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What makes Symphony chocolate different?

Chocolate is one of the most popular treats around the world. The rich, sweet flavor is loved by many. However, not all chocolate is created equal. Some chocolate brands stand out above the rest in terms of quality, taste, and experience. One such brand is Symphony Chocolate.

Unique Ingredients

One of the key things that sets Symphony Chocolate apart is the ingredients they use. Symphony only uses the finest cocoa beans sourced directly from the best cocoa growers. The beans are specially selected based on quality, taste, and aroma. Symphony has direct relationships with growers, allowing them to handpick the highest quality beans. This gives them better control over the ingredients that go into their chocolate.

In addition to premium cocoa beans, Symphony also uses natural ingredients like cane sugar, vanilla beans, and cocoa butter. They do not use artificial flavors, preservatives, emulsifiers, or vegetable oils. This results in a chocolate with a richer, more nuanced chocolate flavor and smoother, creamier texture.

Symphony Chocolate Regular Chocolate Brands
Premium cocoa beans Average quality cocoa beans
Direct trade relationships Commodity cocoa beans
Natural cane sugar Refined sugar
Cocoa butter Vegetable oils
No artificial ingredients Artificial flavors, preservatives

Complex Flavor Profiles

Symphony does not just make basic chocolate bars. They create complex chocolate with layers of flavor. Their chocolate makers take time to blend and balance ingredients to create unique flavor profiles you won’t find anywhere else.

For example, their Cherry Almond bar mixes tart Montmorency cherries with crunchy almonds and rich 70% dark chocolate. Their Coffee Crunch bar features hints of freshly roasted coffee beans, crispy coffee bean bits, and smooth 60% cacao. Each Symphony chocolate bar tells a flavor story that unfolds with every bite.

Symphony also frequently releases limited edition bars made with seasonal ingredients or unique collaborations. These special releases allow their chocolate makers to constantly innovate, experiment, and keep things exciting for chocolate lovers.

Award-Winning Flavors

Symphony’s obsession with flavor has paid off. Their chocolate bars have won multiple international chocolate awards over the years. Some of their award-winning creations include:

  • Mango Chili (Gold Award winner at International Chocolate Awards)
  • Madagascar Vanilla (Silver Award at Academy of Chocolate Awards)
  • Pistachio Sesame (Bronze Award at International Chocolate Awards)

The judges in these prestigious competitions praise Symphony chocolate for their well-balanced flavors, quality ingredients, and smooth texture. Each award validates the brand’s commitment to delivering an exceptional chocolate experience.

Sustainable Sourcing

At Symphony, quality chocolate goes hand-in-hand with ethical and sustainable practices. They actively work to improve cacao farming communities and help support family cocoa farmers.

Symphony sources some of its cocoa through direct trade relationships with small farms. They pay higher than fair trade prices to help increase farmer incomes. The company also provides training and support programs to teach sustainable farming techniques. This helps strengthen farming communities for the long-term.

For their sugar, Symphony favors cane sugar that is Fairtrade certified. The Fairtrade mark means farmers receive fair compensation and work in safe conditions. Symphony’s commitments allows chocolate lovers to feel good about enjoying their chocolate.

Minimizing Environmental Impact

In addition to ethical sourcing, Symphony strives to reduce their environmental footprint. Some of their initiatives include:

  • Renewable energy in production facilities
  • Recyclable packaging materials
  • Offsetting carbon emissions from shipping

The brand continuously looks for ways to become more eco-friendly across their entire supply chain. This helps minimize their impact on the planet.

Artisanal Production

Symphony maintains an artisanal approach to production. Rather than mass producing on a huge scale, their chocolate is crafted in smaller batches. This allows for greater oversight of quality and attention to detail.

Their chocolate makers still use time-honored techniques that respect the integrity of the cacao bean. This includes conching, a process that smooths chocolate texture. Symphony conches its chocolate for over 72 hours, significantly longer than industrial brands. Longer conching yields chocolate that is silky smooth without any grittiness.

Symphony also handles tempering with care. Proper tempering gives the chocolate a satisfying snap and shine. Machine tempering often cuts corners to save time. But Symphony tempers slowly in small batches to create ideal crystalline structure.

Handcrafted Appeal

The artisanal approach extends beyond just production. Symphony’s chocolate bars are beautifully packaged like gifts. Each bar has unique packaging artwork featuring whimsical designs. The wrapping feels luxurious with foil stamping and fabric bands bearing the brand logo.

Symphony chocolate is meant to be savored like a fine wine or coffee. The charming packaging enhances the unboxing experience and makes their chocolate bars ideal gifts for loved ones. It’s a choice that delights all the senses.

Customer-Focused Business

Behind Symphony’s success is a team deeply passionate about chocolate. The founders started out as home chocolate makers who turned their hobby into a business. Even as the company grew, they maintained a strong focus on product quality and customer happiness.

Symphony actively solicits feedback from its chocolate fan base. Customer input helps shape new product development and innovations. The brand wants to keep delighting chocolate aficionados with exciting new flavors.

In addition, Symphony invests in educating consumers about chocolate. Their website offers guidance on chocolate tasting, pairing chocolate with food and wine, and recommended storage tips. The more consumers know, the more they can delight in the Symphony chocolate experience.

Exceptional Service

Symphony’s customer service goes above and beyond industry norms. Their chocolate advisors provide tailored recommendations based on the customer’s individual tastes. Thoughtful free samples arrive with each order. Customers can even consult Symphony’s chocolate sommelier for pairing suggestions.

The brand also caters specifically to corporate gifting needs. Their corporate sales team helps businesses make a memorable impression with chocolate gifts. Symphony handles assembly and personalized packaging for large orders.

Enhancing customer happiness in these ways strengthens loyalty to the Symphony brand. Their exceptional service increases satisfaction and retention.


Symphony Chocolate stands out from other brands through their:

  • Premium quality ingredients
  • Complex and award-winning flavors
  • Ethical and sustainable sourcing
  • Artisanal production techniques
  • Beautiful packaging and branding
  • Customer-focused business practices

From bean to bar, Symphony obsesses over every step to create a chocolate experience unlike any other. Their attention to detail delivers chocolate that delights all the senses. That’s what makes Symphony a brand to savor.