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What is the Wordle April 25?

Wordle is a popular online word game that gives players six tries to guess a five-letter word each day. The Wordle for April 25 is the word puzzle that was available to play on April 25, 2022. This article will provide a full breakdown of the Wordle word for that date, tips and strategies for solving it, and analyze why it may have been easier or harder to guess.

What is the Wordle for April 25?

The Wordle word for April 25, 2022 was “SWILL”. This five-letter word refers to a drink, especially a cheap alcoholic drink of poor quality. Some key facts about this Wordle word:

  • It contains two double letters – the L’s.
  • It has no vowels other than the single I.
  • It is a very uncommon word in everyday use and conversations.

The presence of double letters and lack of vowels made this a moderately tricky Wordle word for players to deduce. However, the uniqueness of the word also reduced the number of possible options.

Breakdown of Guessing “SWILL”

Here is one way that a player may have successfully worked through the April 25 Wordle:

  1. Guess a starting word like “CRATE” to eliminate common vowels A and E.
  2. Guess a word like “PIONS” to eliminate vowel O and common consonants like P, N and S.
  3. At this point, only I and L are known to be in the word.
  4. Guess “BILLS” which reveals the I and both L’s in the correct spots.
  5. Finally, guess “SWILL” to solve the puzzle.

As you can see, strategic guesses narrow down the possibilities and reveal the double L’s early on, making this Wordle easier to deduce. Next, we will examine some tips for handling words like “SWILL”.

Tips and Strategies for Guessing the April 25 Wordle

When confronted with a tricky Wordle word like April 25’s “SWILL”, there are some tactics players can use to increase their chances of success:

Focus on Unusual Letter Combinations

Since “SWILL” contains rare double consonants, try to use guesses that include repeated letters like LL, FF, or SS to uncover these patterns early. Good guesses include words like “FLUFF” or “HUSSY”.

Play Around the Vowels

With only one vowel in the word, guesses with several different vowels like “ACUTE” or “WORLD” will quickly narrow options substantially. You can determine the single vowel without wasting other guesses on vowels.

Try Less Common Words

“SWILL” is an uncommon word, so pivoting from more generic starter words to more obscure vocabulary gives you a better chance of landing on the answer. Words like “PHONY” or “CYST” fit the bill.

Mix Up Word Lengths

Since five-letter words have so many possibilities, throw in some four- or six-letter guesses to expand your range of elimination. Words like “SHUNN” or “BOTHER” achieve this.

Analysis of “SWILL” as the April 25 Wordle Answer

Looking at the characteristics of “SWILL”, we can see why this Wordle presented an interesting challenge:

Uncommon Vocabulary Word

As an archaic term not used regularly in speech, “SWILL” was likely unknown to many players or not top of mind. This lowered the chances of quickly guessing the word.

Deceptive Letter Makeup

Having repeating L’s and only one vowel steered logical guesses down the wrong path for quite awhile before zeroing in on the answer. This made for added difficulty.

Lack of Simple Prefixes or Suffixes

Absence of common prefixes like RE-, UN-, or suffixes like ING, ED made deductive narrowing down of options more challenging. Guessing was less assisted by these clues.

Why Was the April 25 Wordle a Good Puzzle?

Overall, “SWILL” as the April 25 Wordle word succeeded as an engaging puzzle for several key reasons:

  • Forced players to think outside the box based on unusual letter patterns.
  • Required strategic guesses to isolate rare double letters.
  • Relied less on luck and more on skill with intentional guesses.
  • Provided a sense of satisfaction when successfully solved due to difficulty.

In summary, while not the most daunting Wordle, overcoming the obstacles of “SWILL” brought an enjoyable level of challenge for most players.


In conclusion, the Wordle for April 25, 2022 stumped some players but offered a creative puzzle to solve. The word “SWILL” with its double L’s and single vowel took thoughtful word selection to deduce. Strategic guessing and focusing on odd letter patterns helped players persevere to the right solution. Solving this Wordle relied more on skill than simple luck or experience. While moderately difficult, deciphering a tricky word like “SWILL” brought a special sense of reward and achievement to those who cracked the code. I hope this breakdown gave you some added insight into the intricacies of this specific Wordle challenge.

Wordle Date Wordle Word Key Characteristics
April 25 SWILL Double L’s, 1 vowel, uncommon word