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What name means Golden Beauty?

Choosing a name for a new baby can be an exciting yet daunting task for parents. The name will be a part of the child’s identity for life, so it’s important to pick something meaningful and beautiful. One popular approach is to select a name that embodies positive qualities or aspirations for the child’s future. Names with meanings related to beauty, strength, wisdom, happiness, and other virtues are always in fashion.

In this article, we will explore baby names that mean “golden beauty” or evoke radiance, splendor, and light. While beauty is subjective and comes from within, these names symbolize the wish for a child whose inner and outer beauty will shine like gold. They would suit a baby girl whose parents want an elegant, glamorous, and slightly decadent name with rich cultural significance.

Meaning of the Name Goldie

One of the most literal names meaning “golden beauty” is Goldie. Goldie has English origins as a nickname for someone with either golden hair or a heart of gold. Its use as a given name became popular in the 19th century.

The name Goldie conjures images of golden sunsets, golden hair, golden treasures, and inner wealth. It represents preciousness, nostalgia, innocence, and optimism. While somewhat old-fashioned, Goldie was in the top 1,000 girls’ names from 1880 through the late 1930s. It peaked in popularity in 1898 when it reached #248.

Famous women named Goldie include pioneering American filmmaker and actress Goldie Hawn and British actress Goldie Hawn. The name evokes the golden era of Hollywood’s early years. With its vintage charm and associations with timeless elegance, Goldie could come back into fashion again someday.


Another beautiful choice with golden meanings is Aurelia, the feminine form of the Latin Aurelius. It shares the same root as aureus, which means “golden” or “made of gold.” Names ending in “ia” have a melodic, lyrical quality.

True to its origins, Aurelia was the name of a gens (family clan) in ancient Rome noted for its wealth and political influence. Saint Aurelia was an early Christian martyr. Aurelia was also the name of the Roman road connecting Rome with France.

After centuries of disuse, Aurelia was revived in the 19th century. The name embodies golden luxury but has a softer, more poetic aura than Goldie. Music fans may recognize Aurelia as the title of a song by British indie rock band Alt-J. Pronounced “aw-REEL-yah,” Aurelia is an artistic golden name rising in popularity again.


Another intriguing option is Apollonia, the feminine form of Apollo. In Greek mythology, Apollo was the god of many things, including the sun. His name means “to destroy,” likely an reference to the sun’s power to both nurture and destroy life with its light and heat. People saw the sun as a golden chariot crossing the skies each day.

For early pagans, Apollo was a major figure associated with truth, intellect, music, and divine light illuminating the darkness. The cult of Apollo held major significance in ancient Greek and Roman religions and society.

As Apollo’s feminine mirror, the name Apollonia represents sunlight, radiance, enlightenment, and blessings from above. Saint Apollonia was one of a group of virgin martyrs who suffered persecution and death for her Christian faith in the 3rd century.

While not common, Apollonia is occasionally used as a given name today. Parents who value beauty, culture, spirituality, and the dazzling qualities of light may be drawn to its golden glow.


If you want something more overtly gold-themed, why not consider Soleil? In French, soleil means “sun.” The sun itself has long been used as a symbol representing the divine source of truth and light.

In some beliefs, the sun was viewed as a god/goddess figure to be worshipped or revered. Over time, sun deities took many forms in cultures around the world. Before science revealed the origins of our solar system, the sun must have seemed incredibly powerful and mystical.

Even today, seeing a radiant golden sunrise or sunset can feel almost magical. We rely on the sun’s light and warmth to sustain life on Earth. The name Soleil perfectly captures our solar friend’s luminous, life-giving essence.

Soleil has a soft, lyrical pronunciation: so-LAY. Despite its clear connection to gold and light, Soleil is uncommon enough to make a unique name choice. It comes with the cute nickname “Sol” meaning “sun” in Spanish.


Asya is another daughter of the sun worth considering. Pronounced AH-syah, this lyrical name has dual origins. In Persian, it means “ray of light.” This ties in with ancient Iranian sun worship and the presence of the sun god Mithra in Zoroastrianism.

