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What kind of suits does John Wick wear?

John Wick, played by Keanu Reeves in the action thriller film series, is known for his sharp sense of style and penchant for finely tailored suits. Throughout the John Wick films, he can be seen wearing stylish yet functional suits as he takes on legions of enemies. But what exactly is the well-dressed assassin wearing? Let’s take a closer look at the suits of John Wick.

The Key Elements of a John Wick Suit

There are a few key features that define the John Wick suit aesthetic:

  • Slim fit – The suits are tailored close to the body for maximum mobility.
  • Dark colors – Black, charcoal, and navy suits are staples of John’s wardrobe.
  • Tactical details – Adjustable armholes, hidden pockets, and articulated knees allow freedom of movement.
  • Minimalist style – Clean lines, simple accessories, and lack of bold patterns or colors.
  • Quality materials – Premium wools and technical fabrics that are durable and comfortable.

These elements come together to create a suit that is understated yet striking, with a covert operative edge. Form follows function in John Wick’s closet.

The Suited Assassin Look in John Wick 1

In the first John Wick film, we are introduced to the character shortly after the death of his wife. John initially appears more casual and relaxed, wearing jeans, t-shirts, and a simple leather jacket. However, once he is pulled back into the assassin underworld, he shifts to the signature suited look that defines his character.

Some key suits from the first film include:

  • The midnight blue three-piece suit worn for the climactic Red Circle nightclub shootout scene. Tailored to maximize mobility, this tactical suit epitomizes the John Wick style.
  • The charcoal peak lapel suit worn when confronting Viggo at his home. This slim, simply suit projects power and authority.
  • The black windowpane suit worn for the initial visit to the Continental Hotel. Its refined style nods to John’s sophisticated side.

Even as he tries to leave his old life behind, John gravitates towards refined yet lethal-looking suits that turn him into the ultimate bespoke assassin.

Expanding the Palette in John Wick 2

The second John Wick film sees the character fully embrace his role once more as the legendary hitman. With his reputation firmly established, he expands his sartorial choices in this sequel.

Key suits include:

  • A steel blue suit paired with a patterned shirt and slim tie, projecting a modern look.
  • An olive suit with light brown windowpane overcheck, worn when meeting pencil-mustached antagonist Santino D’Antonio.
  • A sand colored linen suit for warmer climates, showcasing a more casual side of John’s style.

There is great attention to color and texture in the second film’s suits. Charcoal, navy, and black are now mixed up with lighter tans, olive, steel blue, and even a burgundy suit jacket at one point. John Wick can pull off any color with stylish lethality.

Couture Meets Covert in John Wick 3

The stakes and style are turned up even further in John Wick’s third outing. Facing down the High Table, John takes his tailored game to new levels.

Some of the most memorable suits include:

  • A bold brown glen plaid check suit, worn when first meeting the Adjudicator.
  • A medium grey suit with strong shoulder silhouette, seen during the fight at the Continental Hotel.
  • An intricate black brocade dinner jacket, part of a sleek tuxedo worn to the meeting at the Continental.

John pushes the boundaries even further in Parabellum, with more textures, brighter colors, and high fashion influences in his suits. But they still retain his trademark tactical edge.

Signature Pieces Throughout the Franchise

While John’s suits evolve from film to film, there are a few signature pieces that recur throughout the trilogy:

  • The bulletproof navy suit – A dark navy, slim-fitting three piece suit that appears in all three films during crucial action sequences. It’s John’s combat suit of choice.
  • White dress shirt – John favors crisp, clean white cotton shirts with point collars and double cuffs for his suits. They provide a simple canvas for his collection of intricate cufflinks.
  • Black leather gloves – Like any good hitman, John relies on thin, tactile leather gloves for leaving no fingerprints behind. They are his trademark accessory for accessorizing any look.
  • Hexagonal cufflinks – John has an array of stylish silver, platinum, and rose gold cufflinks with a distinctive hexagonal engraved design.

These recurring pieces make up the quintessential elements of the John Wick uniform.

Dressing the Part

The elegant but dangerous style of John Wick doesn’t come from one single designer. In an extensive interview with Esquire magazine, the film’s costume designer Luca Mosca revealed the variety of influences and brands that brought Wick’s wardrobe to life.

These included:

  • Classically inspired Italian brands like Tagliatore and Caruso for the perfectly tailored suit shapes.
  • Modern American labels like Hugo Boss and Theory for the clean lined casual pieces.
  • Custom leather jackets handmade by Italian brand DeRigo.
  • Bespoke dress shoes crafted by Italian cobbler Silvano Lattanzi.

By blending traditional Old World tailoring with modern minimalist fashion, the costume team achieved John Wick’s refined yet edgy style.

John Wick’s Style Legacy

John Wick’s unique take on assassin business attire has made a mark beyond just the films themselves. Some elements of the character’s style that have risen to cultural prominence include:

  • All-black palette – John favors black suits, shirts, and ties for a dangerous monochromatic look that has become iconic.
  • Tactical details – Adjustable shirt cuffs and jacket armholes, articulated knees, and inner weapon holsters are ideas pulled from John Wick’s functional suits.
  • Gun Fu – Wearing a suit while engaging in gunplay and martial arts has a stylistic flare first made popular by John Wick’s seamless mix.
  • Animal symbolism – John’s connection to his deceased beagle companion and markers like the “John Wick Hex” logo have sparked trends involving dogs.

Overall, John Wick’s bold vision of formalwear meets warfare has had a lasting influence on menswear and pop culture. He redefined what an action hero could look like and dress like for a new era.


John Wick’s suits are much more than just clothes – they are his tactical armor, concealing an arsenal of weapons and combat skills. The tailored silhouette, dark palette, and minimalist style let him blend in and disappear, only to remerge as the last man standing. While other action characters may wear t-shirts and combat fatigues, John Wick’s commitment to looking sharp signals that he means business in an entirely different way. Looking at the nuances across the evolving wardrobe of the John Wick trilogy, it’s clear that clothes make the man – and the assassin.