be tempting to immediately look up the Wordle 256 answer online, figuring it out yourself and sharing the process is much more satisfying.

Strategies for Solving Wordle 256

If you’re struggling to figure out the Wordle answer for November 11, here are some tips that may help:

Focus on Common Letters

Try starting with a word containing mostly vowels like ADIEU or common consonants like STARE. This will reveal which letters are present in the word, giving you a foundation to build upon.

Guess Letter Pairs

Pay attention to letter pairs that often appear together like TH, CH, and IN. Words like CHAIN, HOIST, and THUMB can help uncover double letters.

Find Words with Green Letters First

Once you have identified correct letters from green tiles, search for words containing those letters first before guessing words with yellow letters. This helps narrow down the possibilities faster.

Avoid Repeat Letters

Since a letter turns gray if not in the word, avoid guessing words with repeat letters until you know the word contains multiples of a letter.

Use Context from Previous Guesses

Let incorrect guesses inform what the word is likely not to be based on the pattern of greens, yellows, and grays revealed.

Make Use of Online Word Lists

If you only have a couple tries left, an online list of five letter words can help ensure your last guesses have the best chance of hitting the solution.

Clues for Today’s Wordle

Without outright spoiling the Wordle 256 answer for November 11, here are some subtle clues to nudge you in the right direction:

  • It’s a 5 letter noun
  • It’s a food item made from milk
  • It’s a semi-soft white cheese
  • It originated in Italy

Use these clues to make more informed guesses for Wordle 256. Try to solve it yourself first before looking up the answer online.

The Wordle 256 Answer for November 11

If you have exhausted all attempts at guessing the Wordle word for today, then you can reveal the solution below:


Did you get today’s Wordle 256 answer? Mozza is a shortening of mozzarella, a soft white Italian cheese. While not the most common word, “mozza” fits the bill as an obtainable but not overly obvious solution.

If you missed the Wordle 256 answer today, don’t let it discourage you. Part of the fun with Wordle is that some days will be trickier than others. Try out some new starting words and keep honing your deductive reasoning skills. With practice and persistence, you’ll be solving future Wordles in no time.

Final Thoughts

Wordle 256 answer: While MOZZA may have caught some players off guard, every Wordle solution has an internal logic and process of elimination to uncover it. Applying strategic guesses and deductions can crack any Wordle with enough attempts. Don’t forget to share your Wordle results without spoiling the answer!

We hope these tips help you solve today’s Wordle and any other word puzzles you encounter in the future. Let us know if you were successful with the Wordle 256 answer, and stay tuned for the next Wordle solution tomorrow!

Wordle # Date Answer
256 November 11, 2022 MOZZA

Here is a summary table of the Wordle 256 answer for easy reference.

Wordle continues to be a daily highlight for millions of people around the world. Its simple but compelling format has inspired many imitators, but nothing quite matches the magic of the original. We can’t wait to help unravel future Wordle answers, keeping your solving streak going strong.

Some final tips before you embark on Wordle 257 tomorrow:

  • Start with a balanced mix of vowels and consonants
  • Make your second guess a high frequency letter like S, T, R, N or L
  • Pay attention to the letter colors after each guess
  • Think carefully before repeating letters
  • Use the process of elimination to narrow down possibilities

With practice and patience, anyone can become a Wordle master. It may take trial and error at first, but eventually your solving skills will shine. Whatever the next Wordle word is, we believe you can crack it!