For African cultures, Asya has separate roots as a form of the name Asia. It was likely coined to pay tribute to the golden riches and bounty of the continent. The symbolic meaning of precious metals and untold treasures remains.

In both cases, Asya represents illuminated femininity. The name echoes themes of prosperity, ascendance, and divine favor. While not strictly meaning “golden beauty,” Asya certainly suggests qualities of illumination and valuableness.


For those seeking subtle solar vibes, Dawn could be an ideal option. Dawn literally refers to the time of sunrise each day. During this magical hour, the sun’s golden light ascends over the horizon, banishing darkness. The pale pink and golden sky beautifully symbolizes awakening, promise, purity, and rebirth.

The name Dawn entered the U.S. popularity charts in the 1930s and had its best run from the 50s to 70s. It peaked in 1971 at #49. However, its gentle, hopeful aura gives it potential for a comeback.

Dawn goddesses exist in some mythologies, such as the Incan Goddess Pachamama representing Mother Earth and fertility. As both a common word and a name, Dawn is easily understandable yet still distinctive. It hints at radiance and new beginnings.


One more sunny name to consider is the Scandinavian Sunniva. It comes from Old Norse roots meaning “sun gift.” Sunniva was the name of a Norwegian princess who became a saint. She was also strongly tied to sunlight symbolism.

Legend says Sunniva fled Norway by boat to escape a pagan king pursuing her hand in marriage. With God’s help, she miraculously came ashore on the island of Selja under a beam of bright sunlight even at night. As Sunniva stepped onto the island, her face began to glow golden like the sun.

Sunniva lived the rest of her days as a hermit on Selja. After her death, a bright and hot beam of sunlight reportedly shone constantly on her grave. The island became a site of pilgrimage through the Middle Ages. Sunniva remains revered as a saint in Scandinavia.

Beyond its spiritual legacy, Sunniva clearly represents gifts of sunlight, guidance, and divine blessing. Its unusual sound stands out while still seeming easily pronounceable as “sun-EE-vah.”


Rory is an Irish girl’s name with major golden connections. Its Gaelic roots mean “red” or “red-haired king.” In ancient Ireland, red hair was seen as the ultimate beauty asset, associated with gold in value and auspiciousness.

Ireland’s folklore often depicts red-haired women as fiery beauties with quick wits. Heroes and kings were said to especially prize auburn-haired wives and queens, such as the legend of King Cormac marrying Eithne. Her name meant “kernel,” like a golden seed.

Saint Brigid, one of Ireland’s patron saints, was described in lore as having beautiful red gold hair that hung to her knees. The rich red-gold color embodied privilege. While Rory doesn’t literally mean “golden beauty,” its red-headed royal imagery evokes similar vibrancy.

Rory is currently used for girls and boys alike, but its feminine charisma makes it perfect for a glowing daughter. The nickname Roro adds spunk.


In Greek myth and legend, Briseis was the embodiment of golden beauty. Achilles won her as a war prize and made her his lover in the Trojan War saga. Her name fittingly meant “daughter of Briseus” or simply “golden.”

The name Briseis has been adapted to the Latinized form Brisa, pronounced bree-sah. It’s uncommon and has no religious or historical namesakes to interfere with its mythical associations.

As a name, Brisa encapsulates coveted radiance, allure, and worth. Its sound is soft, feminine, and articulate. While not strictly meaning “golden beauty,” Briseis represents idealized femininity and gold-tinged star quality from ancient lore.

Names for Golden Boys

While this article focuses on girl names symbolizing golden beauty, here are some ideas for boys meaning “golden” or representing the sun and its light:

  • Apollo
  • Aurelio
  • Golden
  • Helios
  • Midas
  • Phoebus
  • Ray
  • Rory
  • Sol
  • Sunny


Names representing golden beauty allow parents to give daughters monikers associated with treasures, sunlight, radiance, and enlightenment. From Goldie to Soleil, these names signify worth and luminous qualities.

While outward beauty eventually fades, an inner golden glow is priceless and forever. May your baby girl grow up emanating positivity and light that touches everyone she meets. With origins ranging from Greek myths to the brilliance of daybreak, these names signify the warmth and pricelessness of feminine spirit.