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What kind of people love snakes?

Snakes have long fascinated humankind. For some, they inspire fear and revulsion. For others, they are objects of fascination, awe and devotion. What kind of person loves snakes? What draws certain people to serpents while repelling others? Here we explore the different personality traits, interests, and quirks of snake enthusiasts.

Who Loves Snakes?

Reptile & amphibian enthusiasts

Perhaps the most obvious category of snake lovers is people who love reptiles and amphibians in general. These are people fascinated by cold-blooded creatures and their unique features. Within the herpetology (the study of reptiles and amphibians) community, there is a subculture of snake aficionados. These are people who focus their interest specifically on snakes, keeping an array of different snake species as pets.

People who like a challenge

Caring for snakes is not always easy or straightforward. Snakes have very specific environmental and dietary needs that require research and special equipment to provide properly in captivity. Handling certain snake species can also pose danger if proper techniques are not followed. This need to learn specialized knowledge and master challenging skills attracts some snake lovers who enjoy conquering complex, high-maintenance pets.

Thrill seekers

For some daring snake enthusiasts, part of the appeal is the adrenaline rush of handling a dangerous wild animal. While recommended safety protocols should always be followed, the risk involved with large constrictors and venomous snakes provides an exhilarating thrill for these high-sensation seekers.

People attracted to the exotic

Snakes are mysterious creatures very different from the common household pets most people are accustomed to. From their long, limbless bodies to their alien facial features and scales, snakes represent something exotic and outside ordinary experience. Those with adventurous spirits who want something unique and out of the ordinary may be fascinated by these radically inhuman creatures.


Snakes do not require the same level of constant social interaction and attention that dog, cat or horse ownership demands. Their relatively hands-off care makes snakes good pets for introverted people who enjoy quiet, low-maintenance companions. Snakes offer presence and interest without overwhelming introverts.

Personality Traits of Snake Lovers

Beyond broad interests and lifestyles, what kinds of personality traits seem most prevalent among snake enthusiasts? Here are some to consider:


People who love snakes tend to have an innate curiosity and sense of wonder about the natural world. They enjoy learning and discovery for its own sake. Their inquisitive nature drives them to study and understand these elusive, often-demonized creatures.


Loving snakes requires an open mind. The ability to look past societal aversions and fears in order to appreciate snakes objectively points to high openness. Snake lovers are able to recognize the creatures’ unique beauty and value once negative connotations are set aside.


Though often portrayed as deviant or dangerous, most snake enthusiasts are driven by a spirit of compassion and goodwill. They wish to understand and properly care for animals commonly persecuted out of ignorance. Their kindness extends even to creatures that inspire widespread phobias.


Willingly engaging with snakes in spite of prevalent stigma shows a streak of nonconformity and independence. Snake lovers think for themselves instead of letting popular perceptions dictate their interests and behaviors. They follow their own path.


Handling and caring for snakes, especially large constrictors, demands confidence to overcome fears of potential danger. True snake enthusiasts have faith in their skills and training to mitigate risks. Their passion for snakes outweighs outside concerns.


Snake husbandry requires diligence and dedication. Meeting snakes’ needs often means accepting a lifestyle and schedule dictated by the animal. Snakes keepers need consistency and patience to maintain proper habitats. They put in work for little obvious affection or feedback.

Personality Trait Description
Curiosity Innate sense of wonder about the natural world, enjoyment of learning and discovery
Openness Ability to appreciate snakes objectively by looking past societal fears and aversions
Kindness Compassion and goodwill, wish to properly care for commonly persecuted animals
Independence Nonconformist streak, follows own interests regardless of stigma
Confidence Ability to overcome fears of danger to handle and care for snakes
Patience Diligence and dedication to meet snakes’ needs, accepts lifestyle dictated by the animal

Interests and Hobbies

Beyond innate personality traits, snake lovers also tend to share certain interests and hobbies. Here are some common passions and pastimes found among snake enthusiasts:

Reptile keeping

As noted earlier, many snake lovers are part of the larger reptile and amphibian enthusiast community. They may keep an array of exotic pets including lizards, frogs, tortoises and more, in addition to snakes. Frequent interactions with different cold-blooded creatures fuels their specialized interests and knowledge.

Nature and wildlife

Snake lovers often have a generalized passion for the natural world and interest in animals of all kinds. They may enjoy outdoor hobbies like hiking, camping and field herping (searching for reptiles and amphibians in the wild). Wilderness exploration allows them to potentially encounter snakes in their native habitats.


Some snake enthusiasts become deeply involved in the scientific field of herpetology. They may undertake formal education and field research to advance scientific understanding of snakes and other reptiles. Studying these animals down to the deepest physiological levels satisfies their intellectual curiosity.


Snakes’ beautiful colors, patterns and graceful movements attract photographers eager to capture unique reptilian subjects. Snake enthusiasts may invest in professional photographic equipment and develop specialized skills to showcase serpents’ enigmatic beauty through artful images.

Crafts and visual arts

From painting to sewing to wood carving, snakes provide inspiration across creative media. Snake lovers interested in arts and crafts enjoy depicting snakes’ sinuous shapes, scales and skin patterns through original works highlighting their aesthetic appeal.

Interest/Hobby Description
Reptile keeping Keeping and caring for various exotic reptiles and amphibians in addition to snakes
Nature and wildlife Outdoor hobbies allowing encounters with snakes in the wild such as hiking and field herping
Herpetology Scientific study of reptiles and amphibians through formal education and field research
Photography Capturing snakes’ beauty and movements through specialized photographic skills and equipment
Crafts and visual arts Depicting snakes through painting, sewing, wood carving and other creative media

Unique Quirks and Behaviors

In addition to the interests above, snake enthusiasts also exhibit certain quirky or unusual behaviors related to their passion. What are some of the snake-centric quirks that set these reptile aficionados apart?

Owning lots of snakes

For the true snake lover, one serpent is never enough! Many snake enthusiasts end up accumulating large collections of numerous snakes. This allows them to interact with a diverse range of snake species and colors/patterns. It also provides backup snakes to enjoy if one happens to go off feeding.

Spending hours browsing snake photos/videos

Snake lovers happily whittle away free time scrolling through snake images and videos on the internet. Something about their limbless locomotion and flickering forked tongues seems to hold endless fascination. Browsing new snake discoveries online satisfies enthusiasts’ craving for scaly stimulation.

Reading and talking about snakes extensively

Snake aficionados consume books, scientific literature, blogs, forums, podcasts and more snake-related content. They seize every chance to discuss snake husbandry, wild snake encounters and more with likeminded herp enthusiasts. Consuming snake information in its many forms is a core hobby.

Splurging on snake merchandise

From custom enclosures to rare morphs to novelty socks, snake lovers spare no expense on specialized snake products. Amassing a collection of high-end snake gear and apparel is a fun way to express their passion. The more snakes, the better!

Planning dream snake collections

Even if current housing or funds are limited, the true snake enthusiast still dreams big. They may sketch out elaborate room-sized enclosures to house fantasy collections of rare snakes from around the world. Envisioning their perfect serpentarium provides entertainment.

Vacationing at reptile expos

For getaway fun, snake lovers prioritize attending major reptile expos around the country. These huge events bring together thousands of reptile breeders, vendors and enthusiasts. Snake lovers budget time and travel expenses to shop, socialize and experience the pinnacle of herp hobby gatherings.

Quirk Description
Owning lots of snakes Accumulating large, diverse collections of numerous snakes
Spending hours browsing snake photos/videos Endless online scrolling to satisfy snake fascination
Reading and talking about snakes extensively Consuming books, blogs, podcasts, forums etc about snakes
Splurging on snake merchandise Collecting novelty snake apparel, high-end gear and accessories
Planning dream snake collections Designing elaborate fantasy enclosures and rare snake collections
Vacationing at reptile expos Attending major herp events to shop, socialize and experience snake culture


At heart, snake lovers are people drawn to the unique and even the forbidden. They approach the world with openness rather than fear. Beyond the stigma, they recognize snakes for the fascinating, beautiful creatures they are. What unites snake enthusiasts is a spirit of curiosity and a passion for the natural world in all its diverse forms. Their seemingly eccentric interests reflect deeper character traits like independence, patience and confidence. By better understanding the motivations and personalities behind snake devotion, we can appreciate aficionados for the animal advocates they are